Stream Protocol Guide
This streaming protocol is for anyone who needs a guide to evaluate a possible cheater for a requested proof by stream.

Guideline for using the Official Nintendo MKWii disc
1. Player must use an external video camera. Capture card devices will not be accepted.
2. Player must show there is no SD card in Wii nor any other external removable devices such as a USB flash drive.
3. When Wii is turned on, it shall only boot to its factory Health Warning Screen then to the Wii menu.
4. Player must then show putting in the Official Nintendo MKWii disc.
5. Player must use the Official Nintendo Disc Channel
6. Player must race against a ghost
7. The stream must be recorded (saveable on the host website) so others can watch it later
8. If the Wii or TV power cuts out, or the stream service drops, then the player must do the same steps again before doing another TT session.

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