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Oh, my bad, forgot about the double post rule.

I’ve only have experience with ftp clients, but I see what you’re saying. I’ll try to set up a VPS soon.

Thanks, I had a list of domain names, and I think that was by far the best. Smile

Nice green shell. Keep in mind VPS's are not noob friendly. I suggest you get re-familiarized with Ubuntu and some of it's critical system functions (like u need to manually do hostname config on VPS's).

With a VPS you get a base install of said Operating System. On Digital Ocean and other popular VPS's you can access your virtualized OS thru a graphical web console (like viewing ur OS thru the browser).

Once you get the hang of how your VPS provider works and get some core Ubuntu stuff configured, then you install whatever http software you want (i recommend Apache for noobs). In fact, Ubuntu comes with a package you can install that installs a 'LAMP stack' for you automatically.

Running forums with databases using PHP is not noob friendly at all. It might be best you stick with a simple html static page website, (like how this site was before the forums were installed).

Edit: also i forget to mention firewall settings. I think Ubuntu comes with gufw (gui program for ufw), so that's easy for beginners.

Edit2: Your VPS comes with its own IP address (usually a v4 and v6). Btw whats your domain name provider? you will need to edit ur settings on that provider to use different name servers that your VPS uses. Then you edit the DNS manager page of your VPS to host your domain on their name servers.
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