How to Install HBC (letterbomb; for System Menu 4.3)
What is the Homebrew Channel/HBC?
The Homebrew Channel is a hack/exploit installed on your Wii as a Channel. It allows you to hack your games and/or console.

NOTE: You will need an SD card. View this thread HERE for SD card compatiblity. For system menu 4.3, I recommend buying a standard Sandisk 4GB SDHC card. You can find them easily online anywhere and they are actually cheaper than the 2GB cards (due to low supply of 2GB cards)

1. Make sure your Wii Date & Time Settings is on today's date.
2. Format your SD card to FAT32
3. Go to this link HERE. Enter in all the fields correctly. Be sure the "Bundle Hackmii Installer for Me" is selected.
4. Complete the I'm Not a Robot Captcha
5. Click on Cut the Red Wire
6. A file will download
7. Extract/unzip the file
8. Move the private folder and boot.elf file to your SD card
9. Insert SD card into Wii, power on Wii
10. At the Wii Main Menu, click the Envelope on the bottom right
11. Now click the left arrow to go back to yesterday's date, and then click the right arrow to go back to today's date
12. Click on the envelope w/ bomb picture.
13. Hackmii installer loads
14. Scam warning appears. Once Press 1 appears, Press 1 on wiimote
15. Install the Homebrew Channel
16. Once HBC is installed, Exit back/continue to the menu where you were initially at after the Scam Warning. Click Exit.
17. Now you will be at a blank HBC. Power Off Wii. Format SD card again to FAT32 to wipe files. Congratz!

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