Restore/Inject a NAND Backup
Restore/Inject a NAND Backup

This guide will use the RestoreMii feature within Bootmii. Therefore, you must have Bootmii installed. It is recommended to only preform the guide if you have Bootmii installed as Boot2. If not (Bootmii installed as IOS), and you install a corrupted NAND (with no Priiloader within said NAND), then you will be bricked forever.

If you are using this guide to repair a brick and you have Bootmii as an IOS, chances are you can fix your issue without injecting a backed up NAND file. Access HBC from Priiloader and first attempt to fix of what actually broke your Wii before resorting to a NAND injection.

Priiloader (to boot bricked Wii and then to get to Bootmii IOS if you dont have Bootmii boot2 installed)
GCN controller (only needed if you have Bootmii IOS)
A backup copy of your bootmii folder
A backup copy of your nand.bin file

WARNING!!!: Wiis that do NOT have GCN ports CANNOT restore a NAND in Bootmii NO MATTER WHAT. This is because in order to restore a NAND with Bootmii as IOS, you are forced to use the 'Konami' code which can ONLY be done with a GCN controller. All Wiis without GCN Ports can only install Bootmii as an IOS as they are manufactured after Nintendo repaired the boot1 which blocked boot2 from being installed.

Grab an SD card and do a full format on it to FAT32 (this is needed to ensure any corrupted data is wiped so NAND backup doesn't get corrupted as well when added to SD card)

Add your bootmii folder and nand.bin to the blank SD card. SD into Wii.

Bootmii installed as Boot2: Simply power on Wii, Wii will launch Bootmii Smile 
Bootmii installed as an IOS: Launch Priiloader, select Bootmii IOS. You can also get on HBC and press the Home button and select Launch Bootmii, but if you can reach HBC w/o Priiloader, then you can easily fix any Wii issues without a NAND injection.

To navigate thru Bootmii you must use the console keys, or you can plug in a GCN if you have one (needed no matter what if you have Bootmii as IOS)

CONSOLE NAVIGATION BUTTON KEYS: Power = Right, Eject = Left, Reset = Select

Using the console buttons, press Power, Power, Power, Reset, Power, Reset. BootMii Recovery will display a screen saying that RestoreMii will run in simulation mode. Press Reset to continue.

Simulation will start, random green squares will partially fill the gray grid. Once that is done, you will be prompted to press Eject to begin the NAND restore or press any other button to abort and exit.

**Bootmii as IOS users will receive a warning that restoring the NAND backup is too dangerous and to exit. If you are really sure you want to proceed you will need to enter the Konami code. Press these buttons in this exact order on your GCN: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start.. If you mess up entering the Konami code, you will be booted from RestoreMii and have to attempt to enter the code again.**

Press Eject, RestoreMii will begin. Once done, you will see the message 'I HAZ SUCCESS!”. Now you can press any button to exit. To exit Bootmii to the Wii Main Menu, press Power, Power, Reset, Reset.

Congratz, you have restored your NAND!

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