ARMv8 / AArch64 Full Tutorial
Not sure where to post this since it's not Wii related. Anyway....

Link -

This is a full Beginner's ARMv8 (AArch64) Tutorial. Even if you know literally nothing about Assembly or Computer Programming Languages at all, you can read this Tutorial from Start to Finish and learn how to write your ARMv8 Assembly Programs. ARMv8 is the Assembly Language of the Nintendo Switch. The "Cheat Code community" for the Switch is tiny, and creating Assembly based Cheat Codes is very quirky (there's no such thing as Gecko Codes for the Switch). For the in's and out's of Switch Cheat Codes, view the GBA Temps Switch specific sub-forum -

Unfortunately, there is zero ARMv8 Assembly support on that forum. Also, the guides on the Forum are pretty "scattered". Luckily there is a YouTuber named "Reclaimer Shawn" who has created a great video playlist for creating Nintendo Switch Cheat Codes.
Part 4 of the series, he does a broad ARMv8 Assembly Tutorial

His Video inspired me to make a full 34-Chapter ARMv8 Tutorial. You can apply this tutorial for Assembly assistance on the Switch, or for other general programming purposes. ARMv8 / AArch64 is probably the most challenging Assembly Language to learn as a beginner. Hell, even if you are well versed on other languages (i.e. PowerPC), there is still a tough learning curve to overcome. Therefore, once you have learned the ARMv8 Assembly Language, learning other Assembly Languages will be a cake walk.

Link -

Final Note: The tutorial is for those who own a Linux Machine due to the guides being Linux-specific on installing certain programs/software. For Windows & Mac Users, the 3 programs that need to be installed are the GNU AArch64 Assembler, QEMU, and GNU Debugger. A Google Search may be able to find a guide for you to install those.

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