Site History
~Site History~

"The Beginning" Era

May 12, 2012:
Personal Website first started. Ran from home using a laptop. OS was Linux Mint Debian Edition (then later changed to Crunchbang at an unknown timer which was sometime before May 30th). Website contained links to a Forum, WW Top 10s, American Top 10s, and other misc info. There was no domain. Website could only be accessed via Public IP.

Aug 2013:
New computer was bought to replace laptop.

Sometime in Sep 2013 before the 9th:
IP-hosted website removed.

Sep 9, 2013: domain purchased for 2 years.

"" Era

Sep 10, 2013:
SMF forums were installed, then the server was launched for access. The very first day of the forums. Forums first contained WW Top and American Top threads. The WW/American Top Tens forum threads were the most popular source at the time for those top tens.

Sep 12, 2013:
Banned/Pending Players thread created. The very first list/database within the MKW community to keep track of all TT cheaters.

Aug 2014:
American Top Ten thread exceeds 25,000 views.

Sep 2014:
WW Top Ten thread exceeds 50,000 views! Banner/Pending Players thread exceeds 15,000 views.

Oct 22, 2014:
Server hard drive took a dump and due to lack of desire and outdated backups, the forums were closed permanently. Fox and others had the info of the Top Tens stored on their own weebly website, now Fox's site became the most popular source.

"Disappeared" Era

Sep 9, 2015:
Domain expired, no attempt to renew. Possession of domain is lost sometime afterwards.

Early Sep 2016:
Desire to bring back 'the site' encouraged Vega to make a new test site using public IP. New server was bought and OS installed is BunsenLabs.

" HTML" Era

Sep 16, 2016:
Vega purchases Domain was linked to public IP. By night time , DNS updated throughout the internet and the site was officially online.

Sep 20, 2016:
Pandemonium Memorial created

Early Oct 2016:
With Vega's disappointment of the WW/American Top Ten threads not being updated in a timely manner on, he made his own top tens on that were updated much more often and had missing times added.

Sometime after Early Oct 2016:
Downloads page containing many softmod programs/packages added to Home Page. It would only last a short time before being removed. Item Probability, Useful Links, Codes and Guides Pages added to Home Page.

Feb 9, 2017:
Vega gives Diamond the WW Top Ten and American Top Ten times. Diamond creates WW Top Ten Thread on MKWPP forums then 3 days later, creates American Top Ten thread. Later that month, Vega removes the Top Tens from

Spring 2017:
With the help of the Internet Wayback time machine, Vega was able to bring back the banned/ pending list and then update it to add new cheaters. List is used to help the MKWPP community. Useful Links, Codes, and Guides Pages are removed.

Summer 2017:
Server OS changed to Linux Mint (Ubuntu). Item Probability Page removed. Some time after Item Probability Page was removed, Boot2 Compatibility page gets added to Home Page.

"Transitional" Era

Sometime in Dec 2017 before the 30th:
Server OS changed to Debian 9. Item Probability, Useful Links, & Guides Pages re-added. 

Dec 30, 2017:
Since the time was created, it was a 'part-time' website. To change this, Vega purchased a VPS. Vega made a Debian 9 OS on the VPS. domain DNS name servers were changed to point to the VPS provider DNS manager.

Dec 31, 2017:
DNS records get fully updated throughout the internet, now up and running full time on VPS. Homepage gets it's first face-lift: Yoshi BG removed, MKW Logo added on top, and other minor changes. Site History page is added. MKW server installed and running!

Jan 1, 2018:
New Forums (mybb) get installed. Forum link kept hidden to allow time to finalize configuration.

Jan 2, 2018:
Forums made public. Useful Links, & Guides Pages removed (content moved to forum).

Jan 30, 2018:
Forums removed due to spam bots and low traffic. A dedicated server page (plus iso patching guide page) now used for info/faq of the mkwserver. Codes page has been re-added. Pages for info of Wiimm's Tools and command cheat sheets added. Ever since the very beginning of the 'site', it always ran on Apache. Site (including mkw server) now running on Nginx.

Feb 5, 2018:
Useful Links page re-added again for the 2nd time. A new Item Rules page is added. The Guides page has been re-added (2nd time). An all new MKWiiU Forums memorial added, contains some historic info and links to many PDF screenshots. Vega noticed the domain was back on the free market after being out of reach (due to owner-at-time inflated selling price) for nearly 2 1/2 years. Vega immediately purchases temporarily configured to go to (with no URL redirects). Testing revealed standard URL redirects won't work because it causes the mkw server to spit out error codes 20100 & 94020.

Feb 8, 2018:
MKWiiU Memorial PDF links changed to a single zip archive link. Pae memorial changes from the pae.html file to an index.html in its sub directory named pae.

Feb 10, 2018
Favicon changed from Bullet Bill to Item Box. A separate NginX server block is configured for, it is now completely separate from (official revival for A link to's MKWiiU memorial is added to

Feb 11, 2018 memorial moved to site/server block. Link to now on Home Page.

" Forums" Era

Feb 14, 2018
Complete re-haul of the entire site. Everything removed. All new forums installed, configured at the root directory. Dark Blue Theme is chosen from the MyBB Forum settings.

Feb 15, 2018
Forums Logo updated from the MyBB default Logo to a Moonview Highway pic. Forum rankings implemented.

Feb 17, 2018
All Forum threads get content added to them. Forums are now 'complete'. Console/MKW chart, Banned MKWPP Players, Item Probability, Pae Memorial pages all stay as html-based. Links to them provided in respective threads. Pae Memorial page moved from /me/pae directory to /pae directory. Memorial Sub-Forum added (within 'The Basics' category), forum contains threads for Pae and Memorial hyper links.

Mar 17, 2018
HTTPS (SSL) connection now configured (not including & mkw server). All connections forced to use HTTPS.

Mar 29, 2018
Favicon added back.

Apr 15, 2018
Pae memorial html page (/pae) removed. All memorial content transferred to its thread in the Memorial sub forum.

Apr 29, 2018
MKWPP Banned/Frozen players list html page removed. All content transferred to its thread in the Time Trials sub forum.

Jun 16, 2018
Discord Server for website created w/ help from Star.

Jul 1, 2018
Vega purchases the domain

Sep 5, 2018
MKW Server temporarily shutdown for domain name changes. A second VPS is bought for the sole purpose of the MKW Server.

Sep 6, 2018
MKW Server files moved to the second VPS. MKW Server domain changed to VPS launched. MKW Server can now be reached with a simple cheat code.

Feb 2, 2019
Dark Blue Theme of Forum removed for Default MyBB Theme. Moonview Highway pic replaced with Peach Gardens pic.

Feb 3, 2019
Avatar Post display size increased to match the max dimensions of user's Avatar upload size

May 10, 2019
Vega purchases domain. domain is setup with a simple html page.

"" Era

May 12, 2019
The forums has the domain changed from to New SSL certificate issued for

May 13, 2019 domain gets a simple HTML index page providing a link to the forums. The old forum logo is removed and replaced with an all new forum logo.

Jul 19, 2019
Vega decides to shutdown the MKW server.

Jul 28, 2019
The forums undergo major shifting/re-organization. Codes forum is split into sub-forums based on code type.

Aug 18, 2019
All codes in the forums now follow Gecko format.

Sep 9, 2019
Optional Dark Theme added.

Feb 5, 2020 domain expires, Vega does not renew it.

Feb 9, 2020
The memorial thread on the forum gets updated with content that was previously on the domain site.

May 10, 2020
The Dark Theme is now the default theme. Blue Headers and Links changed to Orange. Blue Username colors for Normal Users changed to White. An all new logo is put in, meant to match the new theme colors (orange, black, grey, white). Favicon switched back to the old Bullet Bill one to match the new logo.

May 31, 2021
VPS used solely for hosting the html site is destroyed. domain is parked.

Sep 16, 2021 domain expired, no attempt to renew. Possession of domain is lost sometime afterwards.

Oct 4, 2021
Vega gets the domain after winning it on a auction.

Oct 5, 2021
Temporary memorial page (with some humor included) placed at domain.

"" Era

Oct 6, 2021
Forums now reside at the domain. redirects to Any visit to to a www domain redirects to a non-www domain. Item Box favicon added back replacing Bullet Bill once again.

Oct 7, 2021
All new site Banner/logo (Waltress Site Banner! lol), and the orange colors of the forum theme have been changed to a light/medium blue.

Jun 24, 2022
Waltress Site Banner removed. Regular Banner (simply previous Banner w/o Waltress pics included) replaces it.

Jun 27, 2022
New version of Waltress Site Banner added.

Feb 14, 2023
Forums are now 5 years old.

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