Very Interesting Pre-Release Images
Here are some rare pre-release images of MKW:

Mario Circuit WW Top Ten (Feb 20, 2008) -
Mario Circuit WR Ghost Preview (Feb 20, 2008) -
Nintendo or Gamespy Employee Idling on WiFi  (Feb 20, 2008) -
Nintendo/Gamespy Employees doing test WW (Feb 20, 2008) -
Nintendo/Gamespy Employee viewing Friend Roster (Feb 20, 2008) -
Nintendo/Gamespy Employee viewing License (Feb 20, 2008) -

Prototype HUD (unknown date, most likely early 2008) -
Prototype Main Menu Logo (July 13, 2007) -

NOTE: On the MC WW Top Ten, the special symbol (4 digit hex code) for the 10th ranked player has yet to be discovered for use in Mii names.
Regarding the note: It is a prototype Wii Wheel icon which can still be found in the game files.
[Image: GiVNKqR.png]
^Can you post the symbol here or at least the 4 digit hex code? I have personally never seen the symbol anywhere.
[Image: C21321231132.png]
This image is all that remains of it in the files.
[Image: GiVNKqR.png]
Note updated

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