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Ok I added this -

Created by panayot.

At the very bottom right of your screen, there should be a drop down menu to change themes. Tell me if it works for you. It works for me, but I wanna see if the permissions allow normal users to choose the option.
Yes it works for me and I like it. If you keep it I’ll probably use it as my default one
I like it as well. My eyes are sensitive to light, so this helps.
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.
Some ideas I think the Site could benefit from-

- A subforum in Hacks/Modding directly for Textures, Custom Tracks, Model Hacks, etc. This category is huge in general MKW Hacking but it's lacking presence here at

We could even make this it's own main forum itself. With subforums specifically for CTs, another one for Music Mods, another for Track model hacks, another for char/veh model hacks, etc.

What do you guys think?


Another improvement is working more on the Wiimmfi forum. It's just lacking in general.
In terms of releasing those types of mods, I doubt the majority would ever shift from tock's wiki, but maybe here could be a good place for sharing tutorials and getting tech support?
Yes, good point. It would make more sense to put said content into just a subforum, not an entire main forum.
It may be time for a face lift.

I've been using this default theme on the forum for awhile now. Adding the dark skin option was nice, but it's probably time to actually use a custom theme.

Link to Themes (based on latest build date) -

You guys scroll through and tell me what you like.
I love inferno
Inferno is the only remarkable one imo, it is also a lot like (if not the same as) the one smashboards uses
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.

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