Discord Server for MarioKartWii.com
Discord Server for MarioKartWii.com

Server created on June 6th, 2018. Credits to Star for getting everything initially configured.

Permanent Invite Link - https://discord.gg/vKwjqrCBCp

Current Owner of Server: Scruffy


I. Spam

This is very subjective. I understand users get in a 'hyped mood' and will spam some things here and there. That's fine. But if a person is spamming non-stop for a long time, that will not be allowed.

II. Graphical/Inappropriate Content

Don't post any graphical aka inappropriate content. Use common sense.

III. Downloads

Don't post illegal download links.

IV. Code of Conduct

No flaming, bullying, slander, false accusations, etc. If you are a user that feels you are on the receiving end of somebody flaming/bully you, it is advised you block that person(s). If you are on the receiving end of somebody slandering you or falsely accusing you, it is advised you take a screenshot/video, and send the screenshot/video to a mod or the admin via DM.

V. Privacy

Do NOT post other people's personal information unless you have their full consent. This includes (but is not limited to) last names, middle names, irl photos, links to social media accounts, addresses, phone numbers, IP Addresses, and location of residence.

Also no 'half-leaks'. Basically half-leaks are leaking a hint or clue that can reveal (with average intelligence) something that is private to a user.

VI. Channel/VC Specifics

Here are the following text channels~

#welcome - A simple welcome channel (nobody can post in) that has a simple welcome message that contains links to the forums
#general - For any type of discussion that isn't about coding/powerpc-assembly.
#codes-and-support- Where new codes (from the forums) are posted at, plus any discussion about making/using cheat codes. This channel is also for discussion about learning PPC assembly.
#media - For pics/vid links
#off-topic - Randomness, memes, etc
#new-member - A channel that sends a message anytime a new person joins the discord server

Here are the following voice channels~
#general - For all conversation (other than staff conversations that need to be private)
#staff - Used by staff for any discussion that needs to be private
#afk - Users are placed here automatically if they go AFK for a long period of time

About Banning/Kicking

If the rules are not followed, a few things can happen (depending on the severity). The user could be thrown in noob timeout (view noob timeout role in 'Details of Roles' for more details). If the user leaves the server and rejoins to try to get out of noob timeout, then a temporary short ban may occur. If the severity of any broken rule is high, the user may receive a short ban instead of being placed in noob timeout, or just receive a perma/indefinite ban.

This is all subjective, hence why there are mods to help the admin enforce the rules. If the user feels they received an unfair punishment, that user shall NOT complain about said punishment in the discord server (such as posting a complaint about a served ban in general discussion after said ban expires). The user will need to DM the mods or the admin. Insulting the mods/admins via DM will most likely result in a perma/indefinite ban.

Quick note regarding disturbances in VCs:
If you feel somebody is 'spamming' the VC, it is recommended that you locally mute the user first. Do not complain right away about server-muting someone just because you are the only one with the issue of hearing that person on the VC. If a user is causing multiple others to complain, then a possible noob-timeout for that user may occur.

Details of Roles

When a new discord account joins the server, there will be a notification in the 'new-member' channel.

Role: Default; Color: White

The default role. A list of some privileges that the default role CANNOT do:

-Embed Links (everyone is still allowed to embed links in #media channel)
-Attach Files (everyone is still allowed to attach files in #media channel
-Use External Emojis


Role: Forum Member; Color: Blue

A person who has an account on the Forums will have their role upgraded to Forum Member. Your Forum name will be assigned as your nickname. This role has the privileges that were once blocked from the default role.


Role: Coder / Dev; Color: Green

Blocked privileges of default role are now unblocked.

This role is given to anyone who can read/write PowerPC ASM and/or C++, write various source to compile instructions/routines, and has created at least one code for  specifically for MKWii. If you are a newbie wanting code/ASM help, you may want to get in contact with a person who has the Coder role.

This role is also given to anyone that has developed some sort of computer program or HBC application (MKW or Wii related).


Role: Noob Timeout; Color: Brown

When a person is causing disruption in the chat (and/or breaking the rules) but a mod/admin doesn't feel the need to kick, that person will be temporarily placed in 'noob timeout'. A person with this role can't do anything other than view/read messages.


Role: Moderators; Color: Purple

For the Mods. They can view the admin log, kick and/or ban ppl.


Role: Chat Rankings BOT; Color: Pink

This is just for the mee6 BOT (named Chat Rankings) used to keep track of chat rankings based on post count. Use the command !rank to see your Chat Ranking. Use !levels to get a link to the Chat Ranking Leaderboards.


Role: Admins; Color: Black

The role for the admins.

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