Neat Fact About Country Code 255 (FF)
The Wii can have any country code hex value from 0 to FF (0 to 255 in decimal). Many users know plenty of these values such as 1: Japan, 31: USA, 88: S.Korea, etc.

Normally to get your flag to work on MKWii, your town/province/county within your country needs to be set. When this is set the byte immediately after your country code hex value (in your SYSCONF file) goes from 00 to any number higher than 00 (depends on which town/province/county you choose for your country when operating through MKWii Region Settings).

I saw an ASM function in the early parts of the main.dol that had to do with 'FFFF'. Which is country code (decimal) 255 with the town/province/county byte value at its max (FF in hex of course).

So I set my country code FF along with my town/province/county code, then went online.

Here's what happened...

Whatever values you have for your globe position are nullified, and you are placed on the default geolocation of whatever Region ID you are on (w/ no flag image). Obviously, you can't do this on Taiwan Region ID or AUS/NZ Region ID because your country code has to be 255/FF.

Discovered by me on Aug 5, 2018  Wink

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