Country Flag Changer [Anarion]
Country Flag Changer [Anarion]

Formerly known as the 1st line of the Any Region Changer Code.

This code will change your country code/flag to a different one than what is stored on your Wii/NAND. You can use this with activators if you want to change flags before connecting online. Changing flags via activators cannot be done while online. Even though you see the changes, others won't.

Please note that if you didn't have your flag set legitimately (via MKWii settings) before using this code, then you will be placed in the Pacific Ocean right off the west coast of Africa (location hex value 00000000 in the game). Use this code HERE  to also set a custom Globe location. If your flag was already correctly set beforehand, then your globe location remains the same when using this code.

02426858 0000XXYY

0242ABD8 0000XXYY

0242A558 0000XXYY

02418BF8 0000XXYY

XX = Country
YY = Town/state/province/etc within Country, just set this to a value of 01 or higher.

All XXYY Values listed below:

Japan Region
Japan: 0101

American Region
Anguilla: 0801
Antigua and Barbuda: 0901
Argentina: 0A01
Aruba: 0B01
Bahamas: 0C01
Barbados: 0D01
Belize: 0E01
Bolivia: 0F01
Brazil: 1001
British Virgin Islands: 1101
Canada: 1201
Cayman Islands: 1301
Chile: 1401
Colombia: 1501
Costa Rica: 1601
Dominica: 1701
Dominican Republic: 1801
Ecuador: 1901
El Salvador: 1A01
French Guiana: 1B01
Grenada: 1C01
Guadeloupe: 1D01
Guatemala: 1E01
Guyana: 1F01
Haiti: 2001
Honduras: 2101
Jamaica: 2201
Martinique: 2301
Mexico: 2401
Montserrat: 2501
Netherlands Antilles: 2601
Nicaragua: 2701
Panama: 2801
Paraguay: 2901
Peru: 2A01
St. Kitts and Nevis: 2B01
St. Lucia: 2C01
St. Vincent & the Grenadines: 2D01
Suriname: 2E01
Trinidad and Tobago: 2F01
Turks and Caicos Islands: 3001
United States: 3101
Uruguay: 3201
U.S. Virgin Islands: 3301
Venezuela: 3401

PAL (Europe & Oceania) Region
Albania: 4001
Australia: 4101
Austria: 4201
Belgium: 4301
Bosnia & Herzegovina: 4401
Botswana: 4501
Bulgaria: 4601
Croatia: 4701
Cyprus: 4801
Czech Republic: 4901
Denmark: 4A01
Estonia: 4B01
Finland: 4C01
France: 4D01
Germany: 4E01
Greece: 4F01
Hungary: 5001
Iceland: 5101
Ireland: 5201
Italy 5301
Latvia: 5401
Lesotho: 5501
Liechtenstein: 5601
Lithuania: 5701
Luxembourg: 5801
F.Y.R. of Macedonia: 5901
Malta: 5A01
Montenegro: 5B01
Mozambique: 5C01
Namibia: 5D01
Netherlands: 5E01
New Zealand: 5F01
Norway: 6001
Poland: 6101
Portugal: 6201
Romania: 6301
Russia: 6401
Serbia: 6501
Slovakia: 6601
Slovenia: 6701
South Africa: 6801
Spain: 6901
Swaziland: 6A01
Sweden: 6B01
Switzerland: 6C01
Turkey: 6D01
United Kingdom: 6E01
Zambia: 6F01
Zimbabwe: 7001

Unused Region (Other African countries)
Azerbaijan: 7101
Mauritania: 7201
Mali: 7301
Niger: 7401
Chad: 7501
Sudan: 7601
Eritrea: 7701
Djibouti: 7801
Somalia: 7901

Taiwan Region:
Taiwan: 8001

South Korea Region:
South Korea: 8801

Unused Region: (Hong Kong and Macao)
Hong Kong: 9001
Macao: 9101

Unused Region: (Some Southeast Asia countries)
Indonesia: 9801
Singapore: 9901
Thailand: 9A01
Philippines: 9B01
Malaysia: 9C01

China Region:
China: A001

Unused Region: (Middle East and some neighboring countries)
U.A.E.: A801
India: A901
Egypt: AA01
Oman: AB01
Qatar: AC01
Kuwait: AD01
Saudi Arabia: AE01
Syria: AF01
Bahrain: B001
Jordan: B101

Code created by: Anarion
Any Region Changer Code has been split into 3 codes.

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