Setup Your Own Local MKW Server
Quote:Chapter 11b. Domain Name Method (skip if using Public IP method)

NOTE: Even though you are doing the domain name method, your VPS still needs an IPv4 address.

Simply repeat the steps in this guide from earlier that got your private/LAN MKW server working.

HOWEVER, skip Chapter 5 entirely (DNSMasq). If you have it already installed from an earlier server install, remove it.

On Chapter 2 (Firewall): You will ALSO need to punch open all the TCP and UDP ports on your VPS's firewall. This varies per VPS provider, but just find the settings in your Account page somewhere and open up all the necessary ports.
On Chapter 4a (apache2 config): In all the files within the apache-hosts folder, replace any instance of '' with your domain name (example:
On Chapter 4b (nginx config): In the nginx-hosts file, replace any instance of '' with your domain name (example:
Pretty sure if you skip this step it also causes 20100. #1~
Just wanna say I used this guide and one of the CoWFC forks out there end of last year for a MKW LAN party and it went great. I didn't have an account at the time to thank you tho. This guide worked great (with some tinkering Tongue) and all the codes on this site were great for other various things, like the high data rate code made the game feel buttery smooth over LAN. Thanks for the guide!

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