Equal Item Probability [Vega]
Equal Item Probability [Vega]

Works everywhere. When using offline, CPUs are also effected.

This code will make all Item Probabilities exactly equal. Thus creating a Random Item code. It works for all items, any position, in any size room. This code is modifying your item probability table after it is calculated from itemslot.bin and the in-race room size.

Please note that this code is slightly different than Star's Random Item From Item Box code located HERE.

If you want a Random Item code that follows all game rules, use this code. If you want something that is more Random, use Star's code. Star's code is more Random due to the fact that this code only effects probabilities before the game does checks on what items are being used/held before determining what item you will receive from the Item Box. Also, Star's code causes more chaotic/fun races.

047AC198 38A0000A

047BABF8 38A0000A

047BA264 38A0000A

047A8FB8 38A0000A

Code creator: Vega

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