Intro to Wii/MKW Hacking
Intro to Wii/MKW Hacking

Hello and welcome! If you are new to hacking, I'd advise you to read and follow the tips in this thread. I'll help go over some basics with you.


It is advised (since you are a beginner/noob) to have a Windows computer at least on Windows 7 SP3 or later (8.1, 10, etc). If you use Linux, don't fear! I am a Linux user too (debian), and there is more than enough info to easily help Linux users with Wii/MKW Hacking. For Linux, it's recommended to have Debian 10, or Ubuntu 18.04 (or later). Essentially, all guides work on Linux, and if the guide is mainly based on Windows usage, there is also a Linux alternative listed. Be sure you have installed Wine on your Linux machine, it's necessary for some guides. You can find plenty of Wine installation info via a quick Google search.

You will also need an SD Card. This thread HERE will let you know which SD cards work and which ones don't.

Hacking Terms & Installing The Homebrew Channel

It is first recommended that you read over some of the Glossary thread HERE. You will need to know some of the terms and 'catch-phrases' so you don't get loss when reading a particular Hacking-related thread. Once you are somewhat familiarized with that, it is time to install the famous Homebrew Channel. In order to do any type of hacking on the Wii Console, the installation of this channel is required. Depending on your System Menu Version of your Wii, click the link correct link below

4.3 Letterbomb Method -
4.0 - 4.2 BannerbombV2 Method -
3.0 - 4.1 BannerbombV1 Method -

To find out what your System Menu Version is, boot your Wii Console to the Main Menu. Then click the Settings Icon on the bottom left. Once at the Wii Settings, look at the number at the top right. You will notice that each thread link above contains another link to a thread about SD card compatibility. This is important, simply read over your particular HBC-install thread very well to ensure you purchase the right SD card if you don't have one already.

Question: Hey Vega, my Wii is not on the latest 4.3, should I update it, or just use one of the other methods (non 4.3) to install HBC?

It is first recommended you upgrade your Wii legitimately to 4.3 before installing HBC if and only if you are on a 3.X version number. If you are on 4.0 or 4.1, don't worry about it. Keep in mind that sooner or later Nintendo will remove their Wii Update servers which will render the Update option in your Wii Settings useless (this scenario is covered further below). 

If you want do update your Wii, first make a valid Internet connection, then find the Wii System Update button and click on it. Follow the on screen instructions.

Post HBC Installation Tips

After installing the Homebrew Channel, you now have the ability to do much more with your Wii. You can do various things such as launching HBC applications, softmodding your Wii, playing Wii games with cheat codes, etc. The Guides sub-forum contains many various guides on many different types/forms of hacking/cheating. Don't be afraid to ask a 'newbie' question. Every person was once a noob in their past time.

To get started on how to play MKWii with various cheat codes, then this thread HERE will cover everything you need. If you want to start getting into the complex journey of creating your own codes, it is a good idea to start with basic cheat code documentation. This thread HERE contains very basic cheat code stuff. Once again, don't be afraid to ask questions! 

Solution for possible future issue when Nintendo removes Update Servers and you're on a 3.X System Menu Version:
You need to first install HBC via the thread that is for your particular System Menu Version. After that, you need to Softmod your Wii, Thread for that is HERE. The Softmod guide includes a section to where you will upgrade your Wii to 4.1 (the best menu version for a hacked Wii).

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