MKW Coder & Developer Hall of Fame
MKW Coder & Developer Hall of Fame

This is a thread to give credits to the most influential code creators and developers that MKW has ever seen. This is NOT for '4TL hackers' or anything similar.

[Image: it.png] Mdmwii:

Mdmwii was the original GOAT. He created many high quality ASM codes back during a time when information and material about PPC ASM was very limited. Most of his codes were created in the year 2009. If you were in the community in 2010 or earlier, you know who Mdmwii is.

Most famous code: Live Replay (GCN)

Other notable codes: MarioBOT, MAC Address Spoofer, Change Character In Between Race, Speed-O-Meter (TT and online), Stalking, Future Fly, FreeFly, Ultimate License Unlocker, Original Drop Item Hack

[Image: fr.png] XeR:

Xer is a very skilled code creator who didn't make many codes but every code he did create was very impacting to MKW. Some will say he's the 'best coder' of all time. XeR was the very first person ever to access the China region ID.

Most famous code: GOD Code

Other notable codes: Invisible Code, Force Room CC, Kill-O-Meter, God's controller (GCN), Clear Profile ID, Extend VR Limit

[Image: de.png] Wiimm:

Wiimm is the founder/creator of Wiimmfi, the most popular post-WFC custom Wii/DS server. He also made the WIT & SZS Tools, which are advanced Wii game editing tools that are far superior than the ancient programs WiiScrubber, Wii Backup Manager, etc.

Most famous for: Wiimmfi (creator)

Some codes/programs he has created: MKW-Ana, WIT Tools, SZS Tools, GCT Main.dol patching via SZS Tools, License Unlock (Execute ASM type), Clear Profile ID (for non-Wiimmfi profiles only)

[Image: gb.png] Chadderz:

The mastermind who created CTGP. Many codes/CTGP-features you thought were made by Mr.Bean were actually made by Chadderz (they are brothers). There's way too much to say about CTGP. Simply run a google search on it and/or visit their website. The work is unbelievable.

Most famous for: CTGP

Some codes he has created: WiFi Time Limit Expansion, 5 Minutes is 99:59.999 (always lose), High Data Rate (co-creator), Ultra Uncut (co-creator)

[Image: gb.png] MrBean:

Chadder'z older brother. Arguably the most known overall MKWii player of all time, not just coder/dev. He was the one that put the overall hacking scene on the map. During the late 2010's he would gradually take more and more control over the development & progression of CTGP. Some will argue that he is the greatest coder/dev in MKW History.

Most famous code: 24 Player Mode

Other notable codes: Multi-ghost Replay, Enhanced Ghost Replay, Item Rain, All Items Can Land, High Data Rate (co-creator), Ultra Uncut (co-creator), Performance Bar, Original Draggable Blue Shells

[Image: us.png] Star:

Star would get a USB Gecko in Feb 2018 and begin created various codes based on Guru's original shared item code. Just a short time after learning ASM, he would release his Shared Item Detection code, which got the community's attention. After that, Star would make much more complex ASM Codes. In fact, some of the most complex ASM codes ever created for MKWii. Star also created arguably the greatest code in MKWii History - Remote Code Execution. Before Star came along, it appeared that ASM Coding was done for good. He helped revive it.

Most famous code: Remote Code Execution

Other notable codes: Target Freeze, Graphical Speedometer, Screenshot, Perfect Replace Item w/ Shared Item, Draw Text To Screen (co-creator), Custom Exception Handler (co-creator), Join any Friend's Regional, Shared Item Cheat Detection, Host Always Wins Track Vote, Room Message Spoofer, Lag Switch, Mii Name Extender

[Image: de.png] Bully:

Bully has made a huge amount of codes for MKW. There are so many codes made by him, that the list of notable codes below could easily be tripled. He has his own forum (bullywiihacks) where he has released nearly all his codes which includes multiple games, not just MKW. Very skilled ASM coder.

Most famous code: Allow Offending Names Online

Other notable codes: Show Item Early, Instant DC, Item Warning (online & offline), Item Spy (multiple versions of online and offline), Graphical (in game) Item Spy, Live Replay (wii remote), Crazy Coin Runners, Friend Roster Wins Modifier, Always get LWs (wheel/chuck), Perfect Start Every Time (chuck), TT Resetter, C2/ASM type Always Have Item, God's Controller (wheel/chuck)

[Image: de.png] Leseratte:

Leseratte is the co-founder and current co-admin of Wiimmfi. The Wiimmfi Competition service was also created by him. A lot of good info from the MKWii wiki-type website has been provided from Leseratte. He is very underrated for the work he has contributed, and is not as known as Bean, Chadderz, Xer, etc.

Most known for: Co-founder of Wiimmfi

Some programs/codes he has created: Cheat Code for Regional VS Patch, Original Remove Mushroom Bug

[Image: us.png] JoshuaMK:

This former top tier TTer would join the forums in June 2019 and quickly become one of the best ASM coders ever. Not only did he create many codes, he also created an upgraded version of the Gecko Code Handler. In 2020, he would create a new and improved version of PyiiASMH (ASM compiler+decompiler).

Most famous code: Custom Laps

Other notable codes: Vehicle Stats Mod, Item Timer, Fancy HUD & Speedometer, Dynamic Gravity,  Scalable Speed, Disable Bumping, Perfect Start Boost, Wheelie Never Times Out, Customizeable Removable HUD, Start Race Backwards, Disable CPU Driving, Hover Kart, Racer XYZ Size Mod, Turning Sharpness Modifier

[Image: us.png] Vega:

Vega has created over 100 total codes. He opened the (now forums in Feb 2018. It is the first ever site to contain an organized database/list of all public MKW Cheat codes. After Vega learned ASM (with much help from Star), he would make many guides on the forums to teach others, since before those guides were around, there was basically no info at all to learn ASM to make Wii Cheat Codes. Vega also created the first ever MKW Unlocker HBC app (V-Unlock).

Most famous for:

Some codes he has created: Perfect License Unlock and/or VR+BR Modifier, Steal-Mii, Perfect Character/Vehicle Selection, Wii ID Nand Modifer, SYSCONF Nand File Modifier, Dump All Opponent's Important Info to NAND, Ultimate Region ID Cycler In Between Races, Perfect Item Code, Friend Roster Plus Your Mii Name Changer/Extender, Friend Roster FC Modifier, Graphical SpeedBar, Graphical In-Game Item Spy, Live Replay (universal for all controllers), Advantageous Character/Vehicle Selection, Never Pickup Certain Item From Box, Choose Any Position to Start Race As, Online Room GP Points Modifier, Domain Full Name Changer, Random Track Selection For Offline, Force CC Grand Prix Mode.

[Image: es.png] Atlas:

A developer who has made a ton of quality mkwii-related computer programs. He has also made a couple of cheat codes. He was the first to make a program that converted brfnt files to tpl images, which made creating custom fonts on ISOs much simpler. He also made programs (Patch-that-BRSAR and Final Lap Stream Maker) which made custom music editing on ISOs much easier. Basically, the main reason why ISO editing is easy today is greatly due to Atlas.

Most famous for: RKG Viewer Program

Other programs he has made: rksys.dat extractor, brfnt2tpl editor, Patch-that-BRSAR, StaticR.rel tool, miiDispParan.bin editor, ItemSlot Editor, Final Lap Stream Maker, kartParam.bin editor

[Image: us.png] Anarion:

An underrated code creator whom the community always forgets to mention. Has made quality codes. His better/more known work would come in early 2014 right before the official WiFi servers were shutdown.

Most famous code: Any Region Changer

Other notable codes: Everlasting Items, Instant Item Boxes, No Item Boxes, Copy Mii, No Item Indicator, No MH Traffic

[Image: us.png] Volderbeek:

One of the most known code creators from the early/dark ages. Created codes in 2008 & 2009. Helped mdmwii with some of his codes. Volderbeek created the original VR/BR modifier code, original Always Have Item code, and original License Unlocker code. Most of his codes are now replaced by updated/modified versions.

Most famous code: Original Always Have Item

Other notable codes: Original VR/BR Hack, Original License Unlocker, Max Speed Modifier, Disable Blooper Ink, all Demo codes, Instant Slipstream

[Image: us.png] Hamster:

Another code creator from the early/dark ages. Made multiple quality codes in 2010. He created the very first original Forced Item Code, No Terrain Code, Invincible Code, and many others. Just like Volderbeek, most of his codes are now replaced by updated versions.

Most famous for: MKW Code Generator Windows Program

Some codes he has created: Gravity Modifier, No checkpoints, Reverse Speed Modifier, Invisible Racing, Original Forced Item Code, Original Invincible Code, Original No Terrain Code

[Image: gb.png] Geeh:

Geeh made a ton of codes during the years of 2015 & 2016. He would help start a small group of ASM Coders called the Spaghetti Noppers Group that lasted only for a short time. Geeh is very underrated regarding his ASM skills, not many know who he is and/or the quality codes he has made.

Most famous code: Rave Code (co-created within Spaghetti Noppers)

Other notable codes (co-created within Spaghetti Noppers): Rainbowized Timer, Rainbow Selection/HUD, Rainbow Text, Rainbow Various Elements, Obsessive Friend Roster, Timer Color Mod, Force Live View, Disc Slot Light Always On
Isn't mdmwii Italian? In his videos, the game is in Italian.
^Fixed. Thank you.
(06-09-2018, 04:18 PM)Vega Wrote: [Image: de.png] Leseratte:

... He also created the method in Wiimm's SZS Tools that allow you to patch your main.dol with a GCT file.

Some programs/codes he has created: GCT Main.dol Patch in SZS
That's wrong: That is definitely my work! In general, WIT and SZS is my work, except the newest security patches in WIT.
Updated, thank you.

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