MKW Coder/Developer of the Year
MKW Coder/Developer of the Year

This page will list what I believe are the best coders/developers of each calendar year. Please note that these listings are my personal opinions. You may find some biases in this list. Also this is kind of corny, haha.

2008 - Volderbeek

Volderbeek was the first ever to create a license unlock that works on all 4 licenses simultaneously (based on Cross1955's original selective license unlock). He would then create the first ever VR/BR Modifier code. During the end of the year, he would open up the Volderbeek forums, an iconic/legendary Wii Coding forum later surpassed by Mdmwii's forums.

2009 - Mdmwii

Mdmwii would hop into the MKWii coding scene in 2009. Before mdmwii, there wasn't really a Wii code creator that focused solely on Mario Kart Wii. Mdmwii made an enormous amount of legendary codes during this year. A few of them are Live Replay (GCN), Ultimate License Unlocker, and Rapidfire (GCN). Some of the codes he created in 2009 are still used on a regular basis today. One could argue that his Live Replay Code was the single greatest achievement in MKWii Coding history. Also during this time, mdmwii had a very popular Youtube channel. It brought a lot of attention to MKWii coding/hacking which would later bring in a good amount of other coders. Without mdmwii, MKWii coding/hacking would not be where it is today.

2010 - Mdmwii

Mdmwii would get Coder/Dev of the year again due to the advanced codes that he created during the earlier months of the year. He created the first ever online Lightning Warning and Blue Shell Warning codes based on the work of Guru's Shared Item code

2011 - XeR

Xer would easily get Coder/Dev of the Year for 2011 pretty much solely on the creation of the Invisible Code. Obviously, his Invisible Code was considered to the most 'powerful' created at that point in time. He would create other impressive codes as well such as God's Controller (GCN). Also in July, Xer was the first ever to access China Region ID via hacks (which also made him the first other than Nintendo/iQue to see a China Region ID exists). He would make an alt YouTube channel called 'ChinaMKW' with various videos of Chinese Regional TT Champs and Chinese Regional Top Tens.

2012 - Bully

Bully was originally a COD MW3 code creator who would start creating MKWii codes in the summer of 2012. With his ASM skills he learned from coding on other games, he would quickly create a ton of good codes for MKWii. By the end of the year, his YT channel became the main homestead for MKWii code demos/releases. He would create the very useful Time Trial Record Resetter code. The code that allows you to wipe certain TT personal records. Before Bully, nobody really put any time into Battle codes. He would create many Battle specific codes. The greatest would be the Battle Points Manipulation Online. During this year, he also made other good codes such as Item Warning Online, original Invincible Online, Show Item Early, etc. Also in 2012, he created the legendary forum.

2013 - Bully

Bully would keep making many codes in 2013. The amount of codes he created in this year was at that time the most ever done in a single year. The most important code being the first ever Freeze WW code. Another amazing code he created in 2013 was the first ever Live Replay code for Wii Remote controllers. Not only that, he would create one the most useful codes ever... No Disconnect. There are simply way to many codes he created in 2013 to list them all. He really did put in a lot of hard work into the game.

Anyway, here's a list of some other codes he created in 2013:

Coin Pile Modifier, Play in AutoDrive, Dropped Item Modifier, Starting Timer Modifier, Starting Lap Modifier, Luck Wheelie Bot, Perfect Start Everytime, Stand Still MT Bot, Remove HUD, Wii Wheel Icon.

2014 - Wiimm

Nintendo WFC would shut down on May 20, 2014. During this time, Wiimm was working on a project called Wiimmfi that would be a replacement service for Nintendo Wifi services. On May 10, 2014, Wiimm launches Wiimmfi. As of 2020, Wiimmfi is the main server used for online DS & Wii gaming. One can easily argue that Wiimm is the best coder/dev of all time simply because of Wiimmfi and it's impact on the Wii community as a whole.

2015 - Geeh

Geeh pretty much came out of nowhere onto the MKWii coding scene. He helped start the coding group called Spaghetti Noppers. He co-created the Rave Code, one of the best HUD-type codes ever created. He would also co-create many Rainbow colors and Color Mod Codes.

2016 - MrBean / Chadderz (co-champs)

Regarding Chadderz: Chadderz would do quite a bit of major updates to CTGP. The most major being the Ghost System which allows users to have their ghosts uploaded to a database for later download. Chadderz would add TT rankings on the CTGP website along with many other features such as downloading ghosts to your computer, viewing flap rankings, etc. Since CTGP has many security features built in to stop use of cheats/codes, people in the community can use the Ghost Database on the CTGP website as a reliable source of legit TT's.

Regarding MrBean: MrBean made a few awesome codes to go with the updates done on CTGP. The Enhanced Ghost Replay code was created by MrBean during this year. Still to this day, many TT recorders are using this Enhanced Ghost Replay code. He also made Multi Ghost Replay Code. The Multi Ghost Replay Code almost had as big of impact on the community as when Mdmwii released his Live Replay code way back in 2009.

MrBean and Chadderz would both co-create codes such as High Data Rate and Ultra Uncut.

2017 - Atlas

At this point Atlas already made some good computer programs the year before such as rksys.dat extractor, and RKG Viewer. He would continue on to make more useful programs. Some of those programs would be miiDispParan.bin editor, brftn2tpl editor, and Patch-that-BRSAR.

2018 - Star / Vega (co-champs)

Regarding Vega: Vega would start the forums, which would later become the forums. The first ever website to put all of the codes ever created for MKWii into one centralized listing. The forums also supply various hacking & softmodding guides. Plus, was the first site to supply high quality PowerPC ASM tutorials to help noobies become legit code creators. Vega was the first (since Nutmeg in 2012) to change region ID's in between online races. After Vega learned ASM in July 2018, he would go on to create over 80 codes for the rest of the year. Some of those codes are Perfect Item Code, Never Pickup Certain Item From Box, Advantageous Char/Vehicle selection, Never Pickup Certain Item From Box, Change Reg ID, Flag, & Globe Loc Live in Room, and Custom Flag, Globe Loc, & FC for Friend Roster.

Regarding Star: Star would purchase a USB Gecko in Feb 2018 right around when the forums were founded. Star was completely self taught, and made a lot of epic codes for the year 2018. He would also teach Vega many things about PowerPC ASM and help Vega with improving the forums. Star's first major code was the Replace Item w/ Shared Item Code. He would later improve that code to make another code called Perfect Replace Item w/ Shared Item which is arguably one of the best item-based codes ever created. With continuing his work on Guru's Shared Item Code, he would also create the Shared Item Cheat Detection code. Some more codes Star created are Always Win Track Vote (Host only), Room Message Spoofer, Graphical Speedometer, Mii Name Extender, and Random Item From Item Box, and a self-modifying Region ID Changer In Between Races code.

2019 - Star

Star would become the first person ever to 'bypass' CTGP and use any desired cheats/codes during gameplay. Many in the community would agree that this is the greatest achievement in MKWii Hacking/Modding History. For more information of this, view this link -

Star would continue to make more codes in 2019. In fact, he would create arguably the greatest code ever - Remote Code Execution (RCE). RCE allows the code user to essentially take control of somebody else's Wii over the network and execute basic code/functions. Not only did Star create RCE, he would also create Target Freeze Code. He would co-create (along with Riidefi) the first ever Custom Exception Handler Code, and Draw Text to Screen Code. The Screenshot code (a neat code that allows the user to take a photo of their gameplay and save it to their Wii) was created by Star during this year. For a long time in the game's history, the community wanted a code that would allow a player to join any friends' regional race. Star would achieve this by creating the Join Any Friends Regional Race Code.

2020 - Star / JoshuaMK (co-champs)

Star would upgrade his RCE code to be able to inject codes/executable-instructions to the Client without the Game crashing. Thus, you can now use RCE to force other users online use cheat codes during the race/battle. He also created a very good code called 'A step above God'. This code can disable any particular item from online gameplay. Some would argue that this is the best online & item based code ever created for MKWii. Star created another great code, the very anticipated - 'Never Get Passed TC' code. With help from RiiDefi, he would co create Draw Image to Screen, and Join Friend on Game Launch.

JoshuaMK would continue releasing good codes since learning ASM the year prior. Here are the codes: Item Timer, Fancy HUD + Speedometer, All-New Millisecond Display Mod, All-New Max Speed Modifier, End Race on Command, Mii Heads on Minimap, various Tracking Codes, and a version 3.1 of his work on Dynamic Gravity. JoshuaMK also made an upgraded version of the Gecko Code handler to solve various issues with the old one. Not only that, the coding community needed an upgraded ASM Compiler+Decompiler as other programs were outdated or full of bugs, JoshuaMK would improve the legacy PyiiASMH and create PyiiASMH3. Did I forget to mention that JoshuaMK also created the GeckoLoader program. An all new program for GCT injection in game's that can allow literally 1000's of lines of codes.

2021 - Stebler

For his awesome Pretty Speedometer code (now used in almost every TT Recording VIdeo), and his Items on Minimap Code.

2022 - Stebler

The creation of MKW-SP. Nuff said.

2023 - Unnamed

Yes, his name is Unnamed. Unnamed made a handful of codes and improvements of codes. Those are Allow Trip Nana/Shells while holding Trip Nana/Shells, Online Auto Use Dodge Item When Shocked, Call Item Function Anytime, Dropped Item Direction Modifier, and 3-in-1 Item Probability Modifier

Honorable mentions and others that can be argued to be 'champ' of said year:

2008 - Cross1955 (original selective License Unlock, various Speed Mod codes, various CPU/Grand Prix codes)
2008 - Dexter0 (first ever Item Hack)
2009 - Guru (Shared Item Code)
2010 - Hamster (released MKW Code Generator)
2010 - NinArm (the first to port many codes to Korea, first to release Korea RAM Dump, modified source of Mdmwii's MAC code to include spoofing entire MAC)
2013 - Anarion (made most of his codes in this year)
2014 - Chadderz (introduction of CTGP 1.03)
2015 - Chadderz (introduction of IIB in CTGP)
2016 - Geeh (made a bit more rainbow/hud codes during beginning of this year)
2016 - Wiimm (many improvements to Wiimmfi during this year such as top ten charts)
2016 - Atlas (made some quality windows exe programs such as RKG Viewer, rksys.dat extractor, etc)
2019 - Vega (Race as Ghost on Ghost Replay, Steal-Mii, Automated License Unlock + VR/BR Mod, Perfect Character/Vehicle Selection, TAS/Live Replay codes that work for all controllers, Choose Any Position to Start Race As, Dump Everyone's Info to NAND, Ultimate Region ID Cycler, Perfect Shock Invincibility)
2019 - RiiDefi (co-created Draw Text to Screen code, co-created Custom Exception Handler code)
2019 - JoshuaMK (Perfect Start Everytime that works universally, Disable All Bumping, Wheelie Never Times Out, Vehicle Stats Modifier, End Race on Command, Racer XYZ Modifer, Custom Laps, Customizeable Remove HUD)
2019 - Seeky (Auto Dodge POW, Timed Auto Item usage)
2019 - MrBean (24 player mode on offline)
2020 - WhatIsLoaf (Custom Top Ten Leaderboard code, Advanced Live Replay)
2020 - MrBean (first ever online match exceeding 12 players)
2020 - Vega (upgraded his Unlocker code to be 'Perfect', included Star Rank & Wii Wheel stat, also created first ever MKW Unlocker HBC app, Data Save mapping)
2020 - TheLordScruffy (Rejoin Room, Mii Outfit C, Mii Outfit C Anti-Freeze, Skip License Screen, Player No. on Mini Map, plus more codes)
2020 - RiiDefi (co created Draw Image to Screen, co created Join Friend on Game Launch, BRRES Anti Flicker, Conditional OOB)
2020 - Seeky (RCE Protection, new RCE (based on DWC Network), GitHub Page of Various MKW Structures
2023 - Kazuki (Mii Icon Override, Online BRSTM Maker, Fix BRSTM w/ Fewer Audio Tracks)
The very first hacker was dexter0. He found the Item Hack.

Without his discovery Volderbeek and mdmwii would have not started the hacking scene.
Fish had draw text to screen since 2015 iirc
(09-19-2020, 05:23 AM)Ro_ Wrote: Fish had draw text to screen since 2015 iirc

As in using the nw4r symbols to draw to the screen? I highly doubt that as literally nobody did any symbol mapping for mkwii back then.
What about Nutmeg? You stated in Coder of the Year 2020 " He also created a very good code called 'A step above God' ".

Indeed Nutmeg got the credits for Star's code because it is on the same subroutine. It is therefore an improvement because you can select your items now.
But I still would mention him (Nutmeg) because this code is almost as powerful as Star's improved code.

Just my thoughts.
By the way, this was over 10 years ago, so take this with a grain of salt.

Back in 2011 when the Force WW Shrooms Code (now known Force WW to Receive Certain Items Code) was released by XeR, Nutmeg claimed credit for it. For years, both Star and I have just assumed Nutmeg was telling the truth. It's also possible he created it at the same time by chance (which is quite common in Wii coding surprisingly enough), or he was just trolling.

Nutmeg was last active in early 2012. We have no way of knowing at this point, so it would be XeR who gets credits. Star's credits on his Step Above God post would be incorrect based on history. I'm not going to bother editing his post, because at this point, it really makes 0 difference.

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