Washington DC, USA - Default Geolocation Mismatch
For every Region ID, there is a default location the game uses if the player does not have their flag & region settings configured. These locations are stored in the main.dol. All locations come with no flag configured.

The default geolocation for the American Region ID (for RMCE01 game) is Washington DC, USA. The actual Globe location hex code is 1B A8 C9 37. You can find this value in the main.dol of the game, along with all the other default geolocation hex codes.

If you want to get the USA flag with this location (legitimately, no hacks), you would enter into the region settings of MKW, and then access the 'hidden' menu (within Wii system menu) which shows your current country and region within said country (this menu is simply reading the values from your SYSCONF file from NAND). You would connect online to the Nin update servers, and a list of locations are shown (you would choose District of Colombia). After that, you would enable the display flag settings and go on Wifi. You would now be on Washington DC, USA with the USA flag. 

But wait, there's a catch. If you dump your NAND SYSCONF file (which contains the current hex code of your MKW globe location, if it reads all zeros then you are using the default geolocation from main.dol) and read it on a Hex Editor --- it will read 1B A8 C9 38!!

This is obviously a small hiccup by the MKW developers as this does not happen with any other default Region ID geolocation. I've checked them all. Some developer must have made a typo when creating the list of hex codes on the Nin update servers.

The 00 00 00 01 hex difference is so tiny that you cannot see it when comparing the two. I discovered this back on Jul 30, 2017.

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