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  Non-Stop Mii Globe Animation
Posted by: Vega - 02-19-2018, 09:10 PM - Forum: Online Non-Item - No Replies

Non-Stop Mii Globe Animation

The animations for your Mii character on WiFi never stop

0474BC70 60000000

047511B0 60000000

0475081C 60000000

0473F570 60000000

Code creator: ?

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  Pandemonium Memorial
Posted by: Vega - 02-17-2018, 07:02 PM - Forum: Non-Hacking MKW Threads - Replies (6)

Pandemonium Memorial

[Image: brinkstruck.jpg]


RNS (Real Nigga Shit) April 2nd, 2011 - February 27th, 2012.

In late March of 2011, a group of former n2o (Nitrous Oxide) teammates decided to leave their current clans and rejoin together to make a new and improved n2o. Ken, Flare, and Zak communicated on skype. Ken was the one who decided to bring back n2o to bring the 'family' back together. Flare brainstormed a few ideas for the clan name, he then came up with Pandemonium which clicked instantly. Zak later created the tag - ρæ. By April 1st 2011, Ken recruited former n2o members Fearz and Error. With Aruba being Zak's brother, he was contacted to be the main ally/backup for wars. On April 2nd 2011, Ken created the ρæ clan thread on mariokartwii.com officially setting the birth date of Pandemonium. Shortly afterwards, Sparky was recruited, being the last of the n2o 'family' to become part of ρæ.

In the first couple of months, the war lineup of ρæ stayed consistent. Ken, Zak, Flare, Fearz, and Error was the usual five with aruba switching spots to any 5th that couldn't war at the time. Sometime in May, Focus joined. Focus played in a handful of wars but decided to quit MKWii a few weeks after joining. June was a big month for ρæ. Multiple players were recruited, WCL Season 9 was played (began sometime in mid June). Sometime in early June, Raiga was recruited. He only stayed in the clan for around a week then left right before WCL Season 9 began. Registration for WCL Season 9 consisted of: Ken, Flare, Zak, Fearz, Error, Callum, and Sparky. ρæ was placed into Division 8. With the 30+ usual GP's by Flare, epic bagging by Sparky, leadership by Ken, and everyone else doing their roles, ρæ captured the Division 8 Championship with an impressive 9-1 record. Flare was rewarded Division 8 MVP with an average GP score of 35.6.

After WCL Season 9 (it ended in early/mid July), Vito, Zero, and Sunaco were all recruited in July. Due to the new talent, ρæ quickly moved up in the MKWii community ranks. ρæ's family core was growing rapidly. On July 24, Yasha was recruited, Ryno was recruited as well sometime in late July. WCL Season 10 started on Aug 14. With Callum out of WCL due to work, everybody had to pick up the pace. Flare, once again, went balls to the walls and showed the league why he deserved another Division MVP. With Flare scoring an amazing 38.7 points per GP and everybody stepping up their game, ρæ swept the floor with the competition thus being crowned Division 5 Champions. ρæ's record was 8-2, Flare captured back to back MVP's. At that time, ρæ's talent was on par with lower Division 2/higher Division 3. With the increase success in WCL/wars and having the infamous Callum in ρæ, much of the MKWii community started to display hatred toward ρæ.

During early August, Nutmeg was recruited (before Zak got the custom RMCC iso which was before he figured out how Nutmeg got into Taiwan). WCL Season 10 ended sometime in mid September. Also some members activity dropped due to school or new life obligations. Star was recruited in September, and by that time, much of the MKWii community called ρæ a hacking/cheating clan. The WCL staff at that point wanted to do anything to keep ρæ out of season 11. Torn joined ρæ in early October. With a lineup consisting of Zak, Aruba, Callum, and Torn, winning wars became a hobby.

In mid October, Zak did some trolling in a pro WW with the Invisible Code. Eirik, a mod of WCL staff, notified the admins. Bash (owner of WCL) then banned Zak from WCL. Bash then discovered that Callum played as an alt in Season 9 and decided to ban ρæ entirely from Season 11. ρæ and other players were displeased as Eirik was caught hacking in a war but was somehow a WCL staff member, while Zak only hacked in a WW for troll, and was banned from WCL forever. While all of this was going on, ρæ was in a close battle for the MKC Season 4 World Championship.

During registration for MKC Season 4, ρæ was placed into Division 3. However, a team dropped out of Division 1 and ρæ contacted MKC admin Titan for permission to take the empty slot. Titan allowed ρæ to compete in Division 1. Instantly, every team of Division 1 laughed at this, and predicted ρæ would lose every game of the season. Champion favorites Flow called for ρæ to be removed from Division 1 due to lack of talent. ρæ would defy all odds and beat Flow in the last match of the season to pass them on the overall standings to win the World Championship. There was some uncertainty though as to whether or not ρæ would be rewarded the banner with all the controversy going around with the WCL staff. Regardless of the controversy, ρæ was given the banner and officially declared World Champions.

After MKC, close friend Owstin was recruited. By this time, Error and Sparky were retired from ρæ. Others started to become inactive. During November, Zak transitioned to part-time play. Aruba couldn't ally nearly as much as before. Ken was losing interest in MKWii, same with others. When Shwam joined in late January 2012, Ken, Flare, Yasha, Vito and Ryno were all retired. After Ken retired in January, Zak took over as main leader. Fearz, Star, and Zero were then placed as co-leaders and mild recruitment took place. In early February, Crusher and his sister, Tiffeh, joined ρæ. Unfortunately, with Zak and head co-leader Fearz becoming more inactive, a secret skype chat (consisting of Zak, Fearz, Aruba, Callum, Ken, and Flare) was made to discuss the future of ρæ. For a small period during late February, talk about a new main leader was discussed. But, due to no viable options and the clan's overall inactivity, it was time to disband ρæ. On February 27th 2012, upon agreement of the members/retirees within the skype chat, ρæ was officially ended. All other members were notified, and Zak later updated the thread to create a Hall of Fame and Awards list. On Sept 20th 2016, the Pandemonium Memorial was created on Zak's MKWii.org website.

ρæ is family

Former Members

[Image: us.png] Ken (founder)
Ken is the main founder and first leader of Pandemonium. His leadership skills help keep communication fluid and clear on skype war calls. He was also the motivator, who knew how to motivate members when trailing in wars. Ken took 'real nigga' to a whole new level.

[Image: us.png] Zak (co-founder)
Zak is one of the co-founders of Pandemonium. He was ρæ's main leader after Ken retired. Zak was an avid softmodder who helped much of ρæ play on ISO's.

[Image: ca.png] Flare (co-founder)
Flare (the other co-founder) was the best racing talent in ρæ's history. In some wars, on his own, he pulled ρæ's ass out of the gutter. He is WCL Season 9 Div 8 MVP, and Season 10 Div 5 MVP.

[Image: us.png] Aruba (main ally)
Aruba is Zak's brother. Aruba was by far the most skilled driver to war for ρæ. With his experience in Division 1 teams, he always knew how to help weakness's in ρæ's war strategies.

[Image: us.png] Fearz
Fearz was the "lol" member of the clan. He also owned a Brinks Truck with 26's on it. No ρæ WW session would be right without his real nigga humor. Sometimes, he talked about ketchup stains and stamps.

[Image: ie.png] Sparky
Sparky was the goat bagger. If you needed a shock, call that nigga Sparky.

[Image: gb.png] Callum
Callum was the "hacker". He was the world's most hated. Bitch niggas would run away the moment you mentioned Callum. He kept things in ρæ true to the hood.

[Image: us.png] Error
Error was the wheeler. He was in mad love with Yoshi, lol. Error always stuck his tongue out in every IRL picture of himself.

[Image: us.png] Vito
Vito was the quiet one. But he did make a lot of button noises in Skype calls.

[Image: us.png] Star
Star was another hacker which the community hated. If it wasn't for him, Invisible code wouldn't even be a thing today.

[Image: us.png] Zero
His Mom's homemade meatloaf was the best. He was also another boss front runner. You know, big guns like Vietcong.

[Image: us.png] Sunaco

[Image: us.png] Owstin
Owstin was the pro-cuber. Seriously, 5 second solves like there is no tomorrow.

[Image: us.png] Yasha
Yasha was a IRL friend of KingVik. KingVik contacted ρæ to recruit Yasha. Yasha's trust held more weight than gold.

[Image: pr.png] Torn
Torn was the foreigner, lol! Slash Trevz. I got 99 ρæblems.

[Image: us.png] Nutmeg
Nutmeg was a legit boss coder/hacker. He was the inventor of the "Force Shrooms on WW code". Still to this day, 99.9% of the community doesn't know Nutmeg created the code.

[Image: us.png] Ryno
Ryno was the role player. Always consistent and did his job in wars.

[Image: us.png] Focus
Now, ρæ members do say nigga a lot. But hey, Focus was the black member. We got the right to rap about this shit.

[Image: us.png] Raiga
Raiga was a solid front runner. After he left ρæ, he was later caught TASing his time trials.

[Image: ca.png] Shwam
Shwam was the laid back nigga.

[Image: us.png] Crusher
Crusher was a young prospect. After ρæ died, Crusher would develop into a top tier Time Trialer, now known as rcs.

[Image: us.png] Tiffeh
Crusher's sister.

Some Old War Vids/Pics

Total War Count - 241 (excludes sub-clan wars done on or after June 1st, 2011)

Link to zip file of some old War Pics - https://drive.google.com/open?id=14Nt3KO...Tt2okNiOks
sha256 checksum value - abc962bc860e066c685ed8735b5d079f0e4adc4f4cdeaa5b11f62d520c89d340

Link to an old FW war video (big shoutout to Star for keeping this all these years, I think it's from Oct 2011) - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zMEhZT...49zY18M-3e
sha256 checksum value - a91d70e483a6346d598fa66ab0bcdcbbe0a1311f36fbc7ff9d0a244568f63b25


[Image: paemkcbanner.PNG]
[Image: s10div5champs.PNG]
[Image: WCLSeason10Div5.png]
[Image: D8Pandemonium.PNG]
[Image: WCLSeason9Div8.png]

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  MKWiiU.com Forums Memorial
Posted by: Vega - 02-17-2018, 06:51 PM - Forum: Non-Hacking MKW Threads - Replies (2)

MKWiiU.com Forums Memorial

[Image: mkwiiu.png]

MKWiiU memorial created on February 5th, 2018. Picture shown above was the forums homepage logo. RIP...

From Sep 10, 2013 to Oct 22, 2014, Aruba and I ran the MKWiiU.com forums. Around a week before the start of the forums, Aruba and I pondered the idea of changing my IP-hosted simple html site to a forum-based site that actually had a domain name. Some days later, we noticed the domain mkwiiu.com was available and for a cheap yearly rate of $13. The intent of the forums was to be mainly focused on the upcoming release of Mario Kart 8 for the Wii U. Many combinations using the number 8 (for mk8) for domain names were already taken so we thought mkwiiu was the next best name. It would later turn out that the forums became mostly MKWii-based. On Sep 9, 2013, Aruba bought the domain. The next day, I did all the server/forum work and later that night once DNS records were updated throughout the Internet's root servers, the MKWiiU.com forums were up and running.

It wouldn't take long for the forums to receive some increasing traffic. With constantly updated & accurate Top Tens along with other valuable info/threads, MKWiiU.com forums became the go-to forums for quite a bit of people. Top Tier TTers such as Murabito, Demon, Cole, etc regularly visited the forums. Silver (former MH WR holder) was a mod, I was a global mod, and Aruba was the admin. A little bit after the start of the forums, I created a Banned/Pending Players list. This list/thread was to help keep a database of former cheaters since there was no such thing kept by the mkw community at the time. I also created a Rules & Regulations thread to set concrete rules on the Top Ten charts. These rules would later influence other MKW websites' rules (such as the MKWPP).

On Oct 22, 2014, the home server hard drive took a dump. Unfortunately, I was being complacent at the time and was not doing my regular backups. Due to having an outdated forum database backup, I decided to allow the forums to stay down. At the time, I left the mkw community and focused on the Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Wii U game. On Sep 9, 2015, Aruba and I saw no reason to renew the domain, so it expired and some unknown time later, somebody else bought it from the free market.

On Dec 31, 2017, I took a glance at some domain sellers to see if mkwiiu.com was available for purchase. The current owner of the domain at the time, placed it on the market for around an $800 yearly rate. No way I was going to pay that much for it. While making a rough draft of this page, I decided to take another look to see if the price went down at all. To my surprise, the domain was no longer under ownership (the current owner let it expired, domain went to the unregulated free market). Not only that, it was on sale from my favorite domain seller for $6.99 per year! I notified Aruba, and purchased the domain. After purchase, I configured the mkwiiu.com domain to go to mkwii.org.

On February 10, 2018, I configured NginX for MKWiiU.com to have it's own site seperate from MKWii.org. MKWiiU.com domain is officially revived and it simply contains the Forums logo and a link to the Memorial on MKWii.org. The next day, on the 11th, I moved the memorial to MKWiiU.com. On Feb 17, 2018 a link to the site's memorial was placed in a thread at the MKWii.org forums (which later becomes the MKWii.com forums).

Fast forward to February 5, 2020, I decided to let the MKWiiU.com expire. It was nice to have back, but having MKWii.com for the main forums was achieved and I already had too many domains. A few days later on the 9th, the forum thread that simply had a link to the MKWiiU.com site's memorial was updated to include all the content of the memorial since the domain was let go.

Below is a link to a zip archive of 22 PDF screenshot files of the old MKWiiU.com forums utilizing the Internet Wayback Machine. I want to the thank all the staff from the Internet Wayback Machine for their awesome site, and I want to thank whoever was smart enough to take screenshots to send to the Wayback machine when the forums were up and running

ZIP file download link HERE
SHA256 checksum for the ZIP file HERE

The zip archive contains the following screenshots...

Aus/NZ Top Ten Thread 8/17/14
Banned/Pending Players Thread 8/10/14
BKS Thread; Page 13 7/14/14
Euro Top Ten Thread 8/16/14
Home Page 2/13/14
Home Page 7/20/14
Home Page 8/17/14
Home Page 8/26/14
Home Page 9/8/14
Home Page 9/15/14
Home Page 10/22/14
MKW Time Trials Sub Forum 7/20/14
MKW Time Trials Sub Forum 8/17/14
MKW Time Trials Sub Forum 9/8/14
WW Top Ten Thread 9/26/13
WW Top Ten Thread 12/28/13
WW Top Ten Thread 6/8/14
WW Top Ten Thread 7/2/14
WW Top Ten Thread; Page 2 7/30/14
WW Top Ten Thread; Page 3 7/30/14
WW Top Ten Thread; Page 4 7/30/14
WW Top Ten Thread; Printed Page Version 7/30/14

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  HBC/Bootmii SD Card Compatibility List
Posted by: Vega - 02-16-2018, 08:59 PM - Forum: Resources and References - Replies (1)

Use this thread as a reference to help you purchase a SD card that works for Wii Hacking/Modding. Credits to the old wiihacks.com site for the original list.

You can only use SDHC (cards 4gb or higher) with system menu 4.0 or above!

Apacer: 2GB SD - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Unconfirmed, Bannerbomb: Unconfirmed


Kingston: 2GB Micro SD W/ Kingston adapter - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

Lexar: 1GB SD - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

Micro Center: 2GB SD (920249) - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Unconfirmed

Micro Center 4GB SDHC - Wii: Untested, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

PNY: 1 GB SD - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

PNY 2GB class 4 Optima SD (SD-M02G) - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

PNY 8GB class 4 Optima SDHC (SD-K08G) - Wii: Works, HBC: NOT Working, Bootmii: NOT Working, Bannerbomb: NOT Working, Notes: This card appears to only be good for storing WiiWare/VC and game saves

PQ1: 2GB Micro SD/adapter - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works, Notes: Good for SNEEK

Samsung: 2GB SD - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk: 2GB SD - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 2GB Ultra SD - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk Transcend 2GB SD (TS2GSDC) - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 4 GB Wii/DS SDHC - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 4GB SDHC - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 4GB Micro SDHC W/ adapter - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 8GB Ultra SDHC - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 8GB Micro SDHC W/ adapter - Everything should work in theory, untested

SanDisk 16GB Ultra SDHC - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 16GB Micro SDHC W/ adapter - Wii: Works, HBC: Works, Bootmii: Works, Bannerbomb: Works

SanDisk 32GB Ultra SDHC - Everything should work in theory, untested

SanDisk 32GB Ultra PLUS SDHC - Everything should work in theory, untested

SanDisk 32GB Extreme PRO SDHC - Everything should work in theory, untested

SanDisk 32GB Micro SDHC w/ adapter - Everything should work in theory, untested

SanDisk SDHC (any type greater than 32GB) - WILL NOT WORK (in theory because Windows can't create FAT32 partition sizes larger than 32GB, but it could work if you use Linux GPARTED program to create the FAT32 partition)

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Big Grin Make it to 1000!
Posted by: Vega - 02-15-2018, 09:56 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1000)

Bringing back a classic from the old MKWiiU.com forums!

ONLY RULE: No spam posting! You can only post once someone else has posted.

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  Console & MKW Comparison Chart plus Time Line
Posted by: Vega - 02-15-2018, 08:43 PM - Forum: Non-Hacking MKW Threads - No Replies


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  Banned Players (unofficial list for MKWPP reference)
Posted by: Vega - 02-15-2018, 08:35 PM - Forum: Purgatory - Replies (28)

NOTE: In purgatory as I don't do any updates/work for the MKWPP anymore.

Banned Players (unofficial list for MKWPP reference)

NOTE: This is a list for personal use. This is not an official ban list for any 3rd party website.

[Image: jp.png]Mander (mandermka) - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: at.png]Walter (Black, Blackboi, Razor, MKWiiRec, TheMKWChamp, Guggi, Yuka4Life, Mia) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: pr.png]Jorge (MARIO) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: jp.png]Nagisa - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: es.png]RusoX - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: gb.png]Jay (God, Jay Batten) - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Confession
[Image: ie.png]Daniel - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: no.png]Barney - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: de.png]F1nn (Artur Baur) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Confession
[Image: de.png]Dused - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: fr.png]Nooboss (Matthieu) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: us.png]Andy (Andrew Tran, KiraYamatoGXX) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: es.png]Paco (King Paco, Paco Gaita) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]Malleo - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: mx.png]Bechito - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: es.png]Fapencio (Fappy, PekeLexi, Alex, MTAlexMKWii) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]Colvin - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: us.png]Raiga - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: es.png]Shanan - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: de.png]Bryce (not the Bryce from USA) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: gb.png]Casey-B (127mk7 from Japan; Sanma San imposter) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: ca.png]Shwam (Tyler, Poptarts) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: fr.png]Victor (The4Victor) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: dk.png]Yasu (Patrick, Aaron) - Reason: Confession
[Image: de.png]Neo (Not the Neos that is known for his rDKJP talent) - Reason: Speed Hack, Video Manipulation
[Image: ie.png]Kevin (Indiana from Australia) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: mx.png]Dashii - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: de.png]Huppi (Crank) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]MarioFan - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]David (Mel) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: au.png]Ignite - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: fi.png]Lumina - Reason: Confession
[Image: jp.png]Luvier - Reason: Confession
[Image: no.png]YoshiKecleon978 - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Confession
[Image: de.png]Sun - Reason: Live Replay, Confession
[Image: fr.png]Silver (not the Silver from USA) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: fr.png]Acid - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: de.png]Rocky (Rocky1337mk) - Reason: Rapid Fire/Slow Mo, Video Manipulation
[Image: jp.png]kel - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: ca.png]Joel (Ghetto, Seek) - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: de.png]Ryuga - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: gr.png]Relax - Reason: Live Replay
[Image: us.png]Jimmey - Reason: Live Replay, Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: us.png]Jesse - Reason: Live Replay; Rapid Fire/Slow Mo
[Image: jp.png]ふしぎなアメ - Reason: Rapid FIre/Slow Mo

Frozen/Pending Players

[Image: jp.png]Suiryu - Reason: Multiple WR's and other WW tops without any ghost data.
[Image: es.png]Serxiow - Reason: Evidence supporting use of Slow Mo, refuses to prove legitimacy
[Image: jp.png]Teremi - Reason: See note below*
[Image: us.png]Bailey - Reason: False Time Submissions (sent Dolphin-made times as legit times)
[Image: au.png]Desire - Reason: False Time Submissions
[Image: ch.png]Swikan - Reason: Achieved two former WW tops, with very little track history
[Image: us.png]Pieboy - Reason: False Time Submissions
[Image: fr.png]Shayna (Dimitori Sensei) Reason: Originally banned from Wiimmfi League for "TAS-ing". Yet, no actual evidence that he has TASed. Former links to 'proof' are no longer working.

**Teremi posted a "WR" vid of CM on March 19th, 2014. He claimed it was WR, then almost 2 weeks later, April 1st came along. He then randomly changed the title by taking out the [WR] and adding [TAS], (claiming it was an April Fool's joke). It's obvious he tried passing off that time as legit then tried using April Fool's as an excuse when he couldn't commit with his decision. There is no actual proof that he intended to post a cheated time as a legitimate time, only reasonable articulate suspicion, so he's put on the Pending list instead of the Banned list.

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  Stream Protocol Guide
Posted by: Vega - 02-15-2018, 02:42 PM - Forum: Non-Hacking MKW Threads - No Replies

This streaming protocol is for anyone who needs a guide to evaluate a possible cheater for a requested proof by stream.

Guideline for using the Official Nintendo MKWii disc
1. Player must use an external video camera. Capture card devices will not be accepted.
2. Player must show there is no SD card in Wii nor any other external removable devices such as a USB flash drive.
3. When Wii is turned on, it shall only boot to its factory Health Warning Screen then to the Wii menu.
4. Player must then show putting in the Official Nintendo MKWii disc.
5. Player must use the Official Nintendo Disc Channel
6. Player must race against a ghost
7. The stream must be recorded (saveable on the host website) so others can watch it later
8. If the Wii or TV power cuts out, or the stream service drops, then the player must do the same steps again before doing another TT session.

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  How to Create Activators & Deactivators for Codes
Posted by: Vega - 02-15-2018, 02:14 PM - Forum: Coding (Non-ASM) and Dolphin - No Replies

How to Create Activators & Deactivators for Codes

- Hex Editor**
- RAM Dump for whatever version of MKWii you play on***

**I recommend HxD. HxD is used in this guide. You can find it very easily on a google search for free download. If you are a Linux User, you will need Wine emulation to run HxD..

***Regarding RAM Dumps: If you have Dolphin Emulator, look at this thread HERE. If not, run this code HERE on your Wii console.

For this guide we will use the NTSC-U Instant Item Boxes Code (048153C8 60000000). Currently, the way the code is now, it is on automatically, all the time. We want have the ability to turn the code on/off at will. Therefore, we must add some extra lines of code to make this possible. 

First thing's first. We need an activator. The activator (controller) line for all versions of MKWii (except NTSC-K) is 2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ. NTSC-K uses 2833XXXX YYYYZZZZ. The activator line (for most codes) goes on the very top. Currently our unfinished code looks like this ---

048153C8 60000000

This code will not work at all. We could add what is known as a 'Final Terminator' which would then allow us to turn on the code, but we need a way to turn off the code too. To achieve this we now need to add a 'Halfway Terminator'. The code line for that is E0000000 00000000. After that, add another 2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ controller line. Let's look at our current progress ---

048153C8 60000000
E0000000 00000000

You're probably thinking we can now add the Instant Item Box code again then finish it off with a Final Terminator. That won't work. We need to create and add a new line of code. This new line of code will contain the default instruction of the Instant Item Box Code. This is done with a few steps. First we need to get the code's RAM (memory) address. The new line of code will be a 32 bit RAM Write. So the first half of this new line will be 048153C8. To find out what the second half (default instruction) of code is, let's open up HxD.

Open HxD and open the RAM Dump file that matches your version of your MKWii Code. Since our code is for NTSC-U, we will obviously open the NTSC-U RAM dump file. Now we will convert the first half of the Instant Item Box Code into its code RAM (memory) address. This is simple, just take off the first two numbers. You should have the following hex number---


Press CTRL+G, this will make a prompt appear to search for an address, enter in 8153C8. Make sure value type is in Hex. Your cursor will be navigated down to the address of 8153C8 (row 8153C0 on column 8). 

Starting where your cursor is, the very first 4 bytes (8 digits) is the default instruction.

If you did everything correctly, your default instruction value should be 901B00B0. Alright now add the '048153C8 901B00B0' after the second 2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ line. And finish it off with a Final Terminator (E0000000 80008000). The finished code looks like this...

2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ <-- Controller Line to Activate Code
048153C8 60000000 <-- The Code Itself
E0000000 00000000 <-- Halfway Terminator
2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ <-- Second Controller Line to Deactivate Code
048153C8 901B00B0 <-- Default Instruction of Code
E0000000 80008000 <-- Final Terminator

If you are wondering how to configure the code to use the same button for the activator and deactivator, this is simple. Simply Remove the Halfway Terminator & Second Controller Line. Then replace that with 'CC000000 00000000'. Code looks like this ---

048153C8 60000000
CC000000 00000000
048153C8 901B00B0
E0000000 80008000

And just an fyi, here's how to activate the code but never be able to deactivate it.

048153C8 60000000
E0000000 80008000

If you don't know what those XYZ values are and/or need to learn how to fill them out, please visit this thread - HERE

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  About Site Owner
Posted by: Vega - 02-15-2018, 04:37 AM - Forum: Site Advancement - No Replies

Hello there!~

My name is Vega. I am the admin & founder of these forums. During February 2018, I was tired of the terrible quality of all the current MKWii code websites. I decided to make my own, thus opening the MKWii.org forums on Feb 14, 2018. MKWii.org would later change to MKWii.com, and that would later change to MarioKartWii.com

I had noticed that there were no websites that had a centralized database/listing of all MKWii cheat codes along with other important things such as basic hacking/softmodding tutorials. So, with the help of Star, I busted my ass and searched for every MKWii code ever released on the net. Also, I made a bunch of various tutorials based on everything I have ever learned about this game, plus my experiences from softmodding Wiis.

During July 2018, I decided I was going to learn how to be a real code creator. With the help of Star again, I was able to learn ASM and finally started making my own codes. I have made over a total of 100 codes.

Nowadays, I help other coders on little things here and there if they really need it. You can find me chilling in the MarioKartWii.com Discord Server.

My 'ASM Journey' has been a blessing. Along the way, I have met a lot of neat people. It's amazing to see that these forums have matured to be a reliable source of valuable information for Power PC ASM, various MKWii info, and MKWii Cheat Codes. Thank you to everybody who has helped along the way.

A list of all cheat codes I have ever created + other accomplishments - https://mariokartwii.com/about/vegascodes.txt

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