Mini Turbo Modifier [Bully]
Mini Turbo Modifier [Bully]

0457C100 388000XX
04582088 38A00YYY

04582964 388000XX
045888AC 38A00YYY

045822E4 388000XX
0458822C 38A00YYY

045709BC 388000XX
04576904 38A00YYY

XX/YYY Values:
00/000 = No Mini Turbo / Disable Mini Turbo
4B/10E = Instant Mini Turbo

Code created by: Bully
So with this, what values can we use other than instant or disable? I attempted to use values other than 270 and it didn't appear to do anything.

Able to do this with Orange MT as well?
I'm not sure if any other values would change the effects of Bully's code. What you can do is set a write breakpoint on the halfword location of Orange MT in dynamic memory. Set the write breakpoint when the value is 0000 .It will break once the blue MT is fully charged. You will have the static address for that function. From there, you can decide how you want to manipulate it.
This only affects Bikes. Karts are unaffected

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