Please READ before posting any Code bugs/issues.
NOTE: If you are looking for how to post new Codes in the Codes forum, read this thread ->

About Posting Code Bugs/Issues

With the increase in reports of Code bugs/issues, I decided to make this separate thread that needs to be read by the end user first before he/she reports a Code bug.

First thing's first, thank you for visiting and signing up! And thank you very much for trying to make sure codes are bug-free! We appreciate your feedback.  Heart

Sometimes even with thorough testing, us Code Creators may have missed something. Bugs/hiccups can slip thru from time to time. However in the era of post-Nintendo WiFi, most users play MKWii Online via the Wiimmfi service, which can lead to some issues. The Wiimmfi Online Service has many security patches that can cause a code to be buggy or not work at all. In fact, certain popular/infamous codes have been specifically blocked. Fyi, the security patches (in regards to blocking codes) should only take effect when you are present in an Online Public Race/Battle. Online friend rooms are not effected. (Thank you Leseratte for those details).

Here is a checklist that I ask the any user to read thru before posting Code bug(s):
1. Was this on a Wiimmfi Online Public Race/Battle? If so, test the code(s) on a server that uses the DWC-Emulator.

2. Were you running other codes? If so, remove any codes. If you are using a cheat code that's just for the purpose of connecting to ATLWFC, only have that code on (plus the bugged code) and nothing else.

3. How are you loading codes? Riivo? USB Loader GX? Dolphin? Us Code Creators need to know this to help you solve the bug. If possible, try using an app that uses the original Gecko Code Handler (ex: USB Loader GX) to see if you can get the bug to occur again. If you are forced to use Dolphin, are you on Dolphin-Stable? Have you tried a Dev version of Dolphin? Are you on the latest Dev version of Dolphin?

Going thru this checklist may solve the issue of why the code(s) is not working. Thank you for your time!  Smile

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