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EDIT: Found one issue already. Avatars are stretched. It should be a simple fix by editing a line of code in the template.

Bump. I added the Inferno theme as an option for the theme drop down menu on the bottom right of your screen.

You will see added tabs at the top menu bar for 'upgrade' and 'rules'. These are not finished by the Inferno devs yet, one is for like some paid upgrade access thing and the other is for some sort of custom rule-set you can add on, I'll eventually disable/edit those new tabs as I have no use for them or wait and see how the devs improve on them.

So to anyone interested, switch to the inferno theme and be sure to test it thoroughly. Post in threads, or make threads, try editing your profile. Just do various tasks. After some time and I don't get any bug reports, I'll make the theme the default/forced theme.

You will also notice the inferno theme jacks up the site logo png. So for anyone who really wants this theme to be the default, maybe you can make a new logo that will fit in the new theme. The logo has to be a transparent png. Maybe a Bowser themed one to match the orange colors?

Also the pics used to indicate what forums are read/un-read are customizeable too. I can add something like Dry Bowser & Bowser character icons.

But ofc this all depends if this theme doesn't have any crazy bugs after you guys test it for a bit.
Another update: I added the Emerald Theme as another option. The emerald theme has a lot of pros to it, but if you need to switch back to another theme. Go to your User CP, go to Edit Options, and scroll to the bottom and you will see the drop down menu to change themes.

Regarding the inferno theme: Looks like a fixed the avatar issue but it appears the avatar quality has diminished a bit.

I think this emerald theme is the way to go once I figure out how to change the colors on this.
BUG FOUND (Mybb version 1.8.24):

Link -

If you are using Google Chrome, it appears to effect how MyBB counts the characters in your post. It will add an extra 100,100 characters if the post reaches a certain unknown size. Thus, your post will get an error about exceeding the 65,535 limit even though it is well below it.

Here's a list of Browsers that do NOT cause this error:

Big thank you Seeky and Star for their help with this bug. Hopefully the MyBB devs can fix this in the next update (1.8.25)
May sound selfish or weird but what if once you reach the God Role, the post limit was raised to 30? #1~
its funny you mention about the roles, i'm currently in the process of changing them things regarding them (add more ranks/icons).

but to make the post limit increase just for god role, would require creating a whole separate role just for that user, not something i wanna do. there is some automation options that automatically throw the user in a new group/role after a certain amount of posts, but from my initial tests years ago, it had bugs
Another idea that i'd think is cool, I don't know if this would be do-able but, what if for the signature function of the site, you could like actually draw a signature. (Pretty much a function for a brush type mode) #1~
I don't think that's possible.
It'd be cool tho ngl
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.
Closest thing you could do is draw your signature in something like Paint then upload it as an image for your signature. Should be possible I think

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