What got you into Hacking?
So if you are in this sub-forum, chances are you love to Hack up the Wii/MKW  Big Grin Whether it's using cheat codes, messing with RAM, making codes, fixing codes, analysis, brick test, etc; please post what got you into hacking. Also tell us what's your favorite type of hacking.


Back in April 2009, a friend of mine was in a WW with a hacker throwing a bunch of blue shells. He knew something wasn't right and realized those blues were cheated. After some days of research, he discovered about HBC/Ocarina, and installed that shit! We would go into WW's doing the simple 'caveman' item wheel' & speed hacks. 

Fast forward to summer 2011, I ran into the wiihacks.com forums (now shutdown). I took a risk and softmodded my Wii plus region-changed it to Korea. But silly me I didn't realize you need a Korean MKW Disc for the Korean Menu. But I wanted to keep the Wii Korean. After some web browsing, I figured out about the whole ISO scene. Got a torrent and waited almost a week for my Korean ISO to download. After that, I guess you could say the rest was history.

Currently my fav type of hacking is messing with MKW RAM plus porting codes. This also includes double check other people's code and fixing/refining them. Whenever I'm not doing that, I'm doing general Softmod stuff/tests (Bootmii, NAND work, etc).

NinArm1 leaking Korean ISO, which in turn lead to us meeting.
[Image: GiVNKqR.png]
DeviWii was the first to get the Korean ISO (iirc somebody who was at Korea gave him the Korean MKW Disc which he ripped into an ISO first). He also was the one who made the Korean Version of the Classic MAC Spoofer. This was all sometime in early summer of 2010.

I'm not sure but I think NinArm was the one who leaked the torrent source which then caught popularity quickly. NinArm was the definite first for releasing the Korean RAM Dump file.
Big Grin 
Well, I'm 16, so my experience with hacking is fairly limited.

I grew up playing a fuck ton of video games: Madden '05, Mario Kart DD, Super Mario Sunshine, Mario Kart DS, and a lot of other games.

When I was in the 7th grade I made my first website... with the help of word press. However, just having the knowledge of: how to get a domain/how to get a website online was amazing to me. I also learned how to do simple batch programming, and how to read/write binary code.

In between the 7th and 8th grade, I read a few books on web-based programming, and worked pretty hard for a few weeks to get my first, "hand made" website online. (unfortunately I don't have the website stored locally anymore... my dad smashed my first laptop with a hammer).

In the 9th grade I didn't really do much. I moved away from the continental US and was honestly pretty depressed. I did learn how to make custom tracks though! (I have not, and will never release my tracks).

10th grade, I moved to Kansas, and attended a school with computers. After 3 days, I discovered an exploit with the school computers with the windows 10 OS that allowed you to access the Administrative command prompt. After that, I had to look up "how to user privileges with administrative cmd". I changed my school account (which was also stored locally) to administrative, and attempted to access school databases (were grades, student info, etc) is stored. Unfortunately I couldn't find a way to access it, and was inevitably caught.

Also in the 10th grade, I got familiar with Kali linux (and other distributions of linux), and hacked into several of my neighbors Wi-Fi access points.

The last somewhat hack related thing I did in the 10th grade, was a program I made to receive an A on every assignment in a computer related class. We used a program called, "Microtype Pro", and my class had a typing test every other day. The program had 10 prompts (If I can remember), and I typed all the prompts into a notepad document, then made a simple VB program that gave you the WPM (Words Per Minute) you wanted... which correlated to grades. 
I then sold the program, and made quite a bit of money.

Fast forward to now, the 11th grade. I haven't done anything hacking related in a while, but really want to get into MKWii/Wii hacking, which has been a early game/console of mine for years.
Big Grin  Kali Linux

Ye I've hacked into certain WiFi networks too using Kali Linux plus Fluxion. Also had some fun injecting funny stuff into people's computers using XeroSploit. 

I'm glad someone here other than me uses Linux! (I think Star use to/has used it but is currently only using Windows)

What's your fave Linux distros? (excluding Kali). Mines is debian debian debian
Sorry, I've been busy the past few hours.

Generally speaking, I like Ubuntu. It was the first linux OS I used, and am pretty comfortable with.
Perfect, read my response in your USB Gecko thread
I was really bored back in the summer 2010 and I always wanted to see what it was like so a member on the old mariokartiwii forums showed me how. I really enjoyed hacking back then, even though custom stages and such weren’t really around. Hacking online was so much fun.
I loved a game so much I wanted to hack it. That game was Mario Kart Wii.
Super Mario Eclipse, what Super Mario Sunshine could've been.
I was banned from Wiimmfi for trolling one lap behind and I wasn't very happy so I installed some undetectable hacks. Big Grin

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