Mario Kart Wii Online Tracker

This tool is used to display data about online races you are in. In order to use it, your Wii must be connected to the internet through your Computer via Hotspot. On top of that, WinPcap must be installed.

A description of each tab:
→ Logo.
→ Old and New race information. The Old tab is a table with each row containing player information. The New tab has a box for each player's information along with a picture of their current character.
→ Log of player connect information.
→ The information consists of the position, name, item, held item, IP address, and Friend Code of each player in the race.
→ When certain items are obtained, the program will announce it via audio cue.
→ Start and Stop monitoring the traffic.
→ Information will be displayed here.

[Image: bdtppe.png]
[Image: ijwfkh.png]

Created by Sasuke, used by Alliance Rainbow, and leaked to the public in 2015 by Cobra under the infamous file name "The_Eye.rar".

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