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Hello there!~

My name is Vega. I am the admin & founder of these forums. During February 2018, I was tired of the terrible quality of all the current MKWii code websites. I decided to make my own, thus opening the MKWii.org forums on Feb 14, 2018. MKWii.org would later change to MKWii.com, and that would later change to MarioKartWii.com

I had noticed that there were no websites that had a centralized database/listing of all MKWii cheat codes along with other important things such as basic hacking/softmodding tutorials. So, with the help of Star, I busted my ass and searched for every MKWii code ever released on the net. Also, I made a bunch of various tutorials based on everything I have ever learned about this game, plus my experiences from softmodding Wiis.

During July 2018, I decided I was going to learn how to be a real code creator. With the help of Star again, I was able to learn ASM and finally started making my own codes. I have made over a total of 100 codes.

Nowadays, I help other coders on little things here and there if they really need it. You can find me chilling in the MarioKartWii.com Discord Server.

My 'ASM Journey' has been a blessing. Along the way, I have met a lot of neat people. It's amazing to see that these forums have matured to be a reliable source of valuable information for Power PC ASM, various MKWii info, and MKWii Cheat Codes. Thank you to everybody who has helped along the way.

A list of all cheat codes I have ever created + other accomplishments - https://mariokartwii.com/about/vegascodes.txt

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