Region VS/Battle Slot Patcher Code [Leseratte]
Region VS/Battle Slot Patcher Code [Leseratte]

This code allows you to join a regional race/battle but your line color remains the same. If you want to make permanent changes to your ISO/WBFS instead of always running this cheat code, visit this thread -

0464F1BC 38A0XXXX
0464F228 38C0XXXX
04654D84 38E0XXXX
04654DD8 38E0XXXX
0465529C 38E0XXXX
046552F0 38E0XXXX
04655BAC 388000YY
04655BF8 388000YY

04653644 38A0XXXX
046536B0 38C0XXXX
0465920C 38E0XXXX
04659260 38E0XXXX
04659724 38E0XXXX
04659778 38E0XXXX
0465A034 388000YY
0465A080 388000YY

04652CB0 38A0XXXX
04652D1C 38C0XXXX
04658878 38E0XXXX
046588CC 38E0XXXX
04658D90 38E0XXXX
04658DE4 38E0XXXX
046596A0 388000YY
046596EC 388000YY

0464195C 38A0XXXX
046419C8 38C0XXXX
04647524 38E0XXXX
04647578 38E0XXXX
04647A3C 38E0XXXX
04647A90 38E0XXXX
0464834C 388000YY
04648398 388000YY

XXXX = Region to race/battle in, YY = last two digits of XX

XXXX/YY Values
0000/00 = Japan
0001/01 = North and South America
0002/02 = Europe
0003/03 = Oceania
0004/04 = Taiwan
0005/05 = South Korea
0006/06 = China
0007+/07+ = Unused/Private Regions

Example: Setting XXXX/YY to 0000/00 on NTSC-U ISO will let you join a Japan Regional
Race with the blue line.

Code creator: Leseratte

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