Guide to access Wiimmfi (official disc)
NOTE: You need HBC installed before doing this guide. Tutorial to install HBC is HERE

1. Click on this link HERE to download the Auto-Wiimmfi-Patcher
2. Extract/unzip the download. Move the apps folder and bslug folder to your SD card. SD into Wii, Power on Wii. Insert MKW Disc
3. Make an Internet connection for your Wii in your Wii Settings
4. Go back to Wii Menu. Launch Homebrew Channel and launch the Wiimmfi Patcher app
5. Use a License that had an FC made on Wiimmfi already or use a License that doesn't have an FC registered yet. Connect to WiFi. If this is your first time ever connecting to Wiimmfi, you will receive error code 23899. This means you must wait 7 days to actually get online, activation is automatic. Wait the 7 days, you should now be able to play online.
You can also access it with Riivo (and official disc).

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