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  Disable Post Processing Effect Flags [Gearworks]
Posted by: Gearworks - 9 hours ago - Forum: Visual & Sound Effects - No Replies

Credit to maritoguionyo for the ports from NTSC-U

X Values (flag to remove):
01: Transparency
02: Shadows
04: ???
08: ???
10: Bloom
20: Depth of field
To use multiple flags, add them together

C25A66B4 00000003
38A000XX 54A5043E
7C842878 38A00000
60000000 00000000

C25B15DC 00000003
38A000XX 54A5043E
7C842878 38A00000
60000000 00000000

C25B0F5C 00000003
38A000XX 54A5043E
7C842878 38A00000
60000000 00000000

C259F634 00000003
38A000XX 54A5043E
7C842878 38A00000
60000000 00000000


li r5, 0xXX
clrlwi r5, r5, 16
andc r4, r4, r5
li r5, 0

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  Request: Support for multiple lap counter checkpoints for online
Posted by: lschlick - 05-22-2024, 10:55 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - No Replies

Sometimes a track is designed in such a way that it could have a lap counter in multiple places, such as a track that has multiple routes, or a track that has a shortcut that skips the normal lap counter, or a track like Maka Wuhu that is split into 3 "sub-laps".

Multiple lap counters are fine to have offline, but not fine to have online. It'd be great if there was a fix for this.

Here is somewhere where you can read on how lap counters work. https://wiki.tockdom.com/wiki/Check_Point#Lap_Counter

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  Request : Disable boost pads acceleration
Posted by: Katos - 05-18-2024, 10:38 AM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - No Replies

I'm looking for a code that keeps the jump provided by some boost pads (e.g. Mushroom Gorge) but disables acceleration of all boost pads.

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  Wiimote Speaker Sound Player Cycler [Ro]
Posted by: _Ro - 05-17-2024, 06:11 AM - Forum: Incomplete & Outdated Codes - No Replies

Wiimote Speaker Sound Player & Cycler [Ro]

This code is an idea i had earlier today - it allows cycling thru every sound & music of the game and have it play on the wiimote speaker. Most of the sounds do play in game too, but some don't, only playing on the wiimote itself. This is just an experimental code, thus it isn't ported for other regions and more of a proof of concept. JoshuaMK's millisecond timer modifier code is used to display the current sound index ID that is selected. The code only works in game.

This code makes uses address 0x800016FC thru 0x800016FE. Make sure no other codes use these addresses.

Here's a small demonstration of the code: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/aiNJ7njQfS4


C2705C0C 00000011
81830000 9421FF80
BC610008 3CA08034
A0C51462 3FE08000
70CB000C 41820058
889F16FE 2C040001
41820044 A09F16FC
70CB0008 4082000C
38840001 48000008
3884FFFF B09F16FC
3D808070 618C1934
7D8903A6 4E800421
38800003 3D808070
618CC1DC 7D8903A6
4E800421 39600001
41820008 39600000
997F16FE B8610008
38210080 00000000
C27ED9F8 00000002
3D808000 A38C16FC
60000000 00000000
lwz r12,0(r3)
stwu r1,-128(r1)
stmw r3,8(r1)
lis r5, 0x8034
lhz r6, 0x1462 (r5)
lis r31, 0x8000
andi. r11, r6, 0xC
beq no
lbz r4, 0x16FE (r31)
cmpwi r4, 1
beq skip
lhz r4, 0x16FC (r31)
andi. r11, r6, 0x8
bne sub
addi r4, r4, 1
b str
subi r4, r4, 1
sth r4, 0x16FC (r31)
lis r12, 0x8070
ori r12, r12, 0x1934
mtctr r12
bctrl - Call play sound function
li r4, 3
lis r12, 0x8070
ori r12, r12, 0xC1DC
mtctr r12
bctrl - Call wiimote play sound function
li r11, 1
beq skip2
li r11, 0
stb r11, 0x16FE (r31)
lmw r3,8(r1)
addi r1,r1,128

Code creator: Ro
Code credits: JoshuaMK (Millisecond Timer Modifier - to display current sound index)

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  Mini Turbo Functionality
Posted by: DracoTH - 05-16-2024, 05:55 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (1)

Hey! I was hoping if anyone could help me out with this, so I've been making a statmod, where I basically rebalanced all vehicles taking mk8dx into account, but then realized that the vehicles with higher mini turbo didn't have the same advantages as in 8dx, since Mini Turbo just affects the time a mini turbo lasts and doesn't affect how much it takes to charge one.
Is there any way to make it so that depending on the Mini turbo duration stat of a vehicle the time it takes to charge a Mini Turbo is reduced or increased?

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  Frame rate / game speed
Posted by: Katos - 05-15-2024, 05:46 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (2)

Do you know anything about reducing game speed regardless of frames per second in dolphin emulator ?
With the help of "Force 30 FPS" code :

30 fps / half speed : 004250D4 00000002

60 fps / double speed : 0029FD69 00000001

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  Blue shell cooldown [Gaberboo]
Posted by: Gaberboo - 05-13-2024, 05:29 AM - Forum: Online; Item - No Replies

c2795664 00000005
3d40807b a52a832e
a90a0004 5529801e
7ce9402e 3940XXXX
91470038 4e800020
60000000 60000000
c278c658 00000005
3d40807d a52a50ee
a90a0004 5529801e
7ce9402e 3940XXXX
91470038 4e800020
60000000 60000000
c2794cd0 00000005
3d40807a a52a799a
a90a0004 5529801e
7ce9402e 3940XXXX
91470038 4e800020
60000000 60000000
c2783a24 00000005
3d408079 a52a66ee
a90a0004 5529801e
7ce9402e 3940XXXX
91470038 4e800020
60000000 60000000

XXXX is time in frames

.set region,

.if (region == 'P')
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlueShell2,0x8079565c
    .set Item_ItemSlotTable_sInstance, 0x809c3670 # wstrt couldn't port this...
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlooper, 0x807a81b4
.elseif (region == 'E')
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlueShell2,0x8078c650
#    .set Item_ItemSlotTable_sInstance,
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlooper, 0x807d4f74
.elseif (region == 'J')
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlueShell2,0x80794cc8
#    .set Item_ItemSlotTable_sInstance, 
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlooper, 0x807a7820
.elseif (region == 'K')
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlueShell2,0x80783a1c
#    .set Item_ItemSlotTable_sInstance,
    .set ItemHolderPlayer_useBlooper, 0x80796574

#inject at 0x80795664 PAL
#inject at 0x8078c658 NTSC-U
#inject at 0x80794cd0 NTSC-J
#inject at 0x80783a24 NTSC-K

lis r10, (ItemHolderPlayer_useBlooper + 0x17a)@ha
lhzu r9, (ItemHolderPlayer_useBlooper + 0x17a)@l (r10)
lha r8, 0x4 (r10)
slwi r9, r9, 16
lwzx r7, r9, r8
li r10, XXXX
stw r10, 0x38 (r7)


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  Connect to AltWFC again [marito_yo]
Posted by: marito_yo - 05-03-2024, 06:27 AM - Forum: Incomplete & Outdated Codes - No Replies

mua kart wii (altwfc)

Spoofs your gamename and key to mua2wii so that you can matchmake on AltWFC with Mario Kart Wii 


06895ae8 00000008
6D756132 77696900
06895AF8 00000007
51697A4D 33410000


0689A1B8 00000008
6D756132 77696900
0689A1C8 00000007
51697A4D 33410000


06899318 00000008
6D756132 77696900
06899328 00000007
51697A4D 33410000


068885F0 00000008
6D756132 77696900
06888600 00000007
51697A4D 33410000

Code creator: marito_yo

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  Request: Mission Mode - Play Custom BRSTM depending on the Mission SZS name
Posted by: Wingcapman - 05-02-2024, 08:54 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - No Replies

Since we have a few options for custom BRSTM files being played for race courses, it would be nice to have this as a feature for the unused Mission Mode as well.
In vanilla Mario Kart Wii (or simply the game without any custom distributions involved), a mission's background music is connected just like how race courses and battle arenas work; it loads from a music ID slot and loads specifically just that.

Mission Mode is a special case since the current code we have (the one published by MrBean35000vr), while it's awesome to see it functional to an extend, there are many things either wrong or incomplete with it, and sadly there ARE Gecko codes that conflict with it which somehow can alter the BRSTM being played for the music (no idea what the conditions are for this to happen, but there is a way to somehow load the "last played" course/arena music ID (if no course or arena has been played before then it loads Luigi Circuit by default)).
Another interesting quirk is that Mission Mode's files are pretty flexible when it comes to making your own missions. Like your first mission doesn't have to be named mr00.szs; you can change it so that it actually can load - for example - mr11.szs as your first mission just to order them properly (11 to 18 for Mission 1-1 to 1-8, 21 to 28 for Mission 2-1 to 2-8 etc.).

The reason why I'd like to see a custom BRSTM code for Mission Mode being made is because we can have custom music for the bosses and for the coin missions just to name a few (if we want to make use of different variants or remixes from the same song, it'd give us more freedom for modpacks that include missions), as well as unique missions that include a race course or battle arena that doesn't appear in the other modes.

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  Custom Kart Working on Dolphin Emulator but not on Wii U??
Posted by: CorvoPSY - 04-27-2024, 12:43 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (5)

NT is SB

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