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MyBB upgraded to 1.8.21
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The ('s) MKW Server has been shutdown. For users who frequent this server whenever they are not on Wiimmfi, we are using ALTWFC now.
Also expect some forum shifting soon, due to my conclusion regarding this thread -
Update on Forum Shifting

I have finished adding all the cheat code sub forums (online, offline, tt, etc) and moved all the code threads. I did this very quickly so I may have added some codes to the wrong category. Keep in mind, some codes are very tough to decide which category to add. Anyway, expect more forum shifting/reorganization. Still got quite a bit to go.

For the time being (due to needed to add special permissions to all the code subforums), I have disabled posting threads entirely. So if you have a new code to add, please wait. Once I get permissions fixed, you can then submit it for approval. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Final Note: The Controller Button/Address (XYZ) Values Page has been moved to the Resources and References subforum -
New Sub-Forum Added

I have added a new sub-forum for code creation help or for unfinished/in-progress codes.

Link -
All code subforums are completed. You can now submit new threads.
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- The referral system has been removed. These forums are not active enough to bother having the system.
- Major forum/sub-forum shifting has been completed
- Guides sub-forum transformed into parent category which places guides into various sub-forums based on their content
- The Linux & BSD sub-forums have been deleted
- All Non Hacking MKW threads are placed into one sub-forum now
- The pae and memorials have been moved to the Non-Hacking MKW sub-forum (memorial sub-forum removed)
- A new Welcome sub-forum has been created which contains a thread that has the welcome message, FAQ, and registration info
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I will start the long process of changing every code thread to the 'Gecko Format'. This has been talked about between me and Star for awhile now, but I've been very lazy to start the long process.

What is the Gecko Format?
Well first, we have the current format required for all code threads. Ofc, the name of the code is the title of the thread. The code title is also the first line within the thread itself. The code creator(s) are listed at the bottom including credits if needed.

Well on the site, they follow a different format. The have the code creators (NOT anyone in the credits) added to the code title itself, contained with brackets. For example..
Big Example Code [John]
If there are co creators, it would look like this...
Big Example Code [John / Joe]

Then credits are added after the code itself.

I have decided that all codes will follow the Gecko format to honor the developers of the USB Gecko. Without them, nothing coding-wise would even exist. It's time to respect the developers who rarely get any recognition, by following the format they used.
So if you are somebody who has codes posted on this site, here is the new format...

Change the thread title (this can only be done via FULL edit), to add the code creators (within BRACKETS) after the code name.
Then... Change the code title within the thread itself (the first line of the thread) to reflect the new format as well. That's it! Nothing else.
Do NOT remove w/e listing of code creators and credits you already have in the bottom of your thread (from the old format), leave them there. That way, the creators of the codes are listed 3 times total, and the credits are still listed once (at the bottom).
This entire process will take a long time.

Thank you and have a nice day.
Alrighty, for every code thread (except the incomplete/oudated subforum), I have all the gecko formats added. There were a handful of old codes that unfortunately I don't know who created them, so there's no names for those few codes. I'll try to complete the incomplete subforum codes tomorrow.

EDIT 8/18 - Incomplete/outdated subforum codes have been all updated to gecko format.

I have added an optional theme (via an Extend MyBB Skin created by panayot). It is a dark theme. It's the same theme as the Default but the colors are reversed (black bg, white text, etc).

To try out the theme, go to the very bottom right of your page. There should be a small drop down window. Select DarkTheme.

If you have any feedback of this new skin/theme, post them in the Site Issues/Suggestions thread -
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The 'Restricted Account' role has been removed. Thus this allows anyone to register (as a normal member) freely. Because of this, I have increased the difficulty of the Security Question. Expect the appearance of new accounts to decrease to almost nothing.

I had to update a lot of subforum permissions due to these changes. If there are any issues (such as being unable to post threads, replies, etc), post the problem in Sites & Suggestions thread, or simply PM me.

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