How to Play MKWii with Cheat Codes
How to Play MKWii with Cheat Codes

NOTE: This is for Wii Consoles only. For Dolphin-Emulator view this thread HERE.

NOTE: This guide is meant for the absolute beginners who simply don't know how to use cheats in the game. While to some of us, this may seem like common sense, there was a time for every one of us to learn how to play with cheat codes.

- An SD card. Certain SD cards may not work. A complete compatibility list can be found HERE

- You need the Homebrew Channel. Guide to install HBC is HERE

- You will also need to know how to make GCT files which is required to play with cheats. Guide for that is HERE

- Many many different codes can be found in the Codes Forum HERE

- If you wish to play on MKWii using a USB Loader and use cheat codes that way, you first need to Softmod your Wii. Guide to fully Softmod your Wii is HERE; SKIP THIS if you only need to cheat using the Official Disc.

- If you have followed the thread to Softmod your Wii, you will now need to know how to rip an ISO/WBFS image from your Disc. Guide for that is HERE. Also, guide to add ISO/WBFS file to a USB stick can be found HERE

Before you begin:
You will notice in the Codes Forum that for every Code, there are 4 different 'versions' listed - NTSC-U, PAL, NTSC-J, and NTSC-K. This is because there are four different versions of Mario Kart Wii. Due to the source code (RAM) of each different version, a code will vary. You must select the version of Code that matches your version of MKWii ----
NTSC-U = American MKW (RMCE01)
PAL = European/Australian MKW (RMCP01)
NTSC-J = Japanese MKW (RMCJ01)
NTSC-K = Korean MKW (RMCK01)

You will notice some codes have something along the lines of "2834XXXX YYYYZZZZ" listed within them. These values allow you to turn on/off a code at will. The values vary depending on what controller you use, and what button(s) you want to press to turn on/off the code(s). A guide to teach you how to fill out the XYZ values can be found HERE, and a list of XYZ values is in this thread HERE

Guide via Official Disc:
1. Make a folder on your SD card called "codes" (without the quotations)
2. You will need Wiilauncher. You can download it HERE
3. Extract/unzip the download. There will be a folder called wiilauncher containing 3 items. 
4. Make a folder on your SD card called "apps" (without the quotations). Add the wiilauncher folder inside the apps folder. Your SD card should now contain the apps folder (containing wiilauncher folder) and codes folder.
5. Add your GCT file to the codes folder.
6. Insert SD card into Wii, power on Wii. Insert your MKW Disc.
7. Launch the Homebrew Channel and launch the Wiilauncher app.
8. Click Launch Game. Wiilauncher will display "Launch Game with Hook: VBI". Then the game ID will be displayed and Wiilauncher will say "SD Codes Found. Applying".
9. MKW now launches with codes equipped. Congratz!

Guide via ISO/WBFS:
1. Make a folder on your SD card called "codes" (without the quotations) if it doesn't exist already. There will already be one if you used my App Pack from the Softmod Guide.
2. Add your GCT file to the codes folder.
3. Have your ISO/WBFS added on your USB stick and have your USB stick plugged into the bottom USB port (the lowest port when Wii is laying flat)
4. Insert SD card into Wii and power on the Wii.
5. Load the Homebrew Channel and load the USB Loader GX app.
6. On the bottom left hand side is an icon of two small gears. Click on it. Click on Loader Settings and change Ocarina to ON. Exit back to the main menu of USB Loader GX.
7. Select your Game, then select Start. Game will now launch with codes applied! Congratz!

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