Re-Virginize Your Wii
How to Re-Virginize Your Wii's NAND

This guide will teach you how to reformat your Wii's NAND to a 'virgin' state. Almost identical to the way it was as if you bought said Wii brand new in box. You can also use this guide to re-virginize NAND files for Dolphin use. Your Wii NAND will have the 4.1 System Menu after it has been 're-virginize'. Why 4.1? Because it's the highest system menu that doesn't have the crazy anti-hack patches (such as 003 check) and can use Bannerbomb (v1) to install HBC.

This guide will be for experienced 'Softmodders'.

Chapter 1: Intro

A Wii with GCN ports ('family'/later-model Wiis cannot do a Bootmii backup restoration no matter what)
A NAND Backup (nand.bin file) of your Wii
A Backup of your Wii's Secret Keys (keys.bin file)
Your Bootmii folder to launch Bootmii
A Windows computer on XP (SP3) or later
SD card at least 1 GB (preferably a non-SDHC card)
HBC and Bootmii already installed
Know how to launch bootmii, and navigate thru it
Special NOTE!: If you have bootmii as boot2 installed on your Wii, you actually do NOT need a NAND & Wii Keys backup! Big Grin Thus, you can use this guide to repair a fully bricked Boot2 Wii with no current NAND backup!

If you don't have a NAND + Keys backup and you have Bootmii as an IOS installed instead with the purpose of using this guide to fix a bricked Wii, you must still be able to access Bootmii (thru HBC or priiloader). If not, your Wii is perma-bricked. If you have a NAND backup (like on your computer already) you still need to be able to access Bootmii thru HBC or Priiloader.

Chapter 2: Getting NAND Backup if you don't have one.

Skip this chapter if you already have a NAND backup file, Keys.bin Backup file, and a backup Bootmii folder

For those who don't have a proper backup bootmii folder to launch bootmii:

FIRST: Format your SD card to FAT32.

You will need the package. Add me on discord (vega8365).

In the package, you will see 5 folders.

- NewNTSCBootmii (later version of Bootmii for 480i NTSC)
- NewPALBootmii (later version of Bootmii for PAL)
- NewProgressiveBootmii (later version of Bootmii for 480p NTSC)
- OldNTSCBootmii (archaic version of Boomtii for NTSC)
- OldPALBootmii (archaic version of Bootmii for PAL)

It's recommended you try one of the later versions of Bootmii first. Now choose the one that is right for you. Within the folder that you have chosen is a folder just called Bootmii.

Move the Bootmii folder to your SD card.

Launch Bootmii-

Boot2 users: SD into Wii, power on Wii. Bootmii main menu will appear.

Bootmii IOS users: Access HBC. Press the Home button and click on Launch Bootmii. Bootmii appears, preform a standard NAND backup. If you can't access HBC, but still have Priiloader. Launch Priiloader and click Bootmii IOS. Bootmii main menu will appear.

NOTE: If Bootmii fails to launch, then try using one of the Old Bootmii versions from the package.

You can use a GCN controller to navigate thru Bootmii. If not you will need to use the Console buttons.

Power = Move Right
Eject = Move Left
Reset = Select

Choose the far right option (double gear icon)

You will already be pre-selected on the far left icon (green arrow pointing to SD card). Simply select it. Bootmii will begin backing the NAND...

Once the NAND has been backed up, Bootmii isn't finished yet. It will then verify the back up. Do NOT skip this step. Afterwards, Bootmii will notify you that the verification has succeeded. You can now exit (press any button).

At this point, you will be back to the menu where the SD icons are shown. You can just unplug your Wii. But if you don't want to, then select the far right option to return back to Bootmii's main menu.

Now you can decide if you wanna select Wii Menu or HBC to return back to. Remove SD card from Wii, insert it into your computer.

Chapter 3: Formatting & Rebuilding NAND

Your SD should show the following items now..

You will need NANDTools. Add me on Discord (vega8365) for more information
The region of Virgin NAND FIles that you use must match the original region of your Wii.

Extract/unzip the package. Open the program called ohneschwanzenegger.exe. Click the “Search…” button. Select the nand.bin from your SD card or where ever you currently have it at. Program will set a path to that nand.bin. At the top bar, click Content, setting.txt. A screen will appear with some important Wii info. What we need to be concerned with is just the 'Code' and 'SerNo'. Take a screenshot and/or copy paste the info to a quick txt file. We will need that info for later.

Click OK or cancel. Window will close. Click Content again. Click Format. You will be asked if you are sure. Be absolutely sure you are using the correct nand.bin file that you want to use.

Click Yes. Program will now say that the Nand has been formatted. NAND file is now completely formatted. 100% nothing in it. No system menu, no serial number, no save data, no Wii ID, no IOSs, no channels, nothing.

There are 4 different Virgin NAND packages. = European or Australian Wiis = Japanese or Taiwanese Wiis = Korean Wiis = American Wiis

Choose the one that is for your original region of your Wii Console. Extract/unzip the package. There will be a main 4.1XVirginFiles Folder (X = the region of the zip download).

Go back to the ohneschwanzenegger.exe program. Click on the button called "Local Cache". Now browse to and SELECT the that folder (4.1XVirginFiles). Click Open. The path to that folder will now be listed in the program to the left of the Local Cache button.

In the very top left empty field bar type 4.1X (X = the region). Make sure X is equal to the region of files that you have downloaded. Click the 'Get it!' button.

The program will then use the files from the 4.1XVirginFiles folder selected earlier and install it all onto the NAND.bin file. This should only take a few minutes. Once completed, the setting.txt prompt will auto appear on the program with some default (not yours) values for Code and SerNo. Remember when I told you to back your original Code and SerNo values? We will need that info now. Replace the value in Code to the value that you backed up from earlier. Replace the value in SerNo to the value that you also backed up from Be sure it is all correct!

Click OK! NAND is almost ready for injection back into the Wii!

Chapter 4: Wii Flash Toolz

Exit out of ohneschwanzenegger.exe. Now open the file WiiFlashToolxV0.3.exe. At the top right there’s a “...” button. Click it and find the nand.bin you that just formatted and rebuilt. Program will notify you once Nand is loaded. 

Click OK

At the very bottom right of the screen (next to extract keys). There’s another “...” button. Click it and select the keys.bin that you got earlier from the bootmii NAND backup or from wherever you have it backed up on your computer.

At the bottom you will see an Append Keys button. Click it. The program will append your Wii's unique keys to your rebuilt nand.bin.

Click OK. Exit the program. Now move the finalized nand.bin file onto your SD (you won't need the keys.bin file anymore, just move it to a safe place for storage for possible future use if it's ever needed). Be sure you don’t have the old.bin files still in the SD, and also be sure that the Bootmii folder is still present. If you have your own backup of your Bootmii folder (didn't place a Bootmii folder onto SD card earlier if you didn't have to do the Bootmii backup), move it to the SD card. These 2 items should be on your SD

bootmii folder
nand.bin (formatted then rebuilt, keys appended, ready for injection into Wii)

If you are doing this for Dolphin Emulator use, then you are already done. You already have your nand.bin file ready for use. Congratz.

Chapter 5: Injecting NAND back Into Wii

SD card back into Wii. Enter into Bootmii. Go back to the menu that had the SD icons. Now this time you will select the one that as the red arrow pointing from the SD card to a chip. You will be notified about a simulation being preformed first. Click A (Reset) to continue.

Bootmii will begin restore simulation, green squares will partially fill the gray grid. Once that is done, you will be prompted to press Eject to begin the  realNAND restore or press any other button to abort and exit.

**Bootmii as IOS users will receive a warning that the NAND backup is too dangerous and to exit. If you are really sure you want to proceed you will need to enter the Konami code. Press these buttons in this exact order on your GCN: Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A-Start.. If you mess up entering the Konami code, you will be booted from RestoreMii and have to attempt to enter the code again.**

Press Eject, RestoreMii will begin. Once done, you will see the message 'I HAZ SUCCESS!”. Press any button to exit.

Now simply exit back to Bootmii's main menu.


Chapter 6: Wii Boot after Success, Conclusion

Now, give your Wii a moment. It is booting up as if you bought it brand new. You have just completely wiped everything from the Wii. Every mod, literally everything. The NAND is clean with only the default factory-given IOSs/wads + channels to run your Wii.

You will be welcomed to the Wii's first-time boot setup screen. Complete your wii setup. You will be back to the Wii Main Menu. Congratz! Your Wii has been completely “re-virginized”. 

NOTE for Boot2 Users: Bootmii as Boot2 is the only thing that doesn't get wiped. If you using this guide for the purpose to sell your Wii as 100% Virgin, do any exploit to bring up the Hackmii Installer (for 4.1 system menu; such as BannerbombV1 or BannerbombV2). Then go to Bootmii and click Uninstall Bootmii as Boot2. Once done, exit the Hackmii Installer.

Welp that's it!   Tongue

Everything in package (except Wii Flash Toolz) created by: Giantpune
Wii Flash Toolz created by: StreamLineHD
Hello Vega, i have added you in discord for both NANDTools and the 4.1 Virgin Nand Files because i have a corrupted wii nand and im trying to get it to work with a 4.3u wii because it only lets me enter homebrew via SmashStack and also only with Hackmii 0.7b, i have downgrade it to 4.1u but i cant enter homebrew via bannerbomb so i want to try to viriginize the nand to see if that works and try to see if it works on 4.3u

Sorry for bothering you with this issue
Ye i saw your friend invite and replied. Good luck on fixing the wii.
Hey! I sent you a friend request on discord, I'm looking to virginize my wii.
Yep I saw your request!
Where can the described zip files be downloaded? This would be really helpful for making a clean Dolphin NAND for playing online, because I have priiloader installed on all my Wiis and that makes it boot to a black screen on Dolphin.
Add my discord - Vega#8365
Finally tried the thread. Was able to virginize the NAND, and when I import it into dolphin it does do the first time setup, I have 4.3U and able to open Mii Channel and stuff, but if I boot up MKW and go on Wiimmfi it tells me I gotta wait a week like I'm not using a real Wii NAND, and IDK why.
That's 100% normal and is suppose to happen.
(07-29-2021, 05:12 PM)Vega Wrote: That's 100% normal and is suppose to happen.

When I import the original NAND dump, I don't have to wait the week and can get online in Dolphin instantly, and it always worked that way for me (I admittedly have never played MKW online before Wiimmfi removed the one week wait for real Wiis, and I have of course played online on the Wii itself). I've also never known anyone who has waited that week and was actually able to get online (but I'm pretty sure most were on Dolphin default NAND, a couple who didn't have Wiis tried the old Dolphin Unbanner/NAND generator to no luck either), and have only ever gotten online by dumping their Wii NAND and importing it. So, this doesn't sound normal to me. If this is what normally happens with a virginized NAND, I'll just have to find another way to remove priiloader from my Dolphin NAND. I know I've done it before but I did it by manually fucking with and replacing files directly in the Dolphin NAND from a fresh one, and I don't remember what all I replaced.

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