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Hello there!~

My name is Vega. I am the admin & founder of these forums. During February 2018, I was tired of the terrible quality of all the current MKWii code websites. This led me to create my own site by opening the MKWii.org forums on Feb 14, 2018. MKWii.org would later evolve to MKWii.com, and that would later evolve to MarioKartWii.com

I had noticed that there were zero websites that had a organized database/listing of all MKWii cheat codes along with other important things such as basic hacking/softmodding tutorials. So, with the help of Star, I busted my ass and searched for every MKWii code ever released on the net. Also, I've made a bunch of various tutorials based on everything I have ever learned about this game, plus my experiences from softmodding Wiis.

During July 2018, I've decided I was going to learn how to be a real code creator. With the help of Star again, I was able to learn PowerPC ASM and finally started creating my own codes. I have made over a total of 100 codes. Nowadays, I help other coders on little things here and there if they really need it. You can find me chilling in the MarioKartWii.com Discord Server.

My ASM Journey has been a blessing. Along the way, I have met a lot of neat people. It's amazing to see that these forums have matured to be a reliable source of valuable information for Power PC ASM, various MKWii info, and MKWii Cheat Codes. Thank you to everybody who has helped along the way.

A list of all cheat codes I have ever created + other accomplishments - https://mariokartwii.com/about/vegascodes.txt

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