Mario Kart Throwback (CT Pack)

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What is Mario Kart Throwback?
Mario Kart Throwback is a custom track distribution that is themed roughly around the 2014-2015 era of CTs(with some 2012 and 2013 tracks included as well). It's meant to be an omage to older, more obscure tracks that time may have forgotten, including representation of packs such as Wine's CT Pack and older versions of MKW Hack Pack.

How many courses are in Mario Kart Throwback?
192. As the pack gets updated, I may add more depending on interest.

Why did you pick to theme it around this era specifically?
I personally have a lot of nostalgia for this era of CTs, and I feel there are a lot of courses that have long been forgotten by the community that deserve a second chance, so to speak. Not all of them are perfect, and some will definitely show their age, but I still hope people will be able to find some fun experiencing a lesser-known era of custom tracks; an unofficial "sister pack" to CTGP Classic, so to speak.

Do you plan to release more updates for this pack after release?
Yes I do. For starters, sometime after v1.0 releases, I hope to put out a Homebrew Channel application (and Wii channel WAD) for the pack, bypassing Riivolution entirely. This channel would allow users to update the pack automatically, without needing to re-download anything. I also hope to do a similar thing for Dolphin users(or people who don't want the channel), by having a downloadable PC software with an auto-updater included as well.

Additionally, overtime I plan to add more features to the pack; things like staff ghosts, more friend room settings, accessibility textures(things like darkening or de-saturating textures on courses that may cause eye strain), etc.

When will the pack be out?
It's out right now! You can visit the CT Wiiki page to download.

You can join the Discord server for any updates and to organize rooms with other players.

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