Activate 'Special MKW Regions' when using ISO/WBFS (classic method)
This is a simple tutorial for activating the Australia/NZ or Taiwan Region via the 'classic method'. This method was done before Anarion made & released his Any Region Changer code.

For Australia/NZ – Use PAL ISO/WBFS. Set country code to 65 (Australia) or 95 (New Zealand) in the Any Region Changer app or Any Region Changer within WiiMod Advanced Menu.
For Taiwan – Use NTSC-J ISO/WBFS. Set country code to 128 in the Any Region Changer App or Any Region Changer within WiiMod.
If done correctly, you will be asked to create a new save file.

**Getting country flag to appear**
Many ISO/WBFS users have issues getting their country flag to appear. This is because you need to have the Region Residence set within said Country in the 'Your Region' Settings of MKW. Many people then try to access the 'Your Region Settings' from their ISO/WBFS and it fails. This is because you can ONLY access the  'Your Region' Settings in the ISO/WBFS that matches the system menu region of your Wii. For example, if you have a Japanese system menu, you need access My Region settings from the Japan ISO/WBFS.

- Make sure your Wii has a working Internet Connection
- Launch the ISO/WBFS that matches your System Menu Region
- Go to Your Region Settings
- You will be brought to a hidden part of the Wii System Menu, click the Choose Settings button on the bottom right
- Wii will connect to internet.
- Select the town/state/province that you desire.
- Click the OK button on the bottom left. Wii will reboot.
- In the ISO/WBFS you plan on playing with, go to Region Profile and set the Flag/Region to Display.
- Connect to Wifi, you will see the flag now. (Please note that some countries don't have flags, such as Taiwan. The Your Region settings will still take effect, you will not be set to the default geo-location given to you by the MKWii region ID.)


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