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Announcements/Updates - Vega - 02-14-2018

With the very first thread & post, I would like to announce the official beginning of these forums!


RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 02-15-2018

Announcement: Registration is now open!!!  Smile

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 02-15-2018

Exclamation  Announcement: Forum Logo added, Forum Rankings completed.  Exclamation

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 02-17-2018

Exclamation Announcement Exclamation

Content for all Forum Threads completed!  Big Grin

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 03-13-2018

Small Update:

Users can no longer delete their posts/threads. This is to keep proper post count and for legacy purposes. If you want to 'delete' your post, edit in some random stuff. If you need your thread deleted, just post on it (I will see the recent post), and it will be moved to graveyard.

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 03-17-2018


HTTPS (SSL) appears to be successfully configured:

- All connections forced thru HTTPS (except MKW server)

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 03-18-2018

Small update:
MKW Server appears to be working fine. Connected fine, idling on Wifi fine.
On one of the pages of the 'Make it to 1000' thread, there was a non SSL pic link. Both Opera and Firefox allowed me to connect but the icons for the lock symbol both changed, when clicked on the lock icon, browsers simply told me that some pictures are insecure links. So everything is working 100%. Haven't tested Chrome, but I imagine it does the same thing.

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 03-25-2018


MyBB upgraded to version 1.8.15  Exclamation

Everything appears to be successfully installed/upgraded on my end. Let me know if you run into any bugs/errors. Thanks!

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 03-26-2018

Exclamation Announcement Exclamation

I didn't realize til now that the VaronFi custom server has been shut down since Feb 22. Therefore, all threads within the VaronFi subforum have been moved to graveyard. The VaronFi sub forum itself has been removed.

RE: Annoucements/Updates - Vega - 03-27-2018

Small update:

General category renamed to 'Other'
Linux and BSD sub forums added.