Replace MKW Save Game
Replace MKW Save Game

NOTE: A save game must already exist on the Wii beforehand.

1. Download Savegame Manager GX (Use google to find multiple sources for download link); also be sure it is the one for the Wii, NOT the Wii U.
2. Add the Savegame Manager GX to your apps folder of SD card/USB stick. Make a folder called savegames on the root of your SD/USB.
3. Launch HBC, launch Savegame Manager GX
4. Go to Wii, extract the savegame, do not compress
5. Save the savegame to the savegames folder. The savegame will save into a newly created sub-directory within the savegames folder. The sub-directory folder will have the name
of a very long number.
6. Folder number format:

XX Values:
45 = RMCE = American data save
4a = RMCJ = Japan/Taiwan data save
4b = RMCK = Korean data save
50 = RMCP = Euro/Oceania data save

Do not rename the folder or else Savegame manager will not recognize it.

7. Once done move SD/USB to other Wii where you are replacing the savegame.
8. That Wii must already have a save game made
9. Launch Savegame Manager GX
10. Click SD card, click the savegames folder
11. Click the Mario Kart logo
12. Click Install then OK
13. Once done, exit back to Wii Menu
14. Launch MKWii, congratz

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