Guide to edit Mii names on a Hex Editor
You will need a Hex Editor....

NOTE: If you are on Windows, I recommend HxD. You can find HxD on a google search very quickly. If you are on Linux, I recommend HxD via Wine emulation.

In this guide, HxD will be used. This guide assumes you already have HBC installed.

You will need the Savegame Manager GX HBC app. It can be found in my App Pack. Add me on discord (vega8365). Alternatively, you can find it via google pretty quickly. Just make sure you download the version for the Wii and not the vWii-Wii U version.

Launch HBC, launch Savegame Manager. At the top there are 4 small icons. Click the far left one that looks like a USB stick. Then choose Mii. Click on the Mii you want to extract, click Extract. Choose Custom.

Now a new menu will pop up. Click on the small folder icon at the top left. A keyboard will appear. Click on the Back button (at the top right) until the usb8:/ is completely gone. Using the keyboard enter this in - sd:/miis

Click OK. The keyboard menu will go away and you will now be at the window displaying the contents of the miis folder of your SD card (will be empty if there are no Miis). Click on the small checkmark icon at the top right.

Savegame Manager will now say - "Extract to: sd:/miis". Click OK. Once sucessfully extracted, click OK again. Click the small X icon on the top right. Press the Home Button on your Wii Remote and choose Back to Loader. then Wii Menu.

SD card into computer. Open up HxD, and open the mii that you saved on your SD card.

Starting at Column 2 on Offset 00000000 is the beginning of the Mii name. The very first 4 digits of any Mii file has to do with certain basic attributes (male, female, color), don't mess with those. Every character/symbol is defined by a string of 2 bytes (4 digits). The first character/symbol for the Mii Name are the bytes for Column 2 & 3. Second character/symbol are the bytes at Column 4 & 5, etc etc. So if you followed correctly the final (10th) character/symbol would be at Offset 00000010; Columns 4 & 5.

Obviously, there are tons of Miis that don't use 10 character-length names. Any 'slot' for a character/symbol that was not filled out is simply listed as "00 00". Now you are probably wondering how the heck do you know what a character/symbols 2-byte hex code is. You can google "ASCII to Hex converter", and just type what name you want and use converter will give you the corresponding hex code values. For starters here is a quick list of character/symbols with their correspondent hex codes.

00 00 = Slot with no character/symbol filled in
00 20 = Space
00 24 = $
00 2A = *
00 30 = 0
00 35 = 5
00 39 = 9
00 41 = A (upper case)
00 61 = a (lower case)
00 7A = z (lower case)

Obviously, the hex codes for special symbols (such as Stars, Greek characters, Korean letters, Colored Wii Button Icons, etc) will be more complicated and too tough to memorize. Usually I just keep a small list of the hex codes for my favorite special symbols and use them when desired.

Now that you know some hex codes. It's time to do some edits. Let's say you have a Mii name of "bot 3". Starting at Offset 00000000; Column 2, the hex code would look like this - 00 62 00 6F 00 74 00 20 00 33 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00" And let's say you want to change the name to "pot 3", highlight the first byte (the "00" of "00 62"), and simply type "00 70". Once you typed 00, the cursor will move along as you type and the 62 will be replaced by the 70. 

Save changes. HxD automatically backs up the original file with an added ".bak" extension. Store the backup if desired. SD card back into Wii.

Now before we re-install our Mii, go to the Mii Channel and delete the version that's on your Mii Channel. This is needed because if we reinstall the same Mii (even though different name) it can cause a glitch, and the new Mii may not install. Once Mii is deleted, exit back to Wii Main Menu, launch HBC.

Launch Savegame Manager GX, click on USB icon and click the SD card icon. Choose the miis folder, and select your Mii. Select Install, click OK. Click OK again once successfully installed. Click X icon to exit, and exit back to the Wii Menu. Visit your Mii Channel, you will see your Mii with it's new updated name. Congratz!

And that's a basic tut to edit Mii names on a Hex Editor. I made this tutorial because My Avatar Editor can be iffy on Linux Wine, and I think it won't work at all in FreeBSD's Wine. For more info of Mii Data, go HERE

Troubleshooting: If Mii won't re-install onto Wii, try using the old school Mii Installer HBC app.

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