Most likely Yesterday, a person was able to gain access to two different User Accounts. I was able to confirm this via the IP logs. Said Person simply posted some links (possibly malicious) to a Crypto Scam. It appears no other action was performed.

It is a more than likely that the two accounts were compromised due to poor Password selection. You will be surprised how often people use "12345678", "password", or their own username for passwords. Regardless, more security measures (both forum and server based) have been implemented. Cross your fingers that I didn't "break" anything.

Due to this, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED you immediately change your password!!! Go to the User CP, then go to Change Password. It's possible that the accounts were compromised due to an exploit, instead of poor password selection.

You will notice that we have traveled back in time to January 9th. This is the most recent backup before I believe the possible exploit was done. Backups (both VPS snapshots, and manual database backups) are done on a weekly basis, fyi.

I will be out of town for the new couple of days. Once I get back there will be a couple of more security features that I need to implement. As for now, I'm out of time. Duty calls.

Addressing some major decisions:

The forums are approaching 5 years in age (time flies by, wow). Due to IRL obligations and just being worn out, if more exploits/hacks occur, some key decisions will be made.

If the results of these decisions do not pan out (as in not maintaining security, or killing off what little activity is left on the forums), it may to time to archive the site. We won't get into the nuances here, but the term archive basically means logging-in and posting will be permanently disabled, for all accounts. This site is pretty dead, all things considered. The MKWii community is pretty dead too. We'll see what happens.

Regardless of what happens, the forum data and posts will stay up.

Heart  Happy 5 Year Anniversary!  Heart

Yesterday marked the 5 year anniversary of the Forums (Feb 14, 2018 - Feb 14, 2023). Let's see if we can make it to 10!
Exclamation  Announcement  Exclamation

Due to an increase in registration of spam/bots, I have changed the Registration policy.
Exclamation Announcement Exclamation

I want to thank Ro & Sponge for the many new cheat codes that have been posted. It's nice to see that others are still working on traditional Gecko Codes. I greatly appreciate the work and understand how difficult it is to develop new useful codes in this Game nowadays. Also shout-out to Gaberboo for the couple of codes that he's posted as well.

Just wanted to say Thank You.

- Vega

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