Fake Code?
What's up niggaz.

So I was looking for some really strong, undetectable codes, and ran across a: lightning warning code

The code was originally made by mdmwii, but his site was shut down ages ago.

After some time, I found the "code" for pal only:


I then tested it on dolphin, but I received no sign of shock.

I believe this dipshit nigga posted a fake code.

Here is the code in text format:

Lightning Warning - mdmwii - PAL] *Fixed version*
C27974D4 0000001D
808420F8 39E00008
89C40001 7C0E7800
4182000C 89C40009
7C0E7800 4182000C
89C40011 7C0E7800
4182000C 89C40019
7C0E7800 4182000C
89C40021 7C0E7800
4182000C 89C40029
7C0E7800 4182000C
89C40031 7C0E7800
4182000C 89C40039
7C0E7800 4182000C
89C40041 7C0E7800
4182000C 89C40049
7C0E7800 4182000C
89C40051 7C0E7800
4182000C 89C40059
7C0E7800 4182000C
89C40061 7C0E7800
4182000C 89C40069
7C0E7800 41820008
48000018 39C0001A
B1CFCB62 48000018
39C00004 3DE0807D
B1CFC4FE 39C00005
B1CFCB62 39C00000
39E00000 00000000

If you have this code, for any region, I won't mind porting, testing, and uploading the code.

I just want to make some sort of contribution to the site at this point  Big Grin
Use this - http://mkwii.com/showthread.php?tid=630

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