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  Save Max Input Ghost [WhatisLoaf]
Posted by: WhatisLoaf - 11-07-2021, 11:48 PM - Forum: Time Trials & Battle - No Replies

Quick code I made that allows ghosts to be saved even if they have reached the maximum input limit.

04855DB0 60000000

04834320 60000000

0485541C 60000000

04844170 60000000

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  Convert an integer (r12) to float (f12) in a sane, efficent way?
Posted by: jawa - 11-06-2021, 08:59 AM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (1)

lets say r12=0000 0006
and i would want to convert it to 0x40c0 0000 (float value of 6)
how would i do that?
i read the Conversion from integer to float in the Working with floats thread, but i didnt get it

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  Trying to execute 200cc code when a flag is set
Posted by: jawa - 11-05-2021, 02:41 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (4)

C0000000 0000000A
3D808000 896C5F27
3D40809B 2C0B00EC
6149D728 41820024
2C0B0010 6149C788
41820018 2C0B0054
3D20809A 6129BD68
41820008 61498F68
81290000 2C090000
4D820020 81690B6C
996C01C0 4E800020 # store cc byte at 800001c0

280001C0 00000002 # if 150cc
048A5AB0 42E10000 #execute 200cc code
048A5ABC 43430000
048A5BC4 43C30000
048A5C24 43430000
048A5C34 496A6000
048A5DC0 431D8000
048B5C78 40900000
048CB550 42D20000
04578558 3D804334
0457855C 919E002C
0457B99C 3C804359
0457B9A0 60848000
0457B9A4 9083002C
0457B9B0 3C804334
0457B9B4 9083002C
C257BBC4 00000003
48000009 43598000
7D8802A6 C00C0000
60000000 00000000
C25858C8 00000003
48000009 43598000
7D8802A6 C00C0000
60000000 00000000
C257BD5C 00000003
48000009 430E8000
7D8802A6 C00C0000
60000000 00000000
C257BD80 00000003
48000009 431D8000
7D8802A6 C00C0000
60000000 00000000
C2592194 00000006
48000009 3FC00000
7D8802A6 C04C0000
C063000C EC6200F2
D063000C EC020032
EC220072 EC01002A
60000000 00000000
045921B4 EC0100BA
045921C4 EC0100BA
045921D4 EC0100BA
045921E4 EC0100BA
C25850C8 00000004
48000009 3F2AAAAB
7D8802A6 C0EC0000
EC070032 D01E0020
60000000 00000000
C251F5F8 00000003
70680240 2C080240
40820008 60C60010
60C60001 00000000
C252029C 00000003
70A40220 2C040220
40820008 61080010
61080001 00000000
C2745CB4 00000003
70660404 2C060404
40820008 63FF0010
63FF0001 00000000
C2745F70 00000003
70830600 2C030600
40820008 60000010
60000001 00000000
C257ADEC 00000009
7C8B2378 5563073E
2C03000F 40820034
7FA3EB78 3C808059
608403F4 7C8903A6
4E800421 A063002C
546306F7 41820014
3C808057 6084AE8C
7C8903A6 4E800420
556307FF 00000000
C26FAFF8 0000000D
7C0A0378 7C6B1B78
7C8C2378 555BF7FE
554506FE 2C05000F
40820040 806C0018
3CA08059 60A503F4
7CA903A6 4E800421
A0A3002C 54A506F7
41820020 55450001
40820018 554502D7
40820010 3B600000
3B800001 3BC00000
7D846378 7D635B78
7D405378 00000000
C2699C98 00000014
807E0118 80630000
80630004 80C30004
54C506FE 2C05000F
40820048 80630018
3CA08059 60A503F4
7CA903A6 4E800421
A0A3002C 54A506F7
41820028 54C50001
40820020 54C502D7
40820018 38A00001
98A30015 3FA0806A
63BD19D8 48000020
88A30015 2C050001
40820030 38A00000
98A30015 3FA0806A
63BD1B68 7FC3F378
809E0614 38A00019
38C0001A 38E00001
7FA903A6 4E800421
396100A0 00000000
C2698F50 00000019
7C1E0378 807F0118
80630000 80630004
80C30004 54C506FE
2C05000F 40820048
80630018 3CA08059
60A503F4 7CA903A6
4E800421 A0A3002C
54A506F7 41820028
54C50001 40820020
54C502D7 40820018
38A00001 98A30015
3FA0806A 63BD19D8
48000020 88A30015
2C050001 4082004C
38A00000 98A30015
3FA0806A 63BD1B68
7FE3FB78 809F0530
38A00022 38C00023
38E00000 7FA903A6
4E800421 7FE3FB78
809F0530 38A00023
38C00024 38E00001
7FA903A6 4E800421
7FC0F378 80010024
60000000 00000000
C259678C 0000000F
4800000D 3E99999A
3F800000 7D8802A6
7C8B2378 C01F004C
807D001C 8083001C
2C040001 40810048
89030096 2C080001
4082000C 2C040012
40810034 80630018
3C808059 608403F4
7C8903A6 4E800421
C0430034 FC601210
EC42182A C06C0000
C08C0004 EC4220FA
EC0000B2 7D645B78
7FC3F378 00000000
C2597390 00000013
4800000D 3E99999A
3F800000 7D8802A6
39000001 807C001C
8083001C 2C040000
40820020 39000000
99030096 81030004
55080631 4182000C
39000001 99030096
2C040001 40810048
89030096 2C080001
4082000C 2C040012
40810034 80630018
3C808059 608403F4
7C8903A6 4E800421
C0430034 FC601210
EC42182A C06C0000
C08C0004 EC4220FA
EC0000B2 7F83E378
60000000 00000000
E0000000 80008000 #final terminator

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  how would i set a register's lower bits to the lower bits of some register?
Posted by: jawa - 11-04-2021, 08:52 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (2)

how would i set a register's lower bits to the lower bits of some register?
r12 is 3b00 0000
r11 is 0000 0005
and i want r10 to be 3b00 0005

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  Running Korean Games (real discs) on non-Korean Wiis
Posted by: Vega - 11-04-2021, 07:15 PM - Forum: Hacking General Discussion - No Replies

Zachruff asked about how to do this on the Discord server. It reminded me an anonymous user who used the full Softmod Guide - HERE couldn't get his Korean MKW Disc to run on a modded American Wii.

It boils down to two IOS's

First thing's first is your System Menu IOS. IOS60 runs 4.1, IOS70 runs 4.2, IOS80 runs 4.3. Each disc (in its region.bin) has a region value (hexadecimal byte)

Disc Region Byte Values
0 = Japan (all Taiwan games use this disc region value)
1 = Americas
2 = PAL
3 = Unused
4 = Korea
5 = China (Chinese Wii plus Chinese MKWii never released to public)

If this region.bin byte doesn't match your System Menu region, the Wii will not allow the game to be bootable from the Disc channel.

Next is the game's IOS. This varies per game. If your Wii doesn't have a game's IOS, it can't run said game. Not only that, every Korean game runs on a different IOS when compared to its non-Korean counterpart. Mario Kart Wii runs on IOS36 which is on 99.9% of Wiis, However, Korean MKWii runs on IOS46. Considering IOS46 can only be found on real/original Korean Wiis, getting one may be a challenge.

To get around all of this (according to a person named Sayuri). Install the latest version of Priiloader. Open up Priiloader in HBC. Turn on Region-Free, uncheck 'use system menu ios', and change it to cios 249. This will bypass the region checks and force all discs to run under cIOS249.

Credits to Seeky for the Sayuri message

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  Code working fine on dolphin, but crashing on wii
Posted by: jawa - 10-17-2021, 08:13 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (1)

When loading a course on my wii with this code enabled, the game crashes. However, on dolphin, it runs just fine!
How do i fix that?
#address = 80590400
lfs f1, 0 (r31)
  lis r12, 0x8000
  ori r12, r12, 0x1D0
  lbz r10, 0(r12)
  cmpwi r10, 0x1
  beq- loc_0x1C
  b loc_0x34

  .set GRAVITY, 0x40360000

  bl float

  .long GRAVITY

  mflr r11
  lfs f10, 0 (r11)
  lfs f13, -0x70 (r3)
  fmuls f13, f13, f10
  lfs f1, 0 (r31)
  fadds f1, f1, f13


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  Pow Damage Regardless of Position [1superchip]
Posted by: 1superchip - 10-14-2021, 01:06 AM - Forum: Offline; Item - No Replies

Pow Damage Regardless of Position [1superchip]

This code makes the pow affect all players regardless of position
Does not affect players that are on the same team or the pow user.

047D98B8 60000000

047B1E64 60000000

047B14D0 60000000

047A0224 60000000

Code Creator: 1superchip

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  ISFS_Read not returning buffer (HB)
Posted by: jawa - 10-10-2021, 12:40 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - Replies (1)

  1. heres my code:
         (src and dst are valid destinations("/shared2/wc24/misc.bin", "/misc.bin"), Exists returns x>=0)
  1. ISFS_Initialize();            
  1. s32 fd=ISFS_Open(src, ISFS_OPEN_READ); 
  1. s32 retr;            
  1. u8 *buffer;            
  1. if (Exists(fd)) {                
  1.    buffer=(u8*)memalign(32, 0x400);                
  1.    retr=ISFS_Read(fd, buffer, 0x400);                            
  1. }            
  1. else {                
  1.     return "I/O error.";            
  1. }            
  1. fatInitDefault();            
  1. ISFS_Close(fd);            
  1. std::ofstream bufo(dst, std::ios::binary);           
  1. bufo << buffer;            
  1. bufo.close();

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  [REQUEST] Character Select Screen in Mission Mode
Posted by: WariJ - 10-08-2021, 02:56 PM - Forum: Code Support / Help / Requests - No Replies

I recently helped with a DS Mission Mode-Mod for Mario Kart Wii (what troy was playing recently);
I don't know if this is possible at all, but can you implement a character selection screen for the Mission Mode?

Maybe you can redirect the "Tutorial" button to the selection menu, but i'm not sure if it's possible at all because the
.KMT file needed for the MM to work requires what character you'll use for the mission automatically so it might cause problems.

If it's possible, let me know!  Big Grin

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  Hi everyone! (plus my first code and a noob level explanation)
Posted by: Cealgair - 10-06-2021, 08:04 AM - Forum: Introductions - Replies (3)

Hi everyone, I'm Cealgair, possibly best known for my CT downloader. I've been passively using mkwii.com for a while now since I think it's the best place to find mkwii cheat codes nowadays. I decided to register because recently I tried to make a code myself and I needed some advice. Thanks to Stebler's advice, I actually completed the code before I registered here. It essentially replaces the Time Trials mode with a sort of Exploration mode, where you have infinite shrooms, you never lose them, laps don't count and Lakitu doesn't get in your way if you go backwards. It's basically not much more than a collage of existing codes. Without further ado, here it is:

04857A9C 28000064
02535628 00004182
047BC97C 80030008
047BC980 7C040051
047BC19C 90030008
047BC744 907F0004
047BCA68 907C0004
047BCA6C 901C0008
005349FF 00000001
289C38BC 00FF0100
02535628 00004800
047BC97C 28000000
047BC980 38000003
047BC19C 60000000
047BC744 60000000
047BCA68 60000000
047BCA6C 60000000
005349FF 00000000
E0000000 80008000

As a bonus, here's a noob-level explanation:

  • The first line disables the "Ghost data could not be saved" text and it's taken from Remove 6 Minute Limit [WhatisLoaf]
  • The line starting with 28 checks if we're in Time Trials. I knew it would work because of a comment by Seeky in this thread. Also the Gecko Codetype Documentation really helped me
  • The lines after that one are: Disable Lakitu When Going Backwards [CLF78]Triple Mushroom Behavior Modifier [JoshuaMK] (set to "infinite triple mushroom"), Never Lose Item [XeR]Lap Count Increased Modifier [Vega] (set to "laps never increased") and the final terminator at the end.
  • The lines before the 28 line and after the first one set what would be the normal behavior of the game without the codes that I put after the 28 line. For Vega's code, it's just the code itself, set to "default value of the game". For all of the others, I had to find the correct values manually, and that's where Stebler helped me by telling me how to do so. To find the default value of the other constants, you can view the memory in the Dolphin debug interface (can be enabled in Config -> Interface -> Show Debugging UI) when the game is paused.

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