Audio Fast Streaming [Vega]
Audio Fast Streaming [Vega]

NOTE: This code works on all Wii games, not just MKWii.

This code will change the streaming effect (make the audio sound sped-up/high-pitch) of the game's audio by modifying the bits in AI_CONTROL.

C0000000 00000003
3C60CD80 80036C00
540006B0 90036C00
4E800020 00000000

lis r3, 0xCD80 #Set Hardware Mapping
lwz r0, 0x6C00 (r3) #Load AI_CONTROL
rlwinm r0, r0, 0, 26, 24 #Clear bit 25 (RATE) to set sample rate to 48KHz
stw r0, 0x6C00 (r3) #Update AI_CONTROL

#blr #Uncomment if NOT compiling with PyiiASMH via C0 option

Code creator: Vega

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