Configure flag & globe location from 'scratch'
Configure flag & globe location from 'scratch'

NOTE: This is outdated by a code I made to accomplish this. Link to code -

To set your flag and globe location legitimately, you access the 'Your Region' settings within MKW. This brings you to a hidden menu within the Wii's System Menu. You then connect to to the Nintendo Update Servers (which has the stored Hex values for all Globe locations). Once you select a 'region residence' within your country, the globe location hex string (along with the one byte region residence code, which is always 01 or higher) is added to your SYSCONF file within NAND. When MKW is booted, it reads the hex code of your Country, Region Residence within Country, and Globe Location. If Region Residence hex value is 00, then MKW will not set your flag w/ globe location no matter what.

The issue here is the Nintendo Update Servers. Once these go away and you change your country code (thru ARC or Wii Settings), then you lose your stored hex values and have no way of getting your flag to work again. However, since we know where these values are stored, and we have the tools to edit them, we can get our flag/location settings working without using the Nintendo Servers.

You will need a Hex Editor... (HxD is used in this Guide)

NOTE: If you are on Windows, I recommend HxD. You can find HxD (via free download) on a google search very quickly. For Linux, I recommend using HxD via Wine emulation.

You will also need my AppPack - Add me on discord (Vega#8365).

Unzip the file. Add the contents within the main AppPack folder to a blank SD card. SD card into Wii, launch HBC.

Launch the FS ToolBox app. FS ToolBox will list some items that are patched and not patched. You will then see a menu giving you some tips on how to dump/extract files, etc. Press A button to continue. A small warning will flash for a few seconds then a list of directories will appear.

Navigate down to shared2 and press A. A new list of directories will apear. Navigate to sys and press A. Navigate to the SYSCONF file. Press the minus (-) button. SYSCONF file will be dumped onto the SD card. Press the Home button to exit back to HBC. Power off the Wii.

Insert SD card back into your computer. The SD card will have a newly created folder called FSTOOLBOX. Launch your hex editor. Open the SYSCONF file (browse to your SD card, then FSTOOLBOX, shared2 folder, then sys folder).

Press CTRL+F on your keyboard to begin a search. Enter in the string - "52 10 07". Change datatype to Hex then start the search. The very first byte after your highlighted hex string is your country code. Change it to any desired value.

The very next byte after the country code is the Region Residence code. This can be anything other than 00. I simply just set the value to 01.

Press CTRL+F again. Enter in this string - "A5 49 50", run the search. The first 4 bytes before the highlighted hex string is the value for the Globe Position. This will be 00 00 00 00 if you currently don't have your flag set. Change this to a desired value. Save the file and exit.

If you used HxD, the original file will be backed up as SYSCONF.bak next to the SYSCONF file. Move it out of the SD card to a spot on your computer for backup if desired.

SD card back into Wii. Relaunch HBC, relaunch FSToolbox.

Navigate back to to the SYSCONF file the same way you did earlier but this time press the plus (+) button on the SYSCONF file. New SYSCONF file will replace the old one. Press the Home Button to exit back to HBC. Launch MKW, go online, and check out the results! Congratz! You can delete the FSTOOLBOX folder from the SD card if desired.

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