Anti Tail_Mode Item Spy [Vega]
Anti Tail_Mode Item Spy [Vega]

Tail_Mode is the term the game uses when you are holding an item, shot an item, or trailing/circling items. This is different than Anti Trailed Item Spy. That code (which was created by Star), changes w/e item you are trailing/circling if you are trailing/circling an item. This code changes the item effect/behavior on everyone's screen when you shoot/pull/hold/trail an item out.

C265FCCC 00000002
3BE0000X 9BE30004
60000000 00000000

C265F044 00000002
3BE0000X 9BE30004
60000000 00000000

C265E6B0 00000002
3BE0000X 9BE30004
60000000 00000000

C264D35C 00000002
3BE0000X 9BE30004
60000000 00000000

X Values:
0 = Shot/Used Item (if first item in game was a not a trailing/circling item, or last item you used allowed the value of 7 to occur)
1 = 3/3 naners/shells left (if value was 0 when you got said naner/shells from box)
2 = 2/3 naners/shells left
3 = 1/3 naners/shells left; holding item behind you
4 = Shot/Used Item (if previous value was 3 or 4)
5 = 3/3 naners/shells left (if value was 4 when you got said naners/shells from box)
6 = 2/3 naners/shells left
7 = 1/3 naners/shells left

Some notes:
The game puts values 0/4 for items such as Shock, Shroom(s), Blue Shell, POW, etc
The game reads single naners (when pulled out), as values 3 or 7. Yes the game treats them like 1/3 triple naners left.

When using this code, don't worry too much about the descriptions (just added those cause of the work it took to figure them out), I'd recommend setting value to 0 or 4 to mess with others/friends in WWs. With value 0/4, when you hold your items out, you will never lose them due to vehicle bumps. On everyone else's screen, they will see you holding nothing. If opponent(s) shell-hit you, it will show that their shells hit you but nothing happen as if it was lag. On your screen, you lose your holding/trailing items like normal.

li r31, X #Load X Value into Register 31
stb r31, 0x0004 (r3) #Default Instruction

Code creator: Vega

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