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The 'Make it to 1000' thread has finally been completed! Link -

Big shout out to Joshua for the Win!

Thank you to everyone for the fun journey!  Angel
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If you make your GCTs using the GCT generator on the website.. then STOP! It has been known for quite some time that the generator can (at random) botch your codes and/or botch the last compiled line of the GCT (the line which tells the code handler there are no more codes left). A lot of people still use the site to make GCTs, hence why this announcement is being made.

Here's the guide on how to make GCTs correctly using the Ocarina program (download of program also provided) -
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MyBB upgraded to 1.8.22
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Congratulations to JoshuaMK and Seeky. They are now moderators. Details are going to get worked out, but just wanted to make the announcement early. New icons for the Staff will be used, but older icons are in place temporarily.
Update: Staff has new Icons now!
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Well let's get straight to the point and keep this short.

I won't really be that active here anymore. IRL and work obligations are to undergo some big changes starting on the 1st (no this isn't an April Fool's Joke). Not only that, I'm all 'coded-out'. I've made as much guides and codes as possible. Just tired of MKWii in general.

To all the members and lurkers (a lot of lurkers, we know who you are!) on this forum, you may have noticed that there's been some changes. JoshuaMK and Seeky are Mods (actually SuperMods as they can moderate any forum) now. They are going to be the new 'admins' per say. There's no point giving actual Admin powers to anyone cause it wouldn't make sense to do that without giving away VPS SSH access and I'm not doing that, lol.

I'll check in around once a week, just to keep the technical crap of the forums on point.

Til next time!  Wink
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The dark skin option is now the default/only theme. The colors of the dark skin theme have been modified (Header color from blue to orange, register username color from blue to white, and links changed from blue to orange). This is meant to partially mimic the Inferno theme (a 3rd party theme). An all new logo has been added as well. Logo is now centered. The favicon has been changed to a Bullet Bill to match the new logo.

If you can't see the new theme. You need to do a hard refresh on your browser or clear your cache (easier to just wipe your history)
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I decided to give all coders/devs on this forum a partially upgraded role. All coders/devs will have yellow font for their name, and they will have a user title of "Coder / Dev". They will still use the same post rank icons as regular members.

Privileges of Coder/Dev role:
- Can post code threads without approval  Wink
- Daily post count limit increased from 15 to 25
- Can undo votes on polls
- Can give optional +2/-2 on reputation
- Daily reputation that can be given is increased from 5 to 6

MyBB upgraded: 1.8.22 -> 1.8.23 - > 1.8.24

Coder/Dev role gets new font color of #3CCB77

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