Custom Font on ISO/WBFS
Mini Guide to Edit MKWii's FONT on ISO/WBFS

NOTE: This guide assumes you are somewhat familiar with WIT/SZS Tools. This guide is meant for intermediate users, not beginners. Linux is used in this guide. Guide works for both raw ISO files and WBFS files.

You will need Atlas's brfnt2tpl exe program. Download link -

1. Open Terminal: cd (location of your copied wbfs/iso)
2. Example: /home/yourusername/isos/NTSCU.wbfs
3. wit extract NTSCU.wbfs /home/yourusername/Test
4. cd /home/yourusername/Test/DATA/files/Scene/UI

NOTE: Scrubbed ISOs/WBFSs won't have a DATA folder. Do - cd/home/yourusername/Test/files/Scene/UI

5a. wszst xd Font.szs
5b. replace Font.szs with Font_K.szs for Korean ISOs
6. A Font.d folder is now created in the /UI directory. There are 7 files in that directory. 6 brfnt files and a txt file. Move
the kart_kanji_font.brfnt to a empty directory (to keep things from getting cluttered).
7. Run Atlas's brfnt2pl exe program (Wine users: you must run it under Mono for the program to work. Do - mono brftn2tpl.exe).
8. Program opens, find and choose the kart_kanji_font.brfnt that you moved to an empty directory from the previous step
9. A tpl and vbfta file is now created along side the brfnt file.
10. Open a terminal in that directory. Do this command: wimgt decode kart_kanji_font.tpl
11. You will now have 2 new png images--

Korean ISO's are much more complex. You will have 14 new png (the main tpl.png and 13 mm.png's) images instead of two. Also due to a 'bug' in Wiimm's Tools, the png's will not extract with a transparent background. The background will be black. Therefore you will need to make all the black backgrounds be transparent with your preferred Image Editor program. I personally use Gimp. I create an alpha channel layer. Then use the fuzzy select tool to select all the black areas. For each time a black area is slected, I press delete, The black turns to transparent. You will probably have to google to figure out more details if needed (do not ask here plz). THIS IS NOT AN GIMP TUT!

12. Edit all the pngs to your liking. Do NOT change the names of the png images. A simple first timer could simply edit the font color. Change it to red or w/e you like. More experienced users can add in their own font characters, change shadows, change language, effects, size, etc etc.
13. Once you have edit all the pngs. DELETE the kart_kanji_font.tpl file. (not the png file!)
14. Run ths command in the directory: wimgt encode --all kart_kanji_font.tpl.png (do NOT use a 'mm.png' file for this command!)
15. A new kart_kanji_font.tpl file is created. Now delete all the png files. You no longer need them.
16. DELETE the kart_kanji_font.brfnt file. We are about to compile a new one.
17. Reopen Atlas's program. At first no files will be listed. Click the scroll down menu for Files of Types. Change it from BRFNT to TPL. Your new
tpl file will now appear. Select it and click Open.
18. The tpl file will now be compiled with the VBFTA file to make the new kart_kanji_font.brfnt file. New brfnt file is created.
19. Move the new brfnt file back into the Font.d file of your extracted iso/wbfs
20. DELETE the Font.szs file now. We are about to compile a new one from our Font.d folder.
21. In terminal: cd /home/yourusername/Test/DATA/files/Scene/UI
22a. wszst create --encode-all ./Font.d
22b. replace ./Font.d with ./Font_K.d for Korean ISOs
23. A new Font.szs file is now created! You are done, only thing left is to compile the extracted iso/wbfs
24. cd /home/yourusername
25. wit copy ./Test /home/yourusername/YourNewWBFS.wbfs

Congratz!  Cool

Atlas for brfnt2tpl program
Wiimm for Wiimm's Tools

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