List of Wii System Menus
Nintendo Wii System Menus

Pre 1.0 (Version 0) - Remnants of this System Menu were found on the leaked 'Wii Startup Disc' NAND. It is unknown which IOS runs this menu. It could be IOS4v1 (remnants of this IOS were also found on the leaked NAND). There are no known images of this Menu. Essentially, nothing is known about this menu except that it did exist and it was only available for use during Factory setup.

Pre 1.0 (Version 1) - Also known as the Wii Startup Disc Menu. Some pre-release Wiis were shipped with this menu (and the Wii Startup Disc), for certain stores to setup the Wii to install the 1.0 System Menu. The Menu contains a image of the Wii and Startup Disc, with messages (in English, French, Spanish) instructing you to insert the Disc to setup the Wii. Menu runs on IOS4v3.

1.0J 1.0U 1.0E (Versions ??, 33, ??) - Came on most pre-release Wiis and on a small amount of 'Launch Day' Wiis. On the Wii Settings, there is no version number on the top right. Came with minimal channels (such as Mii channel). WiiConnect24 option was disabled. There were no options to change Country on the 1.0U Version. 1.0U and 1.0E runs on IOS9v516. While 1.0J runs on a version of IOS10 which we do not currently have for retail Wii's at this moment.

2.0J 2.0U 2.0E (Version 130, 97, 128) - Most Launch Day (American) Wiis came with this Menu. 2.0 allowed the ability to choose Country of residence, parental control settings added, ability to rearrange channels, and added SD card support for savegames. More basic channels included. For the 1.0 Wiis, an update was available to upgrade to 2.0U (needed to be done in order to play games, so update was basically forced). 2.0U Menu Release date (also release date of Wii) is Nov 19, 2006. 2.0J was released on Dec 2, 2006. 2.0E was released for Australian Wiis released on Dec 7, 2006, and for European Wiis on Dec 8, 2006. 2.0 Menus run on IOS11v10.

2.1E (Version 162) - 2.1 was only for PAL Wiis. It was an update to fix a bug on the News Channel that only effected PAL Wiis. Release date was Jan 10, 2007. Menu still ran on IOS11v10.

2.2J 2.2U 2.2E (Versions 192, 193, 194) - An update to resolve connection issues for users with an undisclosed ISP. Released on April 11, 2007. 2.2 Menus run on IOS20v12.

3.0J 3.0U 3.0E (Versions 224, 225, 226) - Clock display added. Channels can now gather WC24 information. Wii Message Board button now flashes when a new message arrives. Fixed bugs on LAN adapters. Release date is Aug 6, 2007. 3.0 Menus run on IOS30v1037.

3.1J 3.1U 3.1E (Versions 256. 257, 258) - USB keyboard support added. Many channel updates. Release date is Oct 10, 2007. 3.1 Menus run on IOS30v1039.

3.2J 3.2U 3.2E (Versions 288. 289, 290) - Disc Channel now shows Wii System Update if a Disc containing needed updates is inserted. Wii LED light now glows when receiving info from game. Release date is Feb 25, 2008. 3.2 Menus run on IOS30v1040

3.3J 3.3U 3.3E (Versions 352. 353. 354) - First attempt at blocking Twilight Hack. Release date is Jun 16, 2008. Taiwan Wiis were released on Jul 2, 2008. So this was the first system menu version for the Taiwan Wiis. 3.3J/U/E Menus ran on IOS30v2576.

3.3K (Version 326) - First system menu for Korean Wiis. Release date of Menu/Wii is Apr 26, 2008. Korean Wiis had the 3.3 Menu for nearly 2 months before the other Wiis. 3.3K Menu runs on IOS40v2320.

3.4J 3.4U 3.4E (Version 384. 385, 386) - New EULA. Second attempt at blocking Twilight Hack. No 3.4 menu for Korean Wiis. USB Keyboard support for Mii Channel added and upgrades done to Parental Controls. Release date is Nov 17, 2008. Menus run on IOS50v4889.

3.5K (Version 390) - Only available for Korean Wiis. New Shop Channel and Region Select Channel. Release date is Mar 3, 2009. Menu runs on IOS52v5661.

4.0J 4.0U 4.0E (Version 416. 417, 418) - SDHC support added. Transfer button added to Wii's Data Management menu. Twilight Hack no longer works. 4.0 menu not available for Korean Wiis. Release date is Mar 25, 2009. Menus run on IOS60v6174.

4.1J 4.1U 4.1E 4.1K (Version 448, 449, 450, 454) - Fixed problem related to the Wii Motion Plus vidoe and SD card menu. 4.1J release date is Jul 3, 2009. 4.1U/E release date is Jul 15, 2009. 4.1K release date is Jul 30, 2009. Menus still ran on IOS60v6174.

4.2J 4.2U 4.2E 4.2K (Versions 480. 481, 482, 486) - Bannerbomb V1 no longer works. Bootmii as boot2 gets uninstalled due to new boot2v4 being added. HAXX and DVDX title ID's blacklisted. IOS's 222, 223, 249, 250 added to remove/block cIOS installation. Attempt at blocking Region Free hacks. Error 003 introduced: If a region changed (hacked) Korean Wii updates to 4.2, Error 003 will appear. Only one known complicated method can fix Error 003 (involves custom Channel and Brawl disc), therefore Error 003 is considered by many to be a full brick. Release date is Sep 28, 2009. Menus run on IOS70v6687.

4.3J 4.3U 4.3E 4.3K (Versions 512, 513, 514, 518) - Bannerbomb V2 no longer works (Error 004 will appear). Bootmii as an IOS gets deleted because of added IOS254. More title ID's blacklisted. HBC gets removed. The Hackmii installer exploit that uses Userland+Syscall IOS method no longer works. This is the reason why 4.3 exploits (Letterbomb, Mailbox Bomb) need your MAC address to hack the Wii. 4.3U release date is Jun 21, 2010. 4.3J/E/K release date is Jun 22, 2010. Menus run on IOS80v6943.

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