Welcome to MarioKartWii.com!
~Welcome to MarioKartWii.com!!~

Hello there! Nice of you to drop by! My name is Vega, I am the admin and founder of these forums.

IMPORTANT: Read the following two links first! They are the site's disclaimer and rules.

https://mariokartwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1000 (Disclaimer)
https://mariokartwii.com/showthread.php?tid=3 (Rules)

Who we are:
We are a small slice of the Mario Kart Wii community that loves to create codes, work on codes, use codes, etc. We also focus a little bit on other types of Hacking such as general Wii modding, Textures, CT's, etc.

Why these forums were made:
During February 2018, I had a site (basic html web pages) that had some general Mario Kart Wii information. I loved using codes whenever I played Mario Kart Wii. At that time, every MKWii codes site was dead or quite frankly, they were a joke full of non-working/fake codes. On Feb 14, 2018 I decided to open these forums and begin adding (plus testing) all codes I could find across the web.

About some of the members here:
Some of us are what we call "ASM Code Creators". We have some decent knowledge of the Wii's CPU Assembly Language (PowerPC). With that knowledge plus various debugging tools/programs, we can create codes to allow us to modify Mario Kart Wii's gameplay. If you stopped by here to learn how to become a Code Creator, we have tons and tons of info to help achieve your coding goals.

About Registration:
Registration is a bit awkward (to prevent bots/spam). Here is a guide on how to register a forum account - https://mariokartwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1802


Can I become a Mod/Admin?
No. Mod/Admin roles are given out via invite by the Admin to longtime trusted users.

Can I have a special Forum Rank?

Can I have a custom User Title?

The User Name I want is not available, but no profiles have the name. Why am I blocked from registering that name?
Certain user names of popular MKWii players are blocked to prevent false identities on the forum. If your name is blocked and you are one of these popular players, contact me via Forum PM or Discord (Vega#8365) and send me some proof showing you are who you say you are. Go ahead and complete your registration as once proof has been sent, I will change your name accordingly.

Can I change my User Name after registration?
Yes you can, just notify me, and it will be changed. Please keep in mind though that I will not change a User Name on a frequent basis. If you are somebody who tends to change their User Name every two weeks, I will deny your requests on said User Name changes. Basically, I won't change a User Name more than once per 6 months. This isn't an exact rule, it's flexible in either direction.

Our site mascot (Waltress)

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