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Welcome to! - Vega - 02-14-2018

~Welcome to!!~

Hello there! Nice of you to drop by! My name is Vega, I am the admin and founder of these forums.

IMPORTANT: Read the following two links first! They are the site's disclaimer and rules. (Disclaimer) (Rules)

Who we are:
We are a small slice of the Mario Kart Wii community that loves to create codes, work on codes, use codes, etc. We also focus a little bit on other types of Hacking such as general Wii modding, Textures, CT's, etc.

Why these forums were made:
During February 2018, I had a site (basic html web pages) that had some general Mario Kart Wii information. I loved using codes whenever I played Mario Kart Wii. At that time, every MKWii codes site was dead or quite frankly, they were a joke full of non-working/fake codes. On Feb 14, 2018 I decided to open these forums and begin adding (plus testing) all codes I could find across the web.

About some of the members here:
Some of us are what we call "ASM Code Creators". We have some decent knowledge of the Wii's CPU Assembly Language (PowerPC). With that knowledge plus various debugging tools/programs, we can create codes to allow us to modify Mario Kart Wii's gameplay. If you've stopped by here to learn how to become a Code Creator, we have tons and tons of info to help achieve your coding goals.

About Registration:
Registration is a bit awkward (to prevent bots/spam). Here is a guide on how to register a forum account -

Our site mascot (Waltress)

[Image: waltress.jpg]