How to make GCT files
How to make GCT files


A GCT (Gecko Code Type) file is a small file that contains your cheat codes and it resides on your USB or SD device. The GCT file has a 'header', then the cheat codes, and ends off with a 'final terminator'. There are multiple online and offline tools that will allow you to make GCT files by simply including what cheat codes you want to play with.

Regardless of what method you use, you need to adjust some settings on whatever application you use to launch MKWii. On your application, find the setting that is something along the lines of Ocarina/Cheats/SD Cheats, etc. Turn that setting ON. Then find the setting that says 'Hooktype'. If you are using Riivolution, that NEEDS to be set to 'GXDraw'. If not, you do NOT need to change the Hooktype setting, leave it on Default (default may be listed as VBI).


Online GCT Maker created by WhatIsLoaf


1. Fill in the Game ID field in the small left hand box.

RMCE01 = For American MKWii
RMCP01 = For European/Australian (PAL) MKWii
RMCJ01 = For Japanese MKWii
RMCK01 = For Korean MKWii

2. Put the code contents in the large right hand box.
3. For the title, you can name this whatever you want.
4. Click the 'Add Code' button.
5. The code is added. The code title is now displayed in the large left hand box.
6. Add more codes if desired. You can also copy paste all your codes at once and putting them all under one code title instead of adding one code at a time.
7. When all codes have been added, click the 'Download GCT' button. A .gct file will be downloaded with the name that was provided in the Game ID box.

Side notes:
1. To edit any added code, simply click on the code title that's in the large left hand box. Edit what you need to edit. Click the 'Edit Code' button to save the changes.
2. To delete any added code, simply click on the red x icon that's next to the code title.

OFFLINE METHOD (Ocarina Computer Program)

NOTE to Linux Users: Ocarina works 100% in Wine emulation.

Download HERE, extract/unzip the download. You will see a file called codemanager.exe. Run that file to launch Ocarina. Alternatively, there's also a codemanager1.2.exe file which has an extra option keeping track of amount of lines of code.

Also, here's a sha256 checksum to the download for Linux users if desired - HERE

To make a GCT file with one code
1. Launch Ocarina.
2. There is a box at the top left underneath Game ID. Enter in the Game ID. For example, we will put in RMCE01 (for american MKW)
3. On the lefthand bottom side, click the "Add a code/comment/category" button. A prompt will appear. Now enter in a name for your code and click OK. This can be any name you want, just make a name to let you know what the code is for. For example, we will enter in "Code1".
4. Code1 will now be listed on the large left hand box. click on Code1 to highlight it
5. Once highlighted, click in the large box labeled as "Code contents". Put in the actual code in that box.
6. Now click the "Store Modifications" button on the bottom right. A prompt will appear saying Data Stored, click OK
7. A blank checkbox is now next to Code1 in the large lefthand box. Click inside the blank checkbox to checkmark it
8. The box is now checkmarked and the word Code1 is highlighted again
9. Click "Export to GCT" button at the very bottom
10. A prompt will appear saying " Codes have been modified.... ... before export?" Click Yes
11. To keep things simple we will click the very top option Store to File. And then browse to the destination you want to store the GCT. Name it the Game ID then ".gct" for the file extrension: Since the game ID we entered earlier was RMCE01, we will name our gct RMCE01.gct. Click Save, GCT file now completed. If you want, you can change the drive letter on the drop down menu (if using Windows) and choose the drive letter where your SD/USB is located. Ocaaina is already configured to find the codes folder and save the GCT there). If you want to save to SD/USB in Linux, choose store to file and find your codes folder within your SD/USB within your /media/yourusername directory.

To add more than 1 code for a GCT file
1. Follow steps 1 - 6 from guide above to add your first code
2. Click the add a code/comment/category button to add a 2nd code name
3. The new code name will be in bold font, but you will notice the code contents are being displayed for the first code you made earlier. To fix this, click on the new code name to highlight it. The prompt for "the codes have changed, do you want to store them... ...." will appear. Click Yes. Code contents box is now empty and ready for codes.
4. Type/Paste in your 2nd code in the contents box. Click Store Modifications and OK.
5. Do this process over and over til you have all the codes you want.
6. Now checkmark all the code name boxes. The 'codes have changed' prompt will appear again. Click Yes.
7. Click Export to GCT. Choose your desired option and save GCT. Congratz
8. Please note if you saved the file directly to SD/USB (regardless of what storing option is used), you may be notified to exit Ocarina when you attempt to unmount/eject the SD/USB. Exit ocarina.

NOTES about naming the GCT file:
When you name the GCT file before saving it after export, it must match your Game ID. There our four different Game ID's for MKWii because there are four different regions/versions of MKWii. Here is a list of those Game IDs, choose the one that matches the region/version of MKWii that you are using...

RMCE01.gct = For American MKWii
RMCP01.gct = For European/Australian (PAL) MKWii
RMCJ01.gct = For Japanese MKWii
RMCK01.gct = For Korean MKWii


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