Unban Yourself From Any Wii Server (Wii Console only)
NOTICE: In purgatory due to no longer working on Wiimmfi and ALTWFC never bans anybody. Kept for historical purposes.
Unban Yourself From Any Wii Server (Wii Console only)

NOTE: This guide is for Wii Consoles only.
NOTE: This may or may NOT work on Wiimmfi due to their v0.2 security patches. I have heard mixed results.

Have HBC installed
Know how to run HBC Apps
Know how to make GCT files and run Cheat Codes

Chapter 1: IP Address

First thing's first, all servers keep track of all players' IP Addresses. Thus, it is essential that this must be changed. To see what your IP is, simply Google 'what is my IPv4?'.
Here are some methods to change your IP. Be sure to re-google 'what is my IPv4?' after trying a method. Once you have a different IP address, go to Chapter 2.

Fyi: ISP = Internet Service Provider (Google, Spectrum, Xfinity, Cox, etc)

Router/Modem/Network-Box Method

1. Reset your Internet modem (Some ISP's have a setup to where every time you reset your modem, you get a new IP)
2. Turn modem off, wait 1 hour, turn it back on.
3. Turn modem off, wait 24 hours, turn it back on.

VPN Method

Credits to Luna~

What you need-
-Nintendo Wii
-Ethernet Cable
-Wii/Wii U LAN Adapter (3rd party brands tend to not work, get a Genuine Nintendo one)
-Windows 7+ computer
The LAN Adapter is attached to one of the USB ports of the Wii/Wii U, and the Ethernet cable is connected from the LAN Adapter to your computer.
How to-
-Download the VPN of your choice, Proton VPN is recommended as it works better for the Wii, and you can choose a specific IP to use every time.
-Connect to any country of your choice.
-Enter Internet Network Settings > Change Adapter Options
-Go into your Wi-Fi properties and enable, "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection" on your VPN ethernet option.
-On your Wii run a wired test connection and it should work.
-Every so often Windows decides to disable  "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection", just re-enable it and you'll be fine.
-Your internet for your Wii and PC will run slightly slower with the VPN enabled.
-The original creator of this tutorial was Dorian, credits to him, he had a YouTube video but took it down

ISP Contact Method

If the Router/Modem/Net-Box Methods won't work. You can try calling your ISP and ask for a new IP address. Chances are you will be denied or in fact, they can't do it which leads to the next method.
New Router/Modem Method
Nowadays, most ISPs set IPs to your router/modem's MAC Address. You can call your ISP and say you need a new modem. They will let you know where to trade in your current modem for a new one. This will 100% work, and you will get a new IP Address.

Mobile HotSpot Method

You can try playing using your cellphone's data as a hotspot. This doesn't waste too much data for MKWii usage. Keep in mind some Cellphone-Provider combos won't work because of double NAT.

Here is a small list of working & non-working combos:
IPhone (unlocked) with Verizon: Works
Huawei (unlocked) with TMobile: Works
Moto Z2 (locked) with Verizon: NOT WORKING
Verizon Jetpack with Verizon ofc: NOT WORKING

Mobile Hotspot w/ VPN Method

This is very complicated. This isn't as simple as just using a VPN app and setting your Hotspot on. That won't work. First you need Root access to your phone, and then you need a dedicated VPN app for Hotspotting which all those apps require Root. I can't be asked for a guide on this because it varies soooo much per phone and VPN app. You are on your own on this method.

Final NOTE:
Keep in mind that many server Mods/Admins are lazy. So if you can't change your Public IP, don't give up hope. You can still go through the rest of the guide and it may still work. It's just that the odds of you being caught again are increased heavily.

Chapter 2: Date Save(s)

This is simple. Simply delete all your MKWii Data Saves. At the Wii Main Menu, click on the Wii Logo on the Bottom Left. Click Data Management, then Wii. Find the MKWii Data Save file(s) and erase them all.

Chapter 3: DWC_Authdata

You need to change the DWC_Authdata file. First you need the WiiXplorer HBX app - https://sourceforge.net/projects/wiixplorer/download

Click on the big Green Download button. Once downloaded, unzip the package. There will be 3 files: boot.dol, icon.png, and a meta.xml. Insert your SD card into your computer. Within your apps folder, create a folder called WiiXplorer. Within the WiiXplorer folder, place the 3 files inside. Eject the SD card, insert it into the Wii, launch HBC. You will see the WiiXplorer app, launch it. Your NAND files may be listed. If not, click on the logo on the top left. A small drop down menu will appear. Choose the icon for NAND. Your NAND files are now listed.

Click on the shared2 folder. You will see a file named DWC_AUTHDATA. You will need to 'right-click' on the file.

How to 'right-click':
If using the GCN, click on the file with the Z button.
If using a WiiRemote, click on the file using the Plus button.

Once you right-clicked on the file. A small drop down menu will appear. Copy the file. Navigate back to beginning/root your SD/USB device. Right click anywhere in an open space. Paste the item to your SD/USB device. Exit the app or simply power off the Wii. Insert your SD/USB device into your computer. You will need a Hex Editor to edit the file. I recommend HxD. You can find it for free easily within minutes via a Google Search. Once you have HxD installed and running, open the DWC_AUTHDATA file.

DWC_AUTHDATA Hex digit guide:

00 00 0Z ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

Z = Your new DWC_AUTHDATA value

Edit the Z values to something random that isn't the same as your current value. The overall Z value cannot exceed 9184E729FFF. Simply set your overall Z value to any Hex number that doesn't exceed that limit. Have common sense, don't use a number too small or too large. Also don't set your overall Z value to something silly like 22222222222.

Apply the changes. Save the file. Close your Hex Editor. A backup of the original will still exist named as DWC_AUTHDATA.bak. Delete it. Insert your SD/USB back into your Wii. Relaunch WiiXplorer.

Click the Start Icon on the bottom left. Select Settings, then Boot Settings. Click on 'NAND write access'. You will get multiple prompts/warnings, click Yes/Accept on them. 'NAND write access' will now be switched to 'ON (only this session)'

Click on the Go Back button until you are back where you started from. Go to your files listed on your SD/USB. Copy the DWC_AUTHDATA file that's on your SD/USB. Now navigate where your DWC_AUTHDATA file is in your NAND. Within any open space of the /shared2 directory, preform a right click. Choose Paste. You will be notified about the original file being replacing. Replace the file. Congratz, your new DWC_AUTHDATA file has been installed.

Exit WiiXplorer.

Chapter 4: Wii ID

You will need my Wii ID NAND Modifier Code - http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=1173

Follow the instructions listed and read all the notes in the thread. Simply apply the cheat code and launch the game.

Chapter 5: Serial Number

You will need the System Settings Replace Tool HBC app. Add me on Discord (vega8365)

The Serial Number is the number that's on the sticker on your Wii. It is stored on a file called setting.txt within the NAND. Extract/unzip the download. Inside the folder should be three items (boot.dol, xml file, png file). Move that folder to the apps folder of your SD card. SD into Wii, Launch HBC. Launch the System Settings Replace Tool v2 app.“Use HW-AHBPROT" will be highlighted, Press A. App will now initiate IOS patches .Press 1 on your Wiimote to dump your current setting.txt file to your SD card. “SD Card” will be highlighted, Press A. Once setting.txt has been dumped to SD card, press Any button to continue. Now you’re back at HBC. Power off Wii, SD into computer.

You need a small exe file called SettingEditor, Add me on Discord (vega8365).

When you view your SD card on your computer you will notice that the setting.txt file is at the root of the SD. Unzip the SettingEditor download. You will see the exe file for the program within the Setting Editor program. Run the exe file. A default setting.txt will be loaded (European), click the Open button, and click the setting.txt that's on your SD card.

The 9 digit number in the Serno section is what we are concerned with, nothing else. You cannot choose any number you want, because Nintendo had specific ranges that they use.

There are tons of ranges but I chose the ones that were most common for safety reasons.

Ranges: X = Any decimal number you want
10XXXXXXX (the most common range, any user can use this)
11XXXXXXX (only use this range if your system menu is PAL)
3XXXXXXXX (only use this range if your system menu is US)
5XXXXXXXX (only use this range if your system menu is US)

Apply your new 9 digit serial number.  After changes, click Save. A window will appear allowing you to name the file to save it as. Name it to setting. The file extension type will already be set to .txt. Click Save. You will be told that the file already exists and will be asked to replace it. Click Yes. You will be asked if you want to encrypt the contents. Click YES. New setting.txt will be saved overwriting the old one. Close SettingEditor. Eject SD, SD into Wii, power on Wii, launch HBC, launch Setting Replace app.

"USE HW-AHBPROT" will be highlighted. Click A. Now click the 2 button to restore the new setting.txt to your Wii. "SD Card" will be highlighted. Click A. Once completed, press any button to exit back to HBC. Reboot your Wii.

Chapter 6: GCT File

You should already know how to make GCT files. Make a GCT file with the following code....
http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=150 - MAC Address Spoofer

http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=840 - Client ID Spoofer

Side note about Client ID Spoofer: This code is not really needed. It may be necessary if you are a very known 'ban-bypasser' and you are very paranoid about being caught. Every person's Mii Data (when online) is stored on the mkw server via the SAKE protocol. If an admin has the proper tools, he/she can (with a lot of trouble) view a person's SAKE (Mii Data information). Thus, if that admin is viewing your Mii Data, he/she can see if your Client ID is connected to a banned MAC Address.
Keep in mind the odds of all of this are very very slim. Like I said, if you're really paranoid, then run the Client ID Spoofer as well. In the Client ID Spoofer thread there is a recommended Client ID value to use if you are not sure what value to set the code to (C2428998). The recommended value is the default value that is on the famous Mii Editor program - My Avatar Editor. Which many people use, thus many people on mkw servers have this same Client ID so it is the safest value to use for the code.

The MAC Address Spoofer thread will show a list of all the official Nintendo MAC Address Prefix values that can be used.
Once the GCT file has been made, add it to the codes folder of your SD card. Be 100% certain you have all the codes in the GCT applied, and that your GCT has been added to the SD card.

Chapter 7: Going Online

It's time to connect to Wifi. SD card into Wii, boot Wii, launch HBC. Use w/e preferred HBC app that you use to load your Disc/ISO.

NOTE: Always remember to set your Ocarina to ON on your USB loader, Gecko, Wii Launcher, etc. Set Hooktype to VBI. If you use Riivolution to load your cheats, you should already know that VBI hooktype on Riivolution does not work for MKWii, use GXDraw Hooktype instead. If you forget to load your GCT file (have codes/Ocarina turned on) just one time, you will get re-banned instantly. And you will have to go through this entire process all over again.

Connect to WiFi!

For Alt-WFC type servers, you should receive no error codes. For Wiimmfi server, you should see the error code 23899. If you receive an 239XX error code, you were caught then blocked and/or re-banned again.

Chapter 8: Conclusion

Well, nice job. It is a lot of work. But it is a true 100% unban. Others simply change their IP and MAC and call it good, but that usually ends up in said person being re-banned after a couple a days.

Chapter 9: Troubleshooting

If you've received EC 239XX on Wiimmfi, try a different value for the DWC_AUTHDATA file. Delete your data save. Try connecting online again.

If you still are receiving EC 239XX after that, then remove the DWC_AUTHDATA file completely. Delete your data save once again. Try connecting. If that still doesn't work, then post in the thread for help or contact me via discord (vega8365)

If deleting the file worked, the server will have a new one generated for you once you have connected online after your 7 day wait. During the time you don't have a DWC_AUTHDATA file, this may cause an error when connecting to ALTWFC, you will simply need to wait out the 7 days for your new file to be generated to fix the ALTWFC issue.

MAC Address Spoofer Code by Mdmwii
Wii ID NAND Modifier Code by Vega
WiiXplorer by Dimok
Client ID Spoofer Code by Vega
Original VPN Method by Dorian
Extra VPN Method Notes by Luna

AFAIK you can edit the Mii's Client ID and Avatar ID with the Mii editor.
Beast thread
(08-05-2018, 04:42 PM)mapnov Wrote: AFAIK you can edit the Mii's Client ID and Avatar ID with the Mii editor.

Yes I know that. But I didn't include the MyAvyEditor because some Operating systems can't run it under Wine (idk why Wine has issues emulating it). So I chose for the use of a hex editor in this guide. I'll go ahead and add a small note about it in the Mii Data Chapter. Also added new note about using Guest Miis.
Very neat.
(08-06-2018, 01:44 PM)Vega Wrote:
(08-05-2018, 04:42 PM)mapnov Wrote: AFAIK you can edit the Mii's Client ID and Avatar ID with the Mii editor.

Yes I know that. But I didn't include the MyAvyEditor because some Operating systems can't run it under Wine (idk why Wine has issues emulating it). So I chose for the use of a hex editor in this guide. I'll go ahead and add a small note about it in the Mii Data Chapter. Also added new note about using Guest Miis.

But I thought MyAvatarEditor used Flash?
You can install Adobe Flash and Adobe Air on Wine.

I've gotten MyAvyEditor to work on Wine a long time ago, but ofc something has changed. Because now, I get all kinds of errors.
But I thought you can install Adobe Flash on Linux natively?
Ye I've tried that too. Keep in mind, I run Debian Linux instead of Ubuntu. If you have gotten Wine to successfully install and run MyAvyEditor (on any Linux), I would appreciate if you can post some sort of mini-tut.

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