Time Trial Starting Item Modifier [Vega]
Time Trial Starting Item Modifier [Vega]

Code allows you select whatever item you want to start a TT run with. Item will function normally.

007907EF 000000XX
047ADEF8 3800000Y

007997FB 000000XX
047BC958 3800000Y

00798E67 000000XX
047BBFC4 3800000Y

00787BBB 000000XX
047AAD18 3800000Y

XX/Y Item Values:
00/1 = Green
01/1 = Red
02/1 = Nana
03/1 = Fib
04/1 = Shroom
05/3 = Trip Shrooms (default)
05/2 = 2/3 Trip Shrooms
05/1 = 1/3 Trip Shrooms, same as 04/01
06/1 = Bomb
07/1 = Blue
08/1 = Shock
09/1 = Star
0A/1 = Golden
0B/1 = Mega
0C/1 = Blooper
0D/1 = POW
0E/1 = TC
0F/1 = Bill
10/3 = Trip Greens
10/2 = 2/3 Trip Greens
10/1 = 1/3 Trip Greens
11/3 = Trip Reds
11/2 = 2/3 Trip Reds
11/1 = 1/3 Trip Reds
12/3 = Trip Nanas
12/2 = 2/3 Trip Nanas
12/1 = 1/3 Trip Nanas, same as 02/01
14/0 = Nothing

Code creator: Vega
Code credits: XeR (2nd set of code addresses originally found by him)
Hi, I tested your code (set to start with a golden) and I found the following side effect: whenever in VS mode you're supposed to get triple mushrooms, you get a single one instead. The roulette even shows the triple mushrooms for a split second before giving you the single one. This was tested on the vanilla PAL game, using Dolphin 5.0-12660 on Arch Linux, and the only other code I was using was Force 30 FPS [Nick Reynolds]. Best way to reproduce the bug would be to use stategic/basic items and get an item in a bottom spot.
This only effected VS Mode and not TT's right?
Yes TTs worked as intended. I didn't test Grand Prix, Battle or Online
Thank you. At first, I thought the code wasn't working as intended, lol.
(10-06-2021, 07:12 PM)Vega Wrote: Thank you. At first, I thought the code wasn't working as intended, lol.

This code has a lot of funny effects. Especially online vs. 1 fib can drop 3 fibs and blues crash the game.
I haven't ever debugged the code in other modes, but it's obvious that your XX/Y values will determine what kind of weird effects you get in other modes.

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