Softmod any Wii (3.0 - 4.3)
Softmod Any Wii

NOTICE: This is a full blown Softmod Guide that will patch many of your Wii's IOS's among other things (such as MIOS/Gamecube-related patches). If you are simply just wanting to install the bare minimum to play MKWii on a USB stick, then read this guide instead ->

READ this entire guide TWICE before attempting. I am not responsible if you end up bricking your Wii.

What you NEED: 
A Wii on system menu 3.0 or higher. This Guide is NOT for the Wii Mini or the Wii U.

NOTE: You will need an SD card. If you are below system menu 4.0, you can only use SD cards 2GB or less in size. I recommend buying the Sandisk 2 GB standard SD card. If you are on 4.0 - 4.3, I recommend buying a Sandisk 4GB SDHC (which are actually cheaper than the 2GB cards because of supply & demand). You can view this thread HERE for other options on SD card compatibility.

Another note about the SD card size: In this guide, you will eventually be recommended to do a NAND backup (if possible). Your SD card needs to be at least 1 GB in size to do the backup.

IF YOU ARE ON SYSTEM MENU 3.0/3.1, then you will need an older Wii Remote (one that does NOT say Motion Plus on it). I highly recommend you do a standard update (via Wii Settings) to 4.3. The softmod for a 3.0/3.1 system contains some extra needed steps, it would be easier for you just to update the Wii.

Your Computer OS will also need to be able to unzip plain-jane .zip files.

New batteries in your Wii Remote


Do a full format (FAT32) on your SD card to wipe it clean.

We need to first install HBC . Depending on your system menu version, choose the correct link below.

NOTE: If you already have HBC installed, and you do NOT have Bootmii installed, you still need to follow the correct thread below to re-run the Hackmii installer to install Bootmii, just simply skip the 'Install the Homebrew Channel' option once you are at the main menu of the installer.

Install HBC on 4.3 - HERE
Install HBC on 4.2 - HERE
Install HBC on 3.0 - 4.1 - HERE

Follow the guide on the thread that is for your system menu version. HOWEVER, do not exit the Hackmii Installer after installing HBC. We will need to also install BootMii. Bootmii is a form of 'brick prevention'.

To Install Bootmii:
If you listened to the above instructions, you should still be in the Hackmii Installer. Navigate back to the Main Menu (where the options 'Install Homebrew Channel' and 'Install Bootmii' are listed).

Select 'Bootmii...'
Select 'Install Bootmii as boot2' if possible. If not, then select 'Install Bootmii as an IOS'. Click Yes, Continue.
Bootmii will mount the SD card and write some files. Then click “Install Bootmii now?” Click Yes, Continue. Once Bootmii is installed, click Continue.
Click Prepare the SD-card, click yes, continue. Once done, click Continue.
Click Return to Main Menu
Click Exit (you will be brought back to HBC). You should now see a blank HBC channel with bubbles floating in the background.


If your Wii does NOT have GCN ports, SKIP to chapter 3. It is useless to do a NAND backup because it is impossible to restore your NAND because a GCN is required for that action if ever needed.

If you installed Bootmii as an IOS, press the Home Button. Click the option Launch Bootmii.
If you were lucky and you installed Bootmii as Boot2, you won’t have the Launch Bootmii option within HBC. Simply power off the Wii and turn it back on, Bootmii will appear automatically.

If you have a GCN, plug it in now.
If you don't have a GCN plugged in, you have to use the console buttons to navigate through Bootmii.

CONSOLE NAVIGATION BUTTON KEYS: Power = Right, Eject = Left, Reset = Select

Press these buttons in this order: Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset
(Or select the very far right option, then select the first option)
The NAND backup will now begin. Green blocks will start filling in the gray grid. Takes about 7-10 minutes. Once the backup is finished, Bootmii will verify the backup. There is an option to skip the verification, but do NOT skip it. Allow the verification to be fully completed before exiting.

NOTE: It is normal to have factory bad (black) blocks. Most Wii's average 5 – 10 bad blocks.

Once verification has been completed, hit any button to exit.
To exit bootmii press these console buttons in this order – Power, Power, Power, Reset, Reset. (Or select the far right option, then the first option)
Wii will now reboot to the Wii Main Menu.

Take SD card out of Wii and put in computer.
Backup these files for safekeeping:


Format SD card to FAT32 (quick format)

Remove all GCN controllers, GC memory cards, USB devices, discs from your Wii. Don't lose power to your Wii at any time. If it is thundering and lightning outside, wait another day to softmod.

Download the mod pack that applies to your current System Menu.

CAUTION: Both modpacks include System Menus for all 4 regions plus the AnyRegionChanger HBC app; this allows you to region change if you desire. However, I do not recommend it. This guide will not teach you how to region change the Wii, as it is pointless. Korean & Japanese system menus might look cool but they offer no actual benefits. Wii Region Changing will brick your Wii if you mess up. When you get to "PART 2: INSTALL 4.1 SYSTEM MENU", choose the system menu region that matches your current system menu region!

Choose the correct Mod Pack based on your system menu version - 

List of Mod Packs:
(For sys menus 3.2 – 4.3) (WiiMod) - Add me on discord (vega8365).

(For sys menus 3.0 & 3.1) (MultiModManager aka MMM) - Add me on discord (vega8365).

Extract/unzip the file.
You will see 2 items: apps folder and wads folder. users will see 4 items: The 2 items listed above plus a mmmconfig.txt file and a IOS36v3551.wad file.

Copy & paste those items to the root of your SD card.

Put SD card back into your Wii.

PART 1a: INSTALLING IOS 236 (for MMM Modpack users only)
If you are not using the MMM Modpack, skip to Part 1b)

-Launch the Homebrew Channel, then launch IOS 236 Installer

-IOS236 Installer v6 will load. Press 1 to start the application
-The installer will now want a IOS36 revision 3351 to use, you will be defaulted on the option – <Load IOS from SD card>, simply press A to select your SD card.
-Installer will complete some preparations, press A to start the install
-IOS236 installer will now say that step 1 is complete and you are now on step 2.

Do NOT press 1, it is a trick from the installer to stop piraters. If you Press 1, the installer will remove your IOS236; and if you re-run the app, it will say that it knows you are running it a second time and will block you from installing IOS236.

PRESS THE 2 button! IOS236 installation is now complete, hit any button to exit back to HBC

NOTE: If a wad fails to install, try to install that wad again. If the wad still fails, press B to go back to the main menu, select reload ios, reload ios236, then try to install the wad that is giving you trouble again. DO NOT PROCEED TO THE NEXT STEP UNTIL ALL WADS INSTALL

-Launch the Homebrew Channel, then launch Wiimod (MMM modpack users, launch Multi Mod Manager)

NOTE to MMM Modpack users: If you did the IOS 236 installation correctly, on the MMM Main menu screen it will say that IOS236v65535 was loaded. If not, you did the IOS 236 installation incorrectly, this needs to be done or else you don't have the access rights to install the wads to your Wii.

We are now going to install all the wads. There's a total of 54 wads we are going to install. You must follow this guide exactly because the wads must be installed in a certain order!!! Never Uninstall IOS, or System Menu, you will brick your Wii

You should be at the Main Menu of WiiMod/Multi Mod Manager

-Use the D-Pad on your Wii remote to scroll down to Wad Manager.
-Press A on Wad Manager.
-The contents of the wad folder of your sd card will appear (2 directories along with 25 wad files).

First, we want to install those 25 wads.
-Press (1) to select 25 wads for installation. Then press A to proceed.
-25 wads will now install. Will take a few minutes.
-After completion, press any button to continue.


NOTICE: If you already on system menu 4.1, you obviously don't need to install a 4.1 system menu. Simply proceed to PART 3.

NOTICE: If you are on 4.2/4.3, installing 4.1 is not needed but it is recommended. If you are too worried about accidentally installing the wrong region of menu and bricking the Wii, then just proceed to PART 3.

NOTICE: If you are on 3.0 - 4.0, then this step is required.

-Select the directory "System Menu-4.1X-vYYY" -press A

American Menu, X = U, YYY = 449
PAL Menu, X = E, YYY = 450
Japanese Menu, X = J, YYY = 448
Korean Menu, X = K, YYY = 454

-Press (1) to select 3 wads for installation - Press A to proceed.
-3 wads should install without error.
-Press any button to continue
-Press B to exit the System Menu directory


-Select "IOS-Update" -Press A
-Press (1) to select 26 wads for installation - Press A to proceed.
-26 wads should install without error
-Press any button to continue

WiiMod Users: Press the Home button to exit to HBC
MMM Users: Press the Home button, you are now at MMM Main Menu, press it again to exit to HBC


Launch Priiloader
Read the warning, Press + (plus button) to install.

When finished, Priiloader will tell you to Press the A button to exit back to Loader. Press A.
You should now be back at HBC. Press AND HOLD the Reset button on the Wii console, keep holding reset- priiloader will load. It is a black screen with some white text that read System Menu on top that is highlighted in yellow.

Select "System Menu Hacks"- Press A

Enable these 5 hacks:
"Block Disk Updates"
"Block Online Updates"
"Remove Diagnostic Disc Check"
"Move Disc Channel"
“Auto Press A at Health Screen”

Select Save settings -Press A. Settings will now be saved.
Press B to go back to the main priiloader screen
Select System Menu at the very top.

Wii will now boot to the Wii Main Menu

SD card out of Wii and into computer. Quick Format to FAT32.

CHAPTER 5: APP PACK (Optional)

If you would like my personal SD card setup that I use, you can use my 'AppPack'. Add me on discord (vega8365).
Extract/unzip the download. In the folder called AppPack is all the files you add to the root of your SD card.

Of course, you can use your own SD card setup.


Well, that's it. Your Wii has a Full Softmod and has adequate brick-protection. You can now play games via ISO/WBFS (from a USB stick). A newbie tutorial to add ISO/WBFS files to a USB stick can be viewed HERE

If you don't have an ISO/WBFS file for your game, this tutorial HERE will teach you how to create one from your official disc.

Homebrew Channel by Team Twiizers
Bootmii by Team Twiizers
Hackmii by Team Twiizers
Original softmod guide by Mauifrog
Certain updates on softmod guide by Guides Bot
Bannerbomb by Comex
Letterbomb by Team Twiizers
PriiLoader by DacoTaco
hi Vega
Great Tutorial, but i have problems....
My Wii have been softmodded to 4.2E and works fine, the only issue is that it cant recognize the portal (USB) on Skylander Giants
I read it needs IOS248, but i cant find it. in Wii Back-up manege it sat IOS56.....
So i tried ModWii, I can see you tutorial are based on this.
So, BooMii wont write to my SD, i have tried several, i am sure i need this, as i is modded
I skipped that step, and tried installing WADs
When i open IOS236 installer, it is version 5??, You wrote ver. 6 - On Google i now see ver 7 and 8....
Anyway when i start mmm, i boots ios58 (i installed that earlier to get usb2.0), but i can change it to iso236 v65535
But still, i dont get i 52 WADs listed, is that due to Version 5
i get
WiiFlow Starnight.wad
WiiMC - WIMC.wad

I have 46 files in my WAD folder on SD

Do you have time to point me in the right direction ?

First try this, but include an extra ciOS install of using this config...

Select cIOS: v10 beta52 d2x-v10-beta52
Select cIOS base: 55
Select cIOS slot: 248
Select cIOS version: 65535


If this doesn't work for your Skylander thingy, add me on Discord (Vega#8365)
Isn't cIOS Base 57 used for stuff like Skylanders?

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